Best Area Rugs for Entryways – Top 6 Long-Lasting Options

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Best Area Rugs for Entryways

The entryway is the first part you see of your home whenever you return to it. Even though you likely won’t spend a lot of time in it, you might as well make it welcoming for yourself.

Area rugs are a quick and easy way to make any room represent you. The challenge here is that entryways see a lot of traffic by nature, and can get dirty quickly.

So which are the best area rugs for entryways? We’ll show you that and more in this post.

Here’s what we’ll show you:

  • What kinds of qualities make a rug better suited for an entryway
  • Our choices for the best area rugs for entryways
  • An overall pick and recommendation

Let’s get started.

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Features to Consider


Your entryway, naturally, sees a lot of traffic. It’s the first room in your house that you and your guests see, and you probably leave your shoes and coats there.

Because of how it’s designed, mud, dirt, snow, and water will all get tracked through it at some point. Anything you put in an entryway needs to be tough and long-lasting.

The material is what will play the hugest part in any rug’s level of toughness. Some synthetic materials are legendarily tough, like polypropylene and nylon.

They’re built to resist fading, mold, mildew, and stains. Plus, they tend to be non-shedding, so you won’t track pieces of them into your house.

Pile Height

An area rug’s pile height is how dense its fibers are. A thicker rug has denser fibers.

The benefit to this design is that it’s plush and soft to walk or sit on. However, like all things, it has its drawbacks, and it’s these drawbacks that make plush rugs not necessarily a wise pick for a foyer.

If your rug is thicker, it can potentially block a door from opening or closing. Furthermore, it will have more room to accumulate dirt, and might require shaking or vacuuming to keep dirt from settling into its roots.


You’ll want to consider color not just for looks, but for utility. Darker colors tend to be great for hiding dirt, so you won’t feel the need to constantly clean your rug.

But it’s also obviously important to think about how your rug looks in your entryway. Chances are, you have a particular color scheme or decorating theme you’re following throughout your home.

Your entryways don’t necessarily have to be any different. Feel free to get creative, and turn your entryway into a welcoming space that serves as an introduction to your home.

Best Area Rugs for Entryways

Albion Floral Area Rug

Albion Floral Area Rug

An entryway is like a middle ground between your home and the outdoors. With the Albion Floral Area Rug, you can blend this part of your home with the outdoors – with none of the mess involved.

The colors are rich, warm, and indulgent. Doubtless, this rug would be a pleasant welcoming touch in your entryway.

It’s tough, too. That’s because it’s made out of polypropylene.

What does that mean for you? It means the rug can resist stains, fading, mold, and mildew.


  • Outdoorsy floral and leaf pattern.
  • Warm, welcoming color scheme.
  • The colors would hide dirt well.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low pile height, so it can easily fit beneath doors.


  • Does not come in many color options.
  • Some customers have said it has a slight odor at first.

Tired of rugs that slip and slide all over your floor? That’s what makes this Ottomanson area rug great for an entryway – it has a non-slip rubber back.

Because of this, it won’t migrate on your floor. You won’t constantly have to readjust it.

It’s dependable, as well. It won’t shed everywhere, and it will resist fading with age, allowing you to enjoy the soothing brown and beige colors for years to come.


  • The rubber backing secures it in one place on your floor.
  • Low profile to keep it from snagging on your doors.
  • Non-shedding.
  • Will resist fading with age.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Colors will hide dirt well.


  • No other color options to choose.
  • Some customers felt they were a little thin.
Giannini Abstract Area Rug

This rug, with its warm and indulgent swirls, will bring a bit of heat to any space. The Giannini Abstract Area Rug has swirls and loops of color in an abstract pattern that fits a wide range of decorating schemes.

And if you dislike one color scheme, it has three others for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find one to fit in beautifully for pretty much any entryway.

Polypropylene adds up to it being durable. This pretty swirls will resist stains and fading so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.


  • A few different color options.
  • Cleaning is painless.
  • Doesn’t shed.
  • Resists fading, staining, mold, and mildew.
  • Versatile and graceful swirl pattern.
  • Will not get caught in your doors.


  • Some customers noted that there are gold specks in some of the colors that you don’t see in the pictures.

At a glance, this rug might not look as complex as some of the others on this list. But the Spartan Weather Warrior Area Rug, like its name implies, is crafted to last.

It’s a fantastic utility rug that you can use in entrances and hallways. In fact, it’s so tough, you can even use it outdoors if you want.

Polyester and polypropylene fibers are blended to make it extra-strong. Stains and dirt aren’t a problem for this rug to handle.

Additionally, it has rubber backing that helps it grip your floors. This isn’t a rug that will constantly get kicked around by energetic kids or pets.


  • Non-skid rubber packing.
  • Extremely tough.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Resists staining.
  • Low height so it won’t catch on doors.
  • Customizable sizes.


  • Doesn’t have any decorative patterns.
Umbria Indoor Outdoor Area Rug

If you’re in need of a really attractive rug that has indoor and outdoor versatility, the Umbria Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a good choice for you. It comes in two beautiful color combinations with a stunning cross pattern.

And if it can go outside, you know it can withstand the traffic of your entryway. The combination of a low profile and its polypropylene construction makes it a very easy rug to maintain.

It will resist stains, mold, and mildew. If you ever do need to clean it, the actual clean-up is simple: just spot clean it with a mild detergent.


  • Has the durability to be used outside.
  • Uses a simple and beautiful cross pattern.
  • Will resist stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Low profile means it won’t block doors.
  • The colors and pattern help hide dirt.


  • Not many color options.
  • Colors can vary slightly from the pictures.
Genevra Area Rug

Searching for something with a more rustic appeal? Take a look at the Genevra Area Rug.

It has panel pattern with rich and deep colors. The browns, blues, greens, and reds make you think of comfy leather or wooden furniture that you can just sink into after a long day.

This isn’t a fragile piece, either. Because it’s made from strong nylon, it won’t stain or fade easily.


  • Gorgeous panel pattern.
  • Low pile height so it fits under doors.
  • Resistant to stains.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Only available in one color choice.

Wrap Up

When it comes to our own entryways, we’d go with the Umbria Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. The pattern and colors are perfect for concealing dirt, which makes day-to-day maintenance anything but a hassle.

On top of that, it combines two of our favorite qualities into one area rug: durability and beauty. This is a rug we’d be proud to show off to our guests.

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