15 Best Board Games for 5 Players

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Trying to find the best board games for 5 players? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re listing out 15 options that are going to keep large groups entertained for hours so you can put your electronic devices on mute!
15 Best Board Games for 5 Players
Let’s check them out…


Rio Grande Games Amun Re

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Not only do players have to decide where and how they want to spend their money, but they also must make offerings to the sun god to have the best harvest. With every decision a critical one, players must work hard to think ahead.

  • Great strategy game for players who want to try to outdo each other
  • Players work in ancient Egypt to build pyramids and crops
  • By keeping an eye on natural disasters, players can improve their standing in the game
  • Unique scrubbing of the board after three rounds keeps players on their toes
  • Play lasts around an hour, which is great for a family game night

Power Grid Deluxe

Rio Grande Games Power Grid Deluxe

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While buying power plants is key for players to successfully expand their network and win the game, each purchase allows other players to access higher-quality equipment, which can put them ahead of the game. This means that players must carefully plan for every move they make.

  • 90 minutes of playtime is great for a longer evening with friends
  • Standalone game doesn’t require additional packs for great play
  • Huge double-sided board keeps things interesting
  • Impressive customized wooden parts and deck of cards ensure long hours of play
  • Players compete for resources and power plants to expand their network

7 Wonders

7 Wonders

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With rules that are incredibly easy to learn and a fun twist to of everyone seeing the available cards to play, this game is great for players who want a fast game that will keep them on their toes.

  • Fast-paced strategy game that only takes around half an hour to play
  • Players are all city leaders who must gather resources, form an army, and develop commercial routes
  • As players build their cities, they work towards creating long-lasting buildings
  • With three ages in the game, each player is limited in how they can develop their city
  • Players use a hand of cards to help improve their city and military strength

Space Alert

Space Alert

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Not only must players communicate with each other to ensure that they have the best chance of survival, but they must do so quickly if they are going to be able to defend their ship against an attack.

  • Cooperative game is a great option for players who want to help each other succeed
  • Players try to survive space and defeat various threats
  • By keeping the ship supplied with energy and protecting the computer, players can win during battle
  • Played in real time, this game is fast paced and very exciting
  • Included soundtrack keeps players on their toes and makes the game feel high stakes

El Grande

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It’s only through understanding court politics, vying for control of land, and being cunning and smart that players will be able to take over this game. With a combination of cards and markers, this game is gorgeous. 

  • Includes six expansions to ensure long-lasting gameplay and replay value
  • Action selection system results in a different gaming experience each time
  • Simple rules are easy for all players to follow
  • Players are in medieval Spain where they are nobles who want to expand their influence
  • By controlling the most area on the board, players will expand their territory and win

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Board Game | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Train Game | Ages 8+ | For 2 to 5 players | Average Playtime 30-60 minutes | Made by Days of Wonder

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Not only do players have to try to build their own railway route, but they must try to interfere with their opponents. Earning special points with Destination Tickets can put any player ahead of the game, making this a highly competitive option. 

  • Offers tons of replay value, making it great for regular game night
  • Players vie with each other to collect and play train cards to build a railway route
  • As players build their routes they also attempt to block others
  • Connecting iconic cities across the US allows players to claim routes for their own
  • The longest continuous route will earn bonus points

Railways of the World

Eagle-Gryphon Games Railways of The World Strategy Board Game

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While this game may seem similar to other railway building games, there is a lot to love about it that sets it apart. Not only does it take place across the world, but players must work hard to build their own empire, trying to have enough of the supplies they need to do so.

  • Playtime lasts an impressive two hours
  • Includes multiple maps and playing variants, which allows for great replay value
  • Players must have supplies and bravery to complete their routes and beat their opponents
  • Multiple expansion options make this a great game for continued play
  • Attractive components keep players interested for longer periods of time


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What really sets this game apart from others is not only the gorgeous graphics and the components, but also the fascinating unique battle mechanism. This prevents arguing during the game and ensures that players can enjoy a fast-paced battle. 

