Best Board Games for Cabins – Top 10 Options

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Best Board Games for Cabins – Top 10 Options

A weekend trip (maybe even longer!) to a cabin is the perfect getaway from the stresses of daily life. You can enjoy the peace and quiet, hike some trails, fish on a lake, or simply admire the area around you.

But your idyllic vacation at a cabin doesn’t have to be boring or devoid of any entertainment. Even if you’re planning to unplug from all things electronic for awhile, there’s no reason why you can’t bring board games with. In fact, the peaceful quietude of a cabin is the perfect time to play games with your family.

We’ve gathered a few of what we feel are the best board games for cabins. Scroll down to see some of the most fun you can bring to your cabin’s tabletop.

Best Board Games for Cabins


Catan Board Game (Base Game) | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Adventure Board Game | Ages 10+ | for 3 to 4 Players | Average Playtime 60 Minutes | Made by Catan Studio

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An award-winning experience, Catan is a board game you and your family will want to play over and over again. The goal of each player is explore the resource-rich isle of Catan and develop their own individual settlements.

It allows for a variety of strategies. You can dominate the board and hoard resources, or work together with other players to trade for resources you need.

One of the best things about it is that the board will look a little different every time you play. Plus, with rolls of the dice involved in gaining resources sometimes, no two games will be exactly alike.

In other words, you can play this and expect experiences that differ time after time. You won’t be able to get bored of this one easily.


  • You can win through a variety of strategies, so players of many playstyles can play.
  • Can learn in as little as fifteen minutes.
  • The board will look different every time you play.
  • Randomizing dice rolls ensure that every game is not exactly the same.


  • It may be a little too complex for kids.
  • The competitive nature of the game can definitely lead to arguments if you’re playing with overly competitive players.


Pandemic Board Game (Base Game) | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Cooperative Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players | Average Playtime 45 minutes | Made by Z-Man Games

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Want a game that rewards cooperation and teamwork? You can’t do much better than Pandemic, a game in which each player takes on a role in a team designed to combat a disease.

Play as a medic, researcher, scientist, and more to pull out all the stops and save the world from a new and deadly disease. This isn’t a game where you can dominate by yourself – you will need to strategize with the other players in order to create a cure.

If you don’t have a lot to time to play, you might appreciate the average runtime of this game being about 45 minutes. However, you can adjust the difficulty level by adding additional epidemic cards to the deck if you’re up to a longer challenge.


  • Cooperative gameplay promotes teamwork and strategy.
  • Games don’t last too long, giving you more time to enjoy your cabin.
  • You can tweak the difficulty to make things more interesting if you have more experience playing.
  • Has a beautiful, colorful board and pieces.
  • Each player takes on a role that has its own unique advantages.
  • Easy to set up and clean up.


  • Some roles are a bit more powerful than others, so winning can depend on which role you get.


Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Game

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Some people opine that they don’t make games the way they used to. If you’re a fan of all things retro and vintage, you’ll love to add this 1986 edition of Clue to your collection.

This classic murder mystery game has been restored to its former glory, with vintage-style artwork and pieces that will take you back in time when you play. Best of all, the game has a high level of replay value, because you can play it time after time with different results.

If you’ve got kids, this is the perfect board game to start with, because it’s easy to learn. However, the murder mystery is always just intriguing enough to pique the interest of adults, too.


  • Retro design that fans who grew up with the game will adore.
  • It won’t take anyone a long time to learn how to play it.
  • The solution to the mystery is different every time, so you can play it again and again.
  • Does not take long to set up.


  • There are some reports that the pieces and cards are a bit fragile.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Board Game | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Train Game | Ages 8+ | For 2 to 5 players | Average Playtime 30-60 minutes | Made by Days of Wonder

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In Ticket to Ride, each player is transported back to a time when railroads were being built all over the United States. Each player has to fight to gain access to the best train cards and train routes before any other player can.

The goal is to connect cities with railroads. This is the perfect game for rainy days, when you’re cooped up inside and want to feel like you’re traveling.

Its rules are straightforward. This isn’t the kind of game you’ll need to spend hours squinting at a rulebook to play. In fact, it’s so easy to play, that the age range goes all the way down to eight years old, because even children can play it.

Plus, Ticket to Ride is compatible with the Alexa Echo. With Alexa, you’ll have something to guide you through playing the game so you don’t get confused.


