About Amazing Game Room – Fan-Based MTG: Magic the Gathering Guides

Magic: the Gathering is one of the most complicated card games out there. With each year, rules are changing and new cards are being printed. If you weren’t there at the game’s beginning, and if you haven’t stuck with it for years, it can feel overwhelming to get involved. To make matters worse, there are many places online written from an advanced perspective that can be confusing to beginners.

That’s what we’re here to help you with at Amazing Game Room. Our mission is to assist players of all experience levels in learning more about MTG and developing their skills even further. As fans of the game, we love talking about it – and sharing what we’ve learned with everyone else.

We’ll be providing you lists, explaining concepts, and discussing players’ most beloved formats – including Commander. Whether you have questions about specific cards or you have a more generalized question, our goal is to make our site an excellent starting point.

To deepen your knowledge of the game, we’ll also give you links to valuable Magic resources available online. That way, you’ll always know where to go next in order to find even more information.

Consider this your one-stop shop for many of player’s most-asked questions about Magic: the Gathering and a resource you can keep returning to. Like we mentioned earlier…we’re real MTG fans, and we’re passionate about discussing it. If you don’t see a question you have addressed yet, keep checking back as we continuously expand our library of content.

Just like the next card at the top of your library…you never know what’s in store! (Unless you’re Scrying, that is!)