Best Board Games for 9 Year Old Boy – Top 14 Options

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Trying to find the best board game options for a 9 year old boy? In this guide, we put together 14 amazing options that will keep a nine year old boy engaged for years to come. Let’s check them out…

Best Board Games for 9 Year Old Boy

Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

Blue Orange Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

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Most boys love pretending that they are scientists or that they are working with dangerous chemicals, and this game allows them to do just that. Thanks to the way the game is laid out, with 54 challenge cards and 12 test tubes, it can be played over and over without boys getting bored, which is great for any family that loves board games. 

  • Great game for solo play or with friends
  • Colorful balls keep kids interested in the action
  • Speed logic game requires boys to think on their feet
  • Following the challenge cards prevents boys from getting bored
  • Great for working on fine motor skills and visual perception in a fun way

Stare! Jr

Stare Junior Board Game for Kids - Second Edition for Ages 6-12

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Not all great board games have to be quiet, and this is a fun and loud game that is sure to have everyone laughing. By trying to memorize what is on a card and then answer questions about what they saw, players will not only enjoy passing the time with family and friends, but they will also work to improve their memory and imagination at the same time. 

  • Great game that help nine year olds develop creativity, memory, and concentration
  • Perfect for game night, as parents can enjoy it too
  • Includes 960 questions so that players never get bored
  • Players can play individually or in teams for additional support
  • Includes game board, cards, timer, die, and player pieces

5 Second Rule Jr

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Junior, Model:7424

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Anyone who loves to think on their toes and come up with names of items in categories will love the way this fun game is played. Players must be able to think quickly if they are going to come up with three examples of items in various categories before the timer runs out and their turn is over.

  • With 400 questions, this game has great replay value
  • Players complete to answer questions quickly, in just 5 seconds or less
  • Fun twisted timer makes a great noise that will keep players laughing
  • Moving around the board with correct answers will allow players to win
  • Various categories make this a great game option for players of all ages

Apples to Apples Jr

Apples to Apples Junior the Game of Crazy Comparisons! [Packaging May Vary]

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Working on vocab and learning different words has never been easier, thanks to this fun game. While it is played the same way as the original game, the words have been chosen to be appropriate for younger players, ensuring that everyone in the family can enjoy the game together. 

  • Just as with the original game, players take turns being the judge of the round
  • Being able to play on every round ensures that players don’t get bored with the game
  • Each player must match nouns and adjectives in an effort to win over the judges
  • Great way to build a nine year old’s vocabulary while still having fun
  • Hysterical card combinations keep everyone at the table laughing

What Are the Odds?

What are The Odds? by Gatwick Games - Best Party Games for Adults, Large Families, Teens, Kids, and Groups (Family Edition)

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It can be very difficult to find a game that will work well for a group of kids, but this game can support up to 20 players, making it great for a party. As the odds increase that someone will do a bet, players will get more and more excited as they try to earn points.

  • Bold party game that is a great option for a larger group of kids
  • Players earn points by getting their opponents to complete dares listed on cards
  • The person who does the dare doesn’t win any points but will become the darer
  • Odds continually increase, making the situation more stressful
  • Great game option for kids who love to push the boundaries and watch others squirm

Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes Game — Family Drawing Game with Crazy, Vision-Altering Glasses

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This drawing game doesn’t rely as much on skill as other games do, but it still has players trying to guess what was drawn. Since the goggles alter a player’s vision, it is difficult to tell the final drawing, which leaves players breathless with laughter. 

  • Drawing may have been easy before, but not when wearing these fun vision-altering goggles
  • Players must try to draw a picture that their team can guess before time runs out
  • Since the goggles make it hard to see and draw, pictures are wonky and difficult to decipher
  • The simple rules are easy for all players to understand
  • Great low-stress game that allows kids to enjoy playing in teams

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze, Award-Winning Board Game for Kids and Families, Fun and Educational Game to Learn Strategy, Logic, Deduction and Memory, Ages 5 and Up

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Since this game is so easy to understand, it’s a great option for 9 year old boys to play together. The fast action of the game as well as the fun design and drawings make it enjoyable. With reusable mats and erasable markers, this game has been designed to last for a long time. 

  • Combines elements of common games, making play easy
  • Players cooperate as a part of a team or work on their own 
  • Each player users strategic thinking and deduction to determine their opponent’s sweet treat
  • The right guess wins the game, but the wrong guess results in a brain freeze
  • Great way to encourage boys to think deeper while still having a lot of fun


Spin Master Santorini (Multi) Strategy Board Game

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While the gameplay for this game is simple, it involves enough strategy that old boys or parents will enjoy playing it just as much. The players must have a plan in mind so that they know how they are going to be building to have the highest tower. 