  • Compatible with Alexa Echo.
  • Games only take 30-60 minutes to complete.
  • You can play with as little as two or as many as six players.
  • Perfect for making you feel as if you are exploring the country.
  • You can play against Alexa if you don’t have anyone else to play with.


  • The board takes up a lot of space, so you’ll need a big table.
  • You’ll need to be careful not to bump the board once it’s set up.

Risk 60th Anniversary Edition

RISK 60th Anniversary Edition

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When you list classic board games that everyone has heard of, Risk is almost always at the top of the list. It’s an older board game, and with this version of it, you’ll be getting the beautiful 60th edition.

On top of getting the game itself, of course, you’ll get premium packaging and new artwork. It also has premium pieces that look stunning once they’re all se
t up.

There are a ton of ways you can win Risk. You can form alliances with other players…and you can double cross them, if you feel inclined. At the end of the day, your goal is to conquer the world, whatever it takes.


  • Includes gorgeous new packaging, artwork, and pieces.
  • Allows people to play in a variety of playstyles.
  • Suitable for competitive players.
  • High replayability, as there can be different outcomes each time.
  • Simple to learn.


  • Some feel that it’s too simple for experienced board game players.


Mysterium Board Game (Base Game) | Mystery Board Game | Cooperative Game for Adults and Kids | Fun for Family Game Night | Ages 10 and up | 2-7 Players | Average Playtime 45 Minutes | Made by Libellud

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A cabin can be a perfectly spooky place. You’re probably isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by trees or wide lakes.

At any rate, it’s the perfect time to play a board game with a creepy twist like Mysterium. In many ways, Mysterium is a bit like charades.

One person is a ghost, and the others are investigators trying to figure out what caused the ghost’s death. The ghost cannot give them verbal hints – instead, the ghost must use picture cards with clues in them to indicate how they died. It’s up to the players to figure out what part of the picture is the clue, and what it means.


  • Easy to play.
  • Can be played in as little as 45 minutes.
  • You can play with anywhere from two to seven players.
  • There are different outcomes each time, so it doesn’t get boring.
  • Intriguing spooky theme.
  • Beautiful artwork.


  • It could become too easy for players to establish what pictures mean among themselves if you play with the same people over and over again.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill, Green

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This is another example of a game that’s perfect for giving yourself a little spook. In Betrayal at House on the Hill, the story is different every time. The only thing that’s consistent is that players are investigating and trying escape from the dark and haunted house on the hill.

Whatever is haunting the house varies. There are many different ghost stories in this game. Each time you play, a scenario is picked from the rulebook, and players don’t know what it’s going to be until it happens.

Then there’s the betrayal. For the beginning of the game, players work together…but then a random traitor is drawn from among the party to work against the other players at the end of the game. It’s a unique twist on cooperative gameplay that will no doubt entertain you and your family over and over again.


  • Cooperative gameplay which encourages teamwork, except for one randomly selected traitor.
  • The story is different every single time you play.
  • Has 50 different ghost stories for you to play through.
  • Fun horror theme.
  • You can finish the game in about an hour…plenty of time for a replay, or to spend more time relaxing afterward.


  • The rules can be complicated to learn at first.
  • Because it’s a bit more complex, it might not be suitable for children.


Blue Orange Games Photosynthesis Board Game - Award Winning Family or Adult Strategy Board Game for 2 to 4 Players. Recommended for Ages 8 & Up.

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What game could be better for playing at a cabin than one where you shape your own personal forest? In Photosynthesis, players do just that – influence the growth of trees that take over the board.

There’s a surprising amount of strategy involved. Everyone playing needs to make sure they plant their trees in a suitable spot, because you earn points from your trees photosynthesizing.

The pieces that go along with the game are stunning. It really will look like you have a miniature forest growing on your table by the time you finish playing the game.


  • Visually appealing.
  • Fitting theme for playing at a cabin.
  • Highly strategic gameplay that will have you using your best thinking skills.
  • Simple to learn to play, but advanced enough to interest experienced board game players.


  • Although the box says it can support just two players, many say it’s best with three or four players.
  • Some might find the tree theme uninteresting.

Mice & Mystics

Mice & Mystics Board Game | Cooperative Adventure Game | Strategy Game | Fun Family Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 7+ | 2-4 Players | Average Playtime 90 Minutes | Made by Plaid Hat Games

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Out of all the games on this list, Mice & Mystics might take a little more time to learn, but if you’re at your cabin, you might have time to learn it. In this game, each player chooses from one of four characters to play.

