Best Board Games for Baby Boomers – Top 9 Options

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best board games for baby boomers

Board games have been a classic family night fun staple for decades. While most might assume that they’re more for kids than for adults, there are plenty available today that appeal to mature tastes.

No matter your age, you can undoubtedly find a board game that matches your interest and experiences. To prove it, we'll show you several of the best board games for baby boomers.

The board games on this list range from classic and familiar to something you have likely never seen before. Let’s take a closer look.

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Best Board Games for Baby Boomers

Chances are, you’ve played a game of Monopoly at least once in your life. This is a game that families all over the world are familiar with, including baby boomers.

It’s something that’s perfectly family-friendly, and inspires a little friendly competition. You’ll love how you can play this game with grandchildren and friends alike.

The drawback is how addicting winning can get! Don’t be surprised if you find everyone at the table competing to buy all the spaces on the board.


  • A classic game that most people are familiar with.
  • Suitable for players of ages eight and up, so the whole family can play.
  • Easy to set up and put away.
  • Can support anywhere from two to eight players.
  • The rules aren’t too complicated, so it can be learned quickly.


  • There are some reports that the board doesn’t lay perfectly flat on the table, so throwing dice on it can shake it a little bit.
  • This is a little bit different from the original version, and games are slightly faster as a result.

You can’t get much more classic than Backgammon. It’s a board game that has existed for over 5,000 years, so most people have seen it at one point or another.

Aside from having easily understandable gameplay, one of the best things about Backgammon is how simple it is to store it. This board functions as both a box and a board. When the game is over, just fold the board in half and put it away.

On top of all that, it’s a beautiful game. The interior is made from a soft felt that’s pleasant to the touch and softens the sound of dice hitting the board.


  • Folds in half, so it can be stored in between games.
  • The inside is made from a luxurious felt that muffles the sound of tossed dice.
  • Can be taken along during travel comfortably.
  • Comes in two different striking color combinations.
  • Has a handle on the outside for effortless carrying.


  • Some feel that the quality of the interior is better than the exterior.

Here is another example of a board game everyone has heard of: Chess. Chess is the perfect game for sharpening your mind and improving your critical thinking skills.

Aside from the strategy of the gameplay, this is also a beautiful-looking board. You could easily leave it out on your table as a decoration in between games.

Part of its stunning looks come from the fact that it’s handmade. Every single piece of this set has been handcrafted to give it a natural look that you won’t be able to help but love.


  • Handmade from real wood – not plastic.
  • Gorgeous design that makes it suitable for use as a decoration.
  • You can fold the board in half and store the pieces inside it.
  • The inside of the board has straps to hold the pieces firmly in place.
  • Each of the pieces has felt on the bottom to protect the board from scratching.


  • There are some reports of the color being lighter in person than in the pictures.

Are you or your grandparents bookworms? Then Scrabble is one of the best possible board games you could get.

This addictive word game is something that will tease players’ brains for hours on end. You can play it over and over again, with the games being different each time as players come up with new words.

The board is practically a work of art, too. It’s made from wood with a luxurious mahogany finish that you’ll want to show off to friends. There’s even a lazy susan built into it so it can be spun around during play for easy access to all parts of the board.


  • High contrast between the letters and colors of the tile make it easy to read.
  • Beautiful mahogany finish worthy of a magazine.
  • Built-in lazy susan so you can smoothly rotate the board during games.
  • The inside of the board doubles as storage for all the pieces.
  • Includes an elegant fabric pouch with Scrabble embroidered on it.


  • Some have said that you can spot glue sticking from the wood in some parts.

If you’re a fan of camping, one of the best games to take along with you is Cribbage. Its small board allows it to fit anywhere, even if you don’t have a large amount of space available.

The pegs fit right into the holes in the board. If someone accidentally nudges it, you won’t need to worry about your pieces scattering everywhere. Making it even more compact is the fact that it folds up afterwards, so it can fit into any drawer.

It’s also a good game for critical thinking, which makes it an excellent choice for teaching to your kids or grandkids.


  • Simple, easily understandable rules.
  • You can fold the board up and store it away.
  • Because the pegs fit in the holes on the board, you won’t need to worry if you bump it while you’re playing.
  • You can play it with as little as two players, or as many as four.


  • There isn’t anything to hold the board in place once it’s folded up, so it can come open if you don’t lay it down.
  • Some noted that the hinges can scratch the table you’re playing on if you don’t put anything under the board.

If what you want is one of the most affordable and simple games out there, this Checkers set is a wise choice. Like some of the other games on this list, Checkers is a game that’s been around for a long time.

Its appeal has been consistent for its entire lifespan. The traditional black and red board is eye-catching while not taking up a lot of space.

Each of the pieces in this set has grooves around its edges. This makes them slot together nicely for stacking once you’re done playing.

The gameplay is simple, too. Players simple move their pieces towards their opponents’ side of the board and try to capture opposing pieces.


  • Quick to set up.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • The pieces are made to be stacked for storage.
  • Foldable board and box allows you to put the game in a closet or drawer.
  • You only need two players to play.