  • Simple gaming dynamics make this a great first strategy game for boys
  • Simple rules and the decision to move or build keeps the game moving quickly
  • With 40 hero and God powers to change the game, no two games are ever played quite the same
  • Attractive pieces are durable and long-lasting
  • Players will win if they are able to reach the third level with their builders


Spin Master Games Hedbanz, Quick Question Family Guessing Game for Kids and Adults (Edition May Vary)

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All participants wear headbands with a picture on it and then must ask everyone else playing “yes” or “no” questions to try to be the first one to determine who or what they are. This funny game leaves everyone laughing, thanks to the hysterical questions people ask. 

  • Silly game requires players to think outside of the box when trying to determine their identity
  • Using reasoning skills, players ask “yes” or “no” questions of the other participants to determine what they are
  • Great way to practice critical thinking skills in a low-pressure and fun way
  • Cute drawings appeal to younger siblings, as well
  • Fast-paced game is perfect for squeezing in a quick round in a short time

Castle Panic

Fireside Games Castle Panic

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By getting cards, fighting monsters, moving, and then adding more monsters, players work together to defend their castle from attack. Communication is key for any players who want to be able to succeed at this game and survive the onslaught without getting caught up in a battle that will result in their losing the game. 

  • Great for solo play or for enjoying with up to 6 players
  • Offers up to one hour of cooperative play
  • Variations to the rules make it easy to customize the difficulty of the game
  • Great option for players who aren’t highly competitive
  • Players work together to defend their castle from attacking and invading monsters


Blue Orange Games Kingdomino Award Winning Family Strategy Board Game

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While some games allow players to move ahead during the game without a lot of thought to their actions, this game requires players to slow down and really think about how their actions will affect the board and their ability to win in the future. Thinking through actions helps players correctly lay tiles in ways that will give them the best head start on winning. 

  • Fun strategy game for the whole family to enjoy
  • Exciting twist on traditional Dominos is easy to learn
  • Includes 48 dominoes, 8 king tokens, and 3D castles
  • High-quality components make building the best kingdom in the game fun
  • Players only score points with correct tile laying, requiring players to think ahead

Spy Alley

Spy Alley - Connect The Clues and Guess Who - Fun Award Winning Family Strategy Board Game Night for Kids, Teens & Adults

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This game is more than simply gathering information, it actually involves plenty of accusations, close calls, and deep dives into trying to read opponent’s minds and gather information on them without them finding out who is the spy. Because it’s so involved and tricky, it’s a great game for the entire family to play together on game night. 

  • Players compete with each other to become the best spy in the world
  • Fun game is great for sharpening deductive reasoning and patience
  • Players must take into consideration the body language of their opponents
  • Great way for boys to learn about how to handle defeat appropriately
  • Different spies to choose from keeps the game interesting

Legends of Andor

Legends of Andor Board Game | Cooperative Strategy Adventure Game By KOSMOS | Spiel Des Jahres Kennerspiel Winner

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Thanks to the quick-start guide included with this game, players can jump right in and start playing with very little downtime. This makes it a great option for eager boys who want to learn how to play more difficult or advanced games but don’t have a lot of patience for going over long rules. 

  • Although more involved than other games, this is a great introduction to cooperative strategy games
  • Players band together to try to battle enemies
  • By fighting various monsters and gaining new skills, players can progress across the board
  • Durable and gorgeous components add to the value of the game
  • Play lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, which is great for longer game nights


Double Bananagrams Word Game - For Up To 16 Players

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A great word-building game, this one has all of the fun of Scrabble without all of the stress. Players get to build their own crossword grid of words using their own tiles, which means that they don’t have to compete for the letters they have. This reduces stress and makes the game more fun. 

  • Anagram game that is great for on the go and doesn’t require a board or paper
  • Ideal for single or multiple players
  • Players race each other to try to use all of their tiles first
  • By building crossword grids with words, players can slowly add to their score
  • The fastest player will be the winner, as long as they have a large crossword grid

Monkeys Up

Boys looking for some friendly competition when playing a game will appreciate this one as they flip and steal their way to success. It’s a great memory and strategy game that is so fun that most players won’t even realize that they are learning, which is sure to keep them happy and playing for longer. Learning how to read opponent’s faces will also help players steal the high score monkeys.

  • Players try to get the high score by stealing, switching, and flipping their monkeys
  • Fun game is great for players of all ages
  • Easy game to learn how to play
  • Perfect for solo play or with up to 6 players
  • Durable components are designed to last for years