Best Pencil for Crossword Puzzles – Top 10 Options

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Trying to find the best pencil for crossword puzzles?  You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve compiled 10+ options that will write smoothly and not rip the paper.Best Pencil for Crossword Puzzles

Palomino Blackwing 602

Palomino Blackwing 602-12 Count

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Not only does this pencil feel great in the hand but it also writes smoothly and easily. This makes them great for crossword puzzle lovers who work in smaller squares and who want to make sure that they have plenty of control over their writing. The smooth feel of the graphite is relaxing and impressive.

  • The firm Japanese graphite core is smooth and allows the pencil to glide easily over paper.
  • It is perfect for a sharp and clear line without a lot of sharpening.
  • The unique rectangular eraser is perfect for erasing crossword squares.
  • The pencils sharpen easily and evenly to produce a fine point.
  • The lead is dark and doesn’t easily smudge.


  • The larger pencil size doesn’t fit perfectly in the hand.
  • The eraser holders tend to be a little weak and the erasers can sometimes pop out.

Blackwing Pearl

Blackwing Pearl Pencils - Set of 12

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Crossword puzzle fans who are looking for something with a slightly softer graphite will appreciate the smooth way that these pencils write. They are easy to use and simple to sharpen, which is why they are such a popular option among artists and writers. The softer graphite won’t rip through thin crossword puzzle paper.

  • The softer pencil line is great for users who don’t press as hard.
  • The durable graphite doesn’t require a lot of sharpening.
  • The timeless white finish looks and feels great when completing a puzzle.
  • The smooth, balanced core sharpens perfectly every single time.
  • The graphite draws smoothly across the page, making writing a treat.


  • The eraser isn’t the best and quickly wears down.
  • It can be difficult for some people to erase.

Mitsubishi HB Pencil

Mitsubishi Pencil pencil with pencil eraser 9850 hardness HB K9850HB (Original Version)

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These pencils feel great in the hand, which is ideal for crossword fans who like to do a lot of puzzles on any given day. Not only that, but the bright red color of the pencil helps it to stand out, which means that it is less likely to be lost.

  • It leaves a very dark mark but is incredibly easy to erase.
  • The slightly fatter shaft gives users a lot of control over the pencil.
  • The perfectly centered lead results in a sharp tip every time.
  • The eraser doesn’t smudge or crumble when used.
  • The pencils are very easy to sharpen and hold their point for longer than other types of pencil.


  • The softer lead can sometimes smear.
  • The wood can sometimes easily splinter when pencils are being sharpened.

Colore #2 Pencils

Colore #2 Pencils With Eraser Tops - HB Graphite/No 2 Yellow Wood Pencil Great School Art Supplies For Writing, Drawing & Sketching - Suitable For Kids & Adults - 144 Count

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Bright yellow pencils may be most commonly associated with school but these durable pencils are also great to use on crossword puzzles. They are easy to sharpen, hold their points well, and also write well on any type of paper. This makes them easy to use when finishing crosswords in a book or newspaper.

  • The large bulk supply is great for anyone who misplaces or runs out of pencils quickly.
  • The 100% genuine graphite pencil core is durable and long-lasting.
  • The durable latex-free eraser lasts for a long time and won’t turn black
  • The lead is incredibly strong and the pencils don’t break easily.
  • The graphite does a wonderful job holding its point.


  • The wood can sometimes fall apart when sharpening.
  • The graphite isn’t always centered perfectly in the wood.

ARTEZA #2 HB Wood Pencils

Arteza HB Pencils #2, Pack of 48, Wood-Cased Graphite Pencils in Bulk, Pre-Sharpened, with Latex-Free Erasers, Office & School Supplies for Exams and Classrooms

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These pencils come ready to be used and since there are so many in a pack, crossword puzzle fans won’t ever have to worry about running out of pencils when working. They write incredibly smoothly and erase easily, which is key when correcting answers. The erasers are designed to be smudge-free so they evenly erase without dark marks.

  • The latex-free eraser is certified nontoxic.
  • The satin matte coating on the exterior of the pencil ensures a comfortable grip.
  • They ship already pre-sharpened to make starting a crossword puzzle fast and easy.
  • The break-resistant cores are ideal for even sharpening.
  • The hard lead core won’t smudge or smear.


  • The erasers seem to harden quickly.
  • Pressing too hard on the pencil can cause the tip to easily break.

Ticonderoga Pencils

Ticonderoga® #2 Pre-sharpened Pencils, 0.7 mm, Yellow, Pack Of 72 Pencils

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These professional pencils have long been a favorite of teachers and students and for good reason. They hold a point extremely well and are easy to use when writing in small spaces, making them ideal for use on crossword puzzles. Additionally, the eraser lasts for a long time and removes all writing without leaving behind dark smudges or smears.

