7 Board Games Like Battleship – Have You Seen These Yet?

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Battleship is a classic and one of a kind board game. It’s not easy to find many board games like battleship, but we’ve discovered 7 that fit the bill…7 Board Games Like Battleship – Have You Seen These Yet?

1. Naval Battle

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  • Great two-player game for any players that are six plus, and since there are two different difficulty levels, it’s easy to adjust the game to make it more enjoyable for advanced or for beginner players, depending on who you are playing with.
  • Multiple game scenarios will ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy back to back rounds of this game without feeling like they are playing the same game that they just finished.
  • Since playing time is generally under half an hour, it’s easy to squeeze in a game when there isn’t a lot of time to play or when you want to play with a child who has a shorter attention span.
  • Reminiscent of Battleship, and has a lot of the same strategy as the original game does, but allows for great reactions between cause and effect.
  • Requires players to learn how to take turns when attacking each other and defending their ships and also requires players to be able to quickly adjust their plans when things go awry.
  • The double sided playing field is durable and bright, which makes it appealing to players of all ages.
  • Features eight plastic models of warships, two fort models, two tablets, and jettons for marks in addition to the rules and necessary dice.
  • The simple rules are very easy to understand and will allow new players to get the hang of playing this game with very little delay.

2. Modern Naval Battles

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  • Novelty card game that can be enjoyed by two to six players, with both smaller and larger games being fast paced and exciting.
  • Players have to wait for their turn to maneuver their ships that are in their fleet, which allows them to either defend themselves against possible attacks or attack their opponents in an effort to destroy their fleet.
  • Points are awarded at the end of each player’s turn and are given out based on how many vessels they have sunk during their turn.
  • It’s easy to end the game in one of two ways, allowing players to opt for a longer or a shorter game. The game can end when all of the opposing fleets have been sunk, which is great for a two player game, or when one player is able to obtain a specific amount of points, which is ideal for games with more than two players.
  • While it is necessary for players to be able to read the minimal amount of text included in the game in order to enjoy the best gameplay possible, this amount of text is so small that it is generally easily memorized, which means that this game can be easily played by younger children.
  • There are a few expansion packs that can be used to increase or improve gameplay.

3. Mission Command: Sea

Mission Command: Sea Game

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  • Players attempt to outmaneuver their opponents by commanding their naval fleet.
  • The goal is to sink the opponent’s carrier by using a fighter squadron and destroyers, which together will allow you to attack and defend as well.
  • Each player will command one carrier, two destroyers, eight fighter jets, and will have a number of harpoon and sidewinder missiles that they can shoot at their opponent.
  • Moving ships and jets around on the board allows players to try to hone in on their opponent, but since the board is flat and both players can see the movements of all of the pieces, it’s very difficult to sneak up on them.
  • A lot of strategy is necessary so that players can easily corner their opponent and hit them with missiles to win the game, but since the board is flat, players also need to be able to quickly adjust their strategy when their opponent blocks their move.
  • Rather than simply having to line harpoons up in order to be able to hit their opponent’s carrier, players have to also rely on the role of the included dice.
  • The dice will determine how far the harpoons are able to travel, which will play a huge role in whether or not they are able to hit the carrier.

4. Battleship with Planes

Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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  • Unlike traditional Battleship that has action that takes place on the open ocean, in this game players will have to decide where to place the planes in the sky and hunt down their opponent through the air.
  • Made for just two players, this game is perfect for use on the go, as the pegs that are used to denote hits and misses will fit easily and tightly into the board so that they don’t slip out and aren’t lost.
  • The pieces are small, but aren’t too difficult to hold, and their smaller size helps to improve fine motor skills of the people playing the game.
  • Included is convenient storage where players can place their ships, planes, and pegs.
  • Players take turns having to read off the coordinates of the area that they are attacking when they attempt to hit their opponent’s ships or planes.
  • Teaches younger children how to wait to take their turns and the importance of learning strategy during the setup of the game.
  • Since ships and planes won’t ever be in the exact same place twice, this game can be replayed over and over without a problem of someone winning each game.
  • It’s easy to set up and to take down, which is great for players who are in a hurry and want a fast game.

5. Captain Sonar

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  • Great dueling game that can be played by two to eight players, depending on the size of your group and how complicated you want the game to be.
  • With five completely unique maps, as well as scenarios, it is easy to create a different game each time the game is played so that nobody ever gets bored when playing.
  • There are two different game modes that players can choose from to speed up or slow down the game.
  • Turn-by-turn play is great for beginners and for players who want a more relaxed time gaming with their friends and is a wonderful way to learn the game without all of the high-pressure stakes that can come with speedier gameplay.
  • Simultaneous play is great for more advanced players and can border on being frantic and overwhelming, which many people find to be fun and a wonderful way to keep the game moving quickly instead of dragging on.
  • Players have to rely on the systems of their submarines to help them not only detect, but then also to destroy the enemy subs in the game while still trying to remain hidden and undetected by other players.
  • Communication between team members is the best way to defeat this game and will better allow groups to find the subs they are looking for and to stop their opponents from sinking their subs.

6. Sonar

Sonar Game, Multicolor (43227-1996)

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  • Dueling and strategy game that is ideal for two to four players, and each player will have the role of either a radio operator or the captain of the submarine.
  • Players have to work together to try to find and destroy enemy submarines without being detected, which can be very stressful when players are struggling to communicate.
  • This is a less stressful version of the original Captain Sonar, which makes it a great option for new players who aren’t used to this type of board game and are just learning how to communicate in teams.
  • There are four scenarios and maps that can be used for gameplay, which makes it easy to ensure that each time you play this game, the situation will be unique and will have different challenges to face.
  • Games are played by taking turns, making this a much less stressful option for new players.
  • The rules are very straightforward and easy to understand so that there isn’t any delay in getting to play.
  • Players have to track the move of their opponent and try to determine exactly where they are via sonar so that they can try to sink them.
  • Requires more strategy than other Battleship type games.

7. Treasure Island

  • All players are trying to fight for themselves against their opponents.
  • Players use a caliper, tools, and compass to try to explore the island and find the hidden treasure before anyone else is able to do so or before “Long John” is able to mislead them.
  • Not only do players have to have a strategy for trying to find the treasure before their opponents are able to, but they need to be able to outsmart the player who is acting as “Long John” at the end of the game.
  • By drawing on the map with dry erase markers, players are able to work to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure chest.
  • The laminated cards are easy to clean and handle and will last longer than traditional board game cards.
  • All of the components included are high quality and built to last for years.
  • The “Long John” player is required to provide the other players clues to help them find the treasure, so this player needs to be seasoned in order to provide high-quality clues that will move the game along without causing it to come to an early end.

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