Best Area Rugs for Dark Hardwood Floors – Top 5 Bold Options

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Best Area Rugs for Dark Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly gorgeous. They look both natural and high-quality, opening up a room and giving it an air of luxury.

But wood can come in all shades and colors, and depending on which kind you choose, there are different ways you’ll be able to decorate around it. Dark hardwood floors, for instance, can easily make a room look too dim or cold without the right accents.

Our suggestion is to add an area rug for a warm splash of color or to energize the mood of your room. We’ve even gathered a list of some of the best area rugs for dark hardwood floors.

Here’s what we’ll be going over:

  • What to think about before you pick an area rug
  • Our choices for the best area rugs for dark hardwood floors
  • Our personal favorite, as well as why we chose it

Let’s jump in.

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Features to Consider

Color and Theme

The first thing you’re probably thinking about when it comes to area rugs is how the colors will look on your hardwood floor. This is obviously an important factor, and there are many ways you can choose a color to liven up a room.

One especially great option is to get a white or cream-colored area rug. These types of colors will contrast your dark hardwood floors and lighten up the space.

You could also consider going with an area rug that’s really bright and colorful. A colorful one would unfailingly bring some energy to the room, as well as make it possible for you to experiment with those colors in accenting pieces.

It’s possible to put a dark area rug on a dark hardwood floor, too. But to keep it from disappearing against its background, we’d recommend picking one that had some brighter colors on it in places.

A darker area rug with a light pattern on it would give the room a more subtle elegance, and it wouldn’t be visually jarring.

Backing Options

Wood is in many ways a delicate material for a floor. It can be vulnerable to scratches from moving furniture around, shoes, and even the backing of a rug.

For that reason, when you choose an area rug, you may also want to think about purchasing a pad to put underneath it. This will protect your floor and make the rug feel thicker underfoot.

Some rugs are designed with backings that won’t scratch your floor, however. You can always check for this quality in the product description for each one, but it is generally recommended you get a rug pad for most.

Pile Height

A rug’s pile height is always worth thinking about. It directly impacts how thick the rug is, and how high it stands up off the floor.

Aside from a greater pile height making a rug sometimes look shaggier, it can also affect where you can put the rug. Thicker rugs can impede doorways.

So if you’re planning on putting the rug under or near a door, you will probably want to pick one with a lower pile height. As a bonus, these types of rugs are generally easier to clean and maintain, too.

Best Area Rugs for Dark Hardwood Floors

This Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug is a great way to lighten your hardwood floor. The creamy background will contrast your floor, and the darker pattern has some subtle visual intrigue.

If you’re looking for a rug that you can put in a busy room, it’s a wise pick. It’s made from polypropylene, which is well-known for being sturdy.

The material is resistant to water spills, stains, mold, and mildew. Additionally, it won’t shed, so you won’t find little pieces of it all over your beautiful hardwood floors.


  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for contrasting your floor.
  • Low pile height allows it to fit in doorways.
  • Will not shed.
  • Perfect for rooms with kids and pets.


  • A few customers said it was difficult to flatten out the creases.
Oriental Handmade Tufted Wool Area Rug

If you want something a bit more subtle, the Oriental Handmade Tufted Wool Area Rug could be a good option for you. Because it’s much darker than most of the rugs on this list, it won’t look very bright against your hardwood floor.

But its elegant floral motif will still add a bit of a pop of color, so the rug won’t blend into its background. That’s what makes it ideal for those who want a more muted elegant feel.


  • Easy cleaning.
  • More subtle and elegant look against dark hardwood floors.
  • Made from soft and versatile wool.
  • Suitable for high-traffic rooms.


  • Make sure no one in the household is allergic to wool before using this rug.
  • Because it’s made from wool, it may be prone to shedding.

Do you want the room to feel sunny and bright year-round? Then nuLoom’s Tammara Hand Braided Area Rug could be perfect for you.

Filled with lively colors like pink, orange, yellow, and blue, this is one vivid rug. Your hardwood floors will have no choice but to look bubby and energetic.

The rug is also braided by hand, too. This makes it feel unique, and in a way, means that every single one is truly one of a kind.

Its low pile height makes it possible to comfortably fit it beneath doors and furniture. It won’t snag on your doors or get in the way.


  • Bold and brilliant color choices.
  • Handmade.
  • Made from soft and sustainable cotton.
  • Can fit under doors easily.


  • Customers stated you will need a rug pad for this one to prevent any color transfer from the rug to your floor.
Alvardo Floral Handmade Tufted Wool Area Rug

Those who love floral patterns and want something as light as possible will love the Alvardo Floral Handmade Tufted Wool Area Rug. The flowers on it are especially vivid, and set against a lighter background.

It’s the kind of rug that will no doubt catch the eye. Furthermore, it will make you feel like you’re out in a vibrant garden full of blooming flowers.

The wool material makes it extra-soft to the touch. And at a little over half an inch, the pile height is enough to cushion your feet as you step on it.


  • Brilliant flower design.
  • Soft and plush wool texture.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in a few different colors.


  • The material may shed a bit and need vacuuming.
  • Some customers noted that the colors may be a bit darker in person.

To create a dramatic effect, consider using a bright white rug like this Safavieh Premium Shag Collection Area Rug. The darker your hardwood floors are, the more dramatic the contrast will be.

If you like the shag but don’t like the white, it’s not an issue. This rug is available in 20 different colors, so you can probably find one that’s perfect for any color scheme you want.

The material used to make it is polypropylene. That means that, despite it having a thick two-inch pile height, it won’t shed all over your floor.

It can also stand up to high traffic areas. You’ll love digging your toes into this rug whenever you walk over it.


  • Comes in 20 possible colors to suit a variety of environments.
  • Feels incredibly soft.
  • Will resist staining, fading, mold, and mildew.
  • Non-shedding.
  • The material is safe for people with allergies.


  • A higher pile height of two inches means you likely won’t be able to put this in your entryways.

Wrap Up

If you asked us which rug on this list is our favorite, we’d go with the Safavieh Premium Shag Collection Area Rug. We can’t get over how soft it looks, and how relaxing it would be rest our feet on it after a long day.

What’s more, we love how many colors it comes in. It’s a versatile rug that could fit in pretty much anywhere you needed it to.

You know how to use area rugs on dark floors now, but do you know how they could work with dark furniture? If you don’t, check out our guide on the topic here.