  • They contain a professional #2 graphite formula to ensures a smooth writing performance.
  • They ship pre-sharpened to ensure that users can start writing right away.
  • The wood is from responsibly sourced forests.
  • They are certified to be non-toxic.
  • The high-quality eraser is latex-free and allows for easy corrections without smearing or smudging.


  • The erasers can sometimes easily break off of the pencils.
  • The wood tends to chip around the lead when sharpening.

STAEDTLER Mars 100 HB Pencils

STAEDTLER Mars 100-HB LUMOGRAPH Pencil HB - Box of 12

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While these pencils don’t have an eraser on the end, they are ideal for any crossword puzzle fan who is confident in his or her ability to fill out a crossword without a lot of mistakes. The graphite holds its point well and makes it very easy to write in smaller spaces.

  • They are perfect for use on all types of paper.
  • The super-bonded lead is designed to resist any breaking.
  • They are perfect for writing or drawing very fine lines and in smaller spaces.
  • They write smoothly without catching or skipping on the page.
  • The flawless graphite is fast, sharpens easily, and holds a point incredibly well.


  • The wood quality isn’t as high as on other premium pencils.
  • The graphite is hard, which isn’t ideal for light sketches or lighter letters in a crossword puzzle.

Dixon No. 2 Yellow Pencils

Dixon® Pencils, 2 Soft Lead, Box of 144

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These pencils are classic, which is why they are still such a popular option. The hard lead is great for people who want to be able to press down firmly when writing and who don’t want to have to worry about whether or not they will be able to see what they have written.

  • The durable #2 HB graphite core is strong and durable.
  • They are made with 100% real wood, which is great for sharpening without splintering.
  • They are certified non-toxic.
  • The eraser doesn’t leave behind smudges and smears when removing answers.
  • They leave a darker mark, which is ideal for people who are more sure of themselves when finishing crossword puzzles.


  • The tips easily break off once sharpened.
  • They take a lot longer to sharpen, causing more of the pencil to be removed during the sharpening process.

Paper Mate Mirado Classic Pencils

Paper Mate Mirado Pencil, Classic Pencil № 2, 6-Carded, HB (5860)

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Not only are these pencils easy to use when filling out a crossword puzzle but they make it very easy to erase incorrect answers, as well. This is perfect for anyone who struggles to fill out a crossword without some wrong answers as erroneous marks can easily be removed.

  • The high-quality wood construction protects the graphite.
  • The bold #2 lead is great for people who tend to not press hard when writing.
  • The eraser is designed to erase without smudging.
  • They sharpen easily to provide a sharp point that will last.
  • They provide an even sharpening all the way around, which keeps the tip pointed.


  • They do not come pre-sharpened.
  • The graphite is not as hard as on other similar pencils and will require a bit more force when writing.

Uni Hi-Uni Wooden Pencils

Uni Hi-Uni Wooden Pencil - HB - Box of 12 (HUHB), brown

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Even though these pencils don’t have an eraser, they are still a great option for crossword puzzle fans who are generally correct with their answers. They are perfect for writing in small boxes and can easily be erased with a separate eraser when necessary.

  • The hard graphite is very difficult to break.
  • They are perfect for dark, impressive lines that are easy to read.
  • The core slides easily across paper so that writing is fast.
  • The tip does a great job staying sharp and holding a point, which is perfect for use in crossword puzzle boxes.
  • They leave an impressively dark black mark as opposed to a softer gray mark.


  • They don’t have a lot of grip on the paper.
  • They don’t have an eraser on the end.

STAEDTLER Wooden #2 HB Pencils

These striking pencils are sure to make completing a crossword puzzle even more enjoyable, thanks to the way that they feel in the hand and how smoothly they write. They are perfect for users who want to be able to easily erase lighter answers as the softer lead doesn’t mark as darkly.

  • The wood is dyed gray, giving these dark pencils an interesting look.
  • The white erasers will not leave behind unattractive pink streaks.
  • The erasers do a great job removing all writing without smudges.
  • The pencil doesn’t break even when used with a lot more pressure.
  • The pencil is comfortable to hold in the hand and has a smooth feel to it.


  • They tend to write lighter than some users require.
  • They require regular sharpening in order to maintain their sharp points.

Foska HB Wood Pencils

These great pencils are perfect for the avid crossword fan as they not only write very easily but are some of the best pencils for erasing stray marks or incorrect answers. This means that any wrong letters can easily be removed so that they won’t cause problems when finishing the puzzle.

  • The smooth lead glides easily across any type of paper.
  • The durable eraser is firmly attached so it won’t pop off.
  • They are designed with durable materials so that they won’t break or crack.
  • Sharpening blunt points is incredibly fast and simple.
  • They ship already sharpened so they can be used right away.


  • The white eraser sometimes struggles to remove very dark lines.
  • The lead isn’t as soft as others, which makes it harder to write lighter letters.