The characters have all been turned into mice. They’re trying to escape from a castle against now-gigantic threats, such as rats and a fierce cat.

You can even play this game alone if you’re up at the cabin by yourself. There wouldn’t be anything else quite like sipping on a fresh cup of coffee you brewed yourself while you unwind with a solo game.


  • Deep story and fun fantasy setting.
  • It’s possible to play alone if you don’t have anyone else with you.
  • Games only take about one hour.
  • Gorgeous artwork on the board and pieces.


  • It might take a little extra time for you to learn to play if you’ve never played it before.

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

USAOPOLY The Thing Infection at Outpost 31 Board Game | 1982 The Thing Movie | John Carpenter Horror Film

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In some ways, Infection at Outpost 31 is like Betrayal at House on the Hill, because one or more people in your group will be traitors…only, they’ll know they’re traitors well before the end of the game, and their goal is to sabotage the other players.

This game based on a movie called The Thing that was released in 1982. As a result, the story in the game is very similar to that of the movie. There’s a shapeshifting alien on the loose on an arctic research base, and it’s pretending to be one (or even more) of the crew members.

Most players start off as humans trying to escape from the base. There will be at least one person who’s an imitation, though, and their objective is to either escape with the other players or prevent them from succeeding on missions.

This game will have everyone looking suspiciously at each other in no time, trying to figure out which among them is a monster and which ones are still human.


  • Brilliant social deduction theme based on a classic horror movie.
  • You can play as your favorite characters from the movie.
  • High replay
    ability, because the outcome can be different every time you play.
  • Beautiful board with ornate figurines.


  • Can be expensive, as it is not always easy to find.
  • You’ll need more people to play it – at least 4 players, although more is better.

Features to Consider


Depending on how large your cabin is, you’ll probably be conscious about the space you have available. Some board games are big and bulky, with heavy boxes that are hard to store away.

In limited space settings, this is important. You might not want a board game that’s hard to pack up and put away.

This isn’t always easy to determine just looking at product pages, though. If you’re concerned about the size, your best bet is to look at pictures, especially those submitted by customers.

If possible, try to find pictures of the box and the inside of the box. This will show you how easy it is to put the game away, based on what kinds of storage compartments are built in.


Here’s another question you should ask yourself: are you planning to transport the game back and forth between your cabin and home? Are you going to leave it at your cabin all the time?

If you’re going to be moving it, portability factors in. Games that are heavy and large are not as easy to transport.

Similarly, games with tons of pieces can be exhausting to pack up and move. This is another thing you can usually discover from looking at the pictures.

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A cabin can be anything. It can be a place you go to get away from the world, your hiking haven, or a camping spot you retreat to with your family. Your cabin could be basic, with limited or no electricity for an authentic rustic feel, or it might be as technologically advanced as your home.

Similarly, the entertainment can be anything. The sky is the limit when it comes to board games, so don’t hesitate to think about the theme.

Are you a horror fanatic? Then you’ll enjoy creepy board games with scary mechanics, like Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Want something with a fantasy twist? Games like Mice & Mystics will make you feel as if you’ve been transferred to another world entirely.

And if you’d like something that reminds you of being in the great outdoors, then Photosynthesis is perfect for you.

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Some board games can get pretty pricey these days. This is because many of them are only printed for a limited amount of time, or they have many high-quality components.

If you’re going to invest in a board game, then, you probably don’t want one you can only play once or twice before you get sick of it. This concept is referred to as replayability.

A game with a high replayability value is one that you can play time after time. It could have alternate endings, randomized scenarios, or tons of ways to win.

On the opposite side, games with low replayability are ones that are repetitive and always end the same way. You likely don’t want to keep playing them, because you already know how it’s going to end every time.

Wrap Up

Even if you’re using it as a relaxing getaway, your cabin doesn’t need to mean you’re ditching all the entertainment, too. With any of the board games on this list, you can enjoy a fun night gaming without any electronics.

From all the options on this list, the one we’d recommend most is Catan. It’s one of the more beginner-friendly options in this post, and it’s perfect for a cozy vacation with a few friends or family members.

If you’re completely alone, though, your best bet is Mice & Mystics. You can play it without anyone else there while still enjoying a rich, story-filled experience.