  • Set during the Sengoku period in Japan, this game features incredible graphics
  • Each player becomes a feudal lord in control of his own armies
  • Players compete against each other to try to unite the country under their own rule
  • By conquering provinces and working to develop them, players take control of the board
  • Battle outcome is determined by using a cube tower mechanism


Hasbro Risk Game

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Thanks to the improved mission cards included with this game, it allows for fast action and prevents players from getting bored. The attractive art and bright army markers make keeping track of who is in control of the board easy. 

  • Classic war game allows players to try to conquer various areas of the world
  • Players can choose to form alliances if they think that it will help them improve their chances of winning
  • Easy markers make keeping track of various armies simple
  • Fast game action is great for players who hate waiting for their turn
  • Strategy is required so that players will have the best chance of taking over the world


Matagot Cyclades

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Unlike other conquest games, this one features a healthy dose of exceptional mythology and gods. By trying to keep the gods on their side, players can improve their chance of building their city and being able to conquer others in the game. 

  • Great 90-minute game of development and conquest
  • Includes both mythological creatures and Gods
  • Players must work hard to build ships for their recruited troops, improve their city, and protect themselves
  • Each player strives to gain blessings from the Gods to improve their city
  • While it can be played with fewer players, playing it with five improves the gameplay


Libellud - Dixit - Board Game

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Games that are both attractive and easy to play and understand can be difficult to find, but this is one great option. The oversized cards are easy to hold and to describe, which is key to winning this game. 

  • Great for kids who are 8+
  • All players are involved in each round, although there is one action player who is in charge of the round
  • Players get to participate by selecting cards that match a certain description and then hoping that the leader chooses theirs
  • Gorgeous graphics help to elevate the game
  • Correct answers get players points, which will help them win

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo: New Edition Board Game

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Unlike other battle games that require players to spend all of their energy fighting each other, this fun option also gives players the chance to improve their character. New card abilities, revamped monsters, and clear rules make this a fast family favorite. 

  • Incredible graphic artwork is appealing to younger players
  • Improved rules make the new version easier to play
  • Players are monsters, robots, or aliens fighting and improving themselves
  • Contains multiple figures, cards, boards, and tokens
  • Each player must decide how to spend their turn for the best chance of winning

In the Year of the Dragon

Ravensburger in The Year of The Dragon: 10th Anniversary Edition Strategy Board Game

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Even though this game may seem easy to play and even though the rules are basic and easy to understand, there is a lot that can go wrong. Players must rely on the skills of their people cards to make it through the 12 rounds of this game, trying to hold onto money, workers, and points. 

  • Strategy game has players acting as Chinese rulers
  • Longer game play of up to 100 minutes is great for avid gamers
  • Game has 12 rounds and includes multiple problems to face
  • Attacks, disease, and drought are all problems that players must overcome
  • Tributes to the Emperor must be paid or players risk his wrath

Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot: Card Game

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Remaining in control of Camelot has never been more important than it is now. With the kingdom in danger and Excalibur vanished, players must work hard to try to defend the kingdom, even when working against close friends.

  • Fun card game requires cooperation to win
  • Based on a board game, this card game is set in Camelot
  • The kingdom isn’t safe, and players must rely on memory, guile, and timing to win
  • Finding the traitor who is working against the other player is key
  • All players must rally their allies for the best chance of winning

Lemming Mafia

While it can be tricky to find a great game for all ages to play together, this is a great option. Parents and kids alike will enjoy the fun graphics of this game and its fast play. 

  • Short gameplay of about 20 minutes is great for younger kids
  • Contains plenty of cards and other components for all five players to feel involved
  • Players bet on lemmings as they race to jump off of a cliff
  • Players can slow lemmings, stop them, or try to speed theirs up to win
  • Completing missions and making wagers allows this game to be fun and free from much stress