  • Does not support more than two players.
  • There are some reports that the board is a little too thin and fragile.

Unlike many of the other games on our list, Jokers and Marbles may not be quite as well-known. But we thought it deserved room on this list as a board game baby boomers could learn to love.

If you’ve ever played the game “Sorry,” then you have an idea of what Jokers and Marbles is like. It’s perfect for playing with anywhere from two to eight players.

You can even play it with partners to give the game an entirely different feel. Competing with partners adds a whole level of strategy you won’t see in the other games we included.


  • The board pieces are made of laminate so they won’t expand and contract.
  • Comes with a velvet pouch for storing the marbles.
  • Can play with as little as two or as many as eight players – more than enough for the whole family.
  • You can play in pairs or as individuals.


  • There are some reports that the storage box it comes with is a little flimsy.

Want a game that’s bound to make everyone around the table split their sides with laughter? You can’t do much better than Pictionary.

It’s existed since the mid-80’s, so it’s not a game that baby boomers grew up with, but we think they’d still love to learn to play. In Pictionary, players are given words that they have to draw, and the other players need to guess what the word is based on the drawing.

You don’t need to have any artistic talent to play. There’s something especially funny about bad drawings, anyway.


  • Comes with erasable boards to draw on, so it can be used over and over again without paper.
  • The packaging is recyclable and easy to open.
  • Good game for playing with grandkids.
  • All players are bound to laugh at the drawings that are made each game.


  • Some feel that the dry erase boards are too small to comfortably draw on.

One of the most popular board games today, we think Catan is something that deserves to be introduced to baby boomers around the world…if they’re not already playing it. It incorporates so many elements you don’t find in classic board games, like politics and bargaining between players.

This game has won awards for a reason. It feels a little different every time you play it, because it’s shaped by the playstyle of each person at the table.

Are you going to play peacefully and work with each other to share resources? Or are you going to swiftly dominate and block the other players? The choice is entirely yours every time you take the game out.


  • Award-winning game that feels different every single time you play.
  • Allows players to use a wide range of strategies.
  • Good for small groups of three or four people.
  • Requires you to use your critical thinking skills.


  • This option is a bit more complicated to learn than some of the others on the list.

Features to Consider


Some people, as they age, get this idea in mind that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This line of reasoning can make some baby boomers feel as if they don’t have the patience to learn overly complex board games.

That doesn’t have to be true. Oftentimes, complex board games are rewarding when you finally grasp the rules.

But they’re also typically harder to set up or take apart. Not to mention some players may feel increasingly frustrated when they don’t understand all the rules and interactions.

The learning curve of a game is always worth consideration when you’re choosing one. Think about whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to play, or if you want something more complex with more strategy involved.

Time to Play

Not everyone wants to sit down and play the same game for hours. Depending on where you are, this can be uncomfortable or annoying when you have other things you want to do.

The duration of the average session for each board game varies vastly. Some can be completed in as little as half an hour, while others go on for entire evenings.

Make sure you contemplate the duration of each game, and whether you would prefer something you can play quickly or something that can occupy more of your time.

Easy Setup

This kind of relates to the complexity of the actual gameplay, because the more complex the game is, the longer it usually takes to set up or take down.

The setup or clean up times can be important. Again, not everyone has the time to spend hours setting up or cleaning after a game.

You can usually get an idea of how complicated a game’s setup is based on pictures. Not just the size of the board, but how many movable pieces there are, such as tiles and tokens.

Number of Players

If you’re a baby boomer, there’s a good chance you have a decently sized cast of characters in your life, including spouses, children, grandchildren, and siblings. Board games are a fantastic way to bring all these people together.

However, you need to keep in mind that board games require a varying number of players. Some are only able to support up to two players, which is fine if you’ll only ever want to play with one or two other people. These types of games can usually be played more often, because you don’t need to struggle to find enough people to play them.

But what if you want to get the whole family involved? Then you’ll obviously need a board game that allows more to partake. You can easily determine this from the description of the game on its product page.


If you have grandkids, board games are one option to get them off their phones for a bit and bonding with you. But depending on the age of your grandkids, there are some board games that are more acceptable than others.

That’s where family-friendliness factors in. Each game has a suggested age for play. Games with a lower age requirement are often more simple and lack any adult themes.

The higher the age required to play, the more complicated the game is, or it may have adult elements. Most the games on this list are suitable for a wide range of ages, with the exception of a few like Catan that are more strategic and may not be good for really young kids.

Wrap Up

Board games don’t have to be something limited to kids trying to find a way to pass an evening. There are tons of board games out there suited for all ages, including baby boomers.

We tried to include a range of games on this list, with all kinds of different gameplay and strategies involved. Hopefully, one (or even more!) of these games caught your eye.

If we had to suggest one over all the others to you, we’d probably recommend Catan the Board Game.

 Yes, it can be a little difficult to learn at first, but once you do, we guarantee you’ll want to play it over and over.