15 Different Types of Airsoft Games You Can Learn & Play Quickly

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If you're just getting started with the sport, you may not know that there are many different types of airsoft games that you can play. In this guide, we'll go over a bunch of options and provide you with video and text instructions.

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TDM (Team Death Match)

Team Death Match is one of the most common types of airsoft games and is incredibly easy to set up and execute, which is why so many people resort to playing it instead of another game. In this airsoft game, players split into two teams. They are given time to hide and prepare themselves for battle and then they start fighting each other, trying to take out everyone on the other team. The team that is able to eliminate all of the players on the other team is the winner.

While it may seem as if this game can go quickly, one of the fun aspects of it is that sometimes there is one player who refuses to give up. Even if all of his or her teammates have been eliminated, he or she can sometimes win the entire game.

CTF (Capture the Flag)

The second most popular type of airsoft game is Capture the Flag. Many people played versions of this when they were younger without using airsoft guns so it is something that most people are familiar with, making it a great option for large groups. Players split into two teams and set up their bases, putting up flags that are clearly visible by the other team. The players then try to both defend their own flag and capture the flag of their opponents.

There are many variations of Capture the Flag. In one, the flag is live, which means that if a player is eliminated while retrieving the enemies’ flag, it will stay on the ground where the player was shot. This makes it easier for their teammates to retrieve it. In another version, the flag is dead, which means that the eliminated opponent has to return the flag to the opponent’s base before play is allowed to resume.

Treasure Hunt

This game requires a neutral party who is willing to place a box of treasure somewhere inside of a designated playing area. This is done before the airsoft players arrive so that nobody will have a head start on trying to find the treasure. Players then split into at least two teams and fight to eliminate each other and try to take the treasure back to their own base.

The person who is moving the treasure isn’t allowed to defend himself or herself with a gun so it’s important for players to work together and be willing to guard each other. If the player moving the treasure is eliminated, then it is dropped on the ground and other players can pick it up from there.

Protect the President

In this popular game, there is one player who is designated as the president and the other players are then split into two groups. Half of the remaining players will act as bodyguards for the president and will do their best to try to defend and protect him or her. The other players are all assassins who try to eliminate the president without being defeated by the bodyguards.

When the president is eliminated during the game, then the assassins win. However, if the president is able to get to a designated safe location without being eliminated, then the president and the bodyguards win. Additionally, the president can win if the bodyguards are able to eliminate all assassins.

Search and Destroy

This game is a little more advanced than other airsoft games and tends to take a little bit longer to set up in order to play. Players split into two teams. One team has two objectives that they must defend and the other has a bomb or kitchen timer that they will place on one of the objectives. The first team must do everything possible to defuse the bomb by moving it more than 100 feet from the objective.

The game ends when the timer goes off, the bomb is defused, or one team is eliminated.

The Alien

During this game, one player acts as an alien and the rest are all humans. The alien tries to turn humans into aliens while the humans are trying to defend themselves. Humans turn into aliens when they are shot anywhere on the body but aliens will only die when shot in a predetermined place on the body.

Free for All

The main rule of this game is that there are no rules. All players are fighting for themselves and generally don’t team up. This can result in utter chaos as players try to work their way through the woods or playing area, eliminate other players, and do their best to stay alive themselves.

The player who is the last one standing at the end of the game is the winner.

Easter Egg Special

Players can either work in teams or alone when playing this game. It requires a neutral party who is willing to hide Easter eggs in the playing area. Each team or single player has the goal of trying to obtain all of the hidden eggs. The best way to do this is to take the ones that you can easily find on your own and then shoot other players in order to take the eggs that they have, if they have any.

The team or player who has all of the eggs at the end of the game is the winner.

Squad Death Match

This game is a larger and more involved version of Team Death Match. Instead of only having two teams of players fighting against each other, there are at least three teams and sometimes more. Each team needs to have between two and four people, depending on how many are playing. This means that players are going to be more spread out and that they need to be more aware of where their teammates are so they can help defend them if necessary.

Downed Pilots

While not as popular as some of the other airsoft games commonly played, this is a fun game that pits players versus pilots. Some players are downed pilots who had to eject from their planes and they have guns with limited amounts of ammunition. The other players split into teams and patrol the play area, working to capture as many pilots as possible.

Pilots can defend themselves against the players but need to be careful about how much ammunition they waste. Each team wants all of the pilots for themselves.

King of the Hill

Players first choose a bunker or hill and place a flag at the top of the hill. In this siege-type game, one team is positioned behind a bunker and has the role of “king of the hill”. They need to barricade themselves and their guns to prepare for attack from the other team. The attacking team tries to gain control of the bunker by eliminating all of the players on the other team.

When one team eliminates the other, then they win. This game can also be timed. In that case, the team that is closest to the flag is the winner.


This game is very similar to Squad Death Match but pits two players against everyone else in the game. The two players are given a few minutes in which they can hide. Since only one of them is given a rifle, they have to work together as a team in order to spot and then eliminate their opponents.

The rest of the players try to make their way to the two players and eliminate them before they are spotted and taken out by the sniper.

Hostage Rescue

This is another game with two teams. Half of one team is taken without weapons to the opponents’ base, where they are held as hostages. The rest of their teammates have to try to come and rescue them. When the team finds their missing hostages, then they have to move them to a designated location to win.

If the hostages die before rescue or the rescuing team is eliminated, then the capturing team wins. However, the rescuing team can win by moving the hostages to a safe location or by eliminating all members of the capturing team.


MilSim, or Military Simulation, combines the fun of military action with airsoft elements. This is often considered to be a more advanced game of airsoft as players will wear military clothing or uniforms so that they can better enjoy the real experience of the game. Additionally, the guns are generally incredible replicas of real weapons.

There are many different goals and missions that players can engage in, including maintaining the perimeter of an area or firefighting. The main fun of this type of airsoft game is in the simulation of military operations.

Commando Raid

The two teams in this game have their own designated bases. Located between the two bases is an objective that needs to be reached. One team knows what the objective is but the other team doesn’t. The second team is simply trying to stop the first team from reaching an unknown objective. The team that is trying to reach the objective only has to have one member reach the hidden objective in order to win.