9 Board Games Like Checkers – Do You Know Them All?

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Checkers was one of the first board games ever invented as early as 3,000 B.C. And yet, it still remains a great game to this day. However, if you want to spice things up a bit, here are 9 board games like Checkers that you’re going to enjoy…

9 Board Games Like Checkers – Do You Know Them All?


1. Othello

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  • Game includes 64 reversible markers, holders for the markers, and a gameboard.
  • Play is very simple, but strategy is important for players to be able to take over the board, turn their opponents discs over, and win.
  • Great game for players who are 7+ and who have shown an interest in strategy games.
  • While this game plays very quickly, it’s important that players have some sort of strategy in mind, or they are likely to quickly lose and become frustrated.
  • The innovative turn-based play of this game involves placing a marker and then flipping ones that your opponent has placed, if possible, in a bid to control the whole board and have more of your color showing.
  • The winner often isn’t decided until the very last disc is placed.

2. Bagh-Chal

Handmade Slate Bagh Chal (Moving Tigers) Nepal Traditional Boardgame & Pieces

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  • 2 players play this game together, one in charge of 4 tigers, the other in charge of 20 goats that are trying their best to escape.
  • The board has a grid with the lines of possible moves clearly marked to make it as easy as possible for players to get started playing this game.
  • Goats have to try to surround all 4 of the tigers so that they are not able to make any valid moves.
  • Tigers can win if they are able to capture 5 goats.
  • Players alternate their turns, starting with the goats.
  • Tigers are only allowed to make 2 types of moves during the game: along lines or jumping over a goat that is on a straight line in order to capture it.
  • The player who is controlling the goats has to have a strategy in mind in order to be able to avoid capture and also to try to stop the tigers from getting enough pieces to win.

3. Abalone


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  • 2 players compete to try to push their opponent’s marbles off of the board.
  • This game has very simple rules that are easy to understand and make the game fast to pick up and start playing, but the advanced strategy keeps the game from being too easy.
  • Game contains 14 white and 14 black marbles, as well as the board.
  • Players can push up to 3 marbles at a time, in a straight line or laterally.
  • Lining up your own marbles and preparing them to push your opponent’s is the best way to be able to push multiple marbles at a time and try to eventually force them off of the board.
  • Gameplay is very fast and will prevent people from waiting long periods of time for their turn, which is great when you are teaching this game to younger players who may otherwise be bored.

4. Fanorona

Fanorona Game – strategy game for 2 people

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  • 2 players can enjoy this fast paced game where they try to capture their opponent’s pieces.
  • Most of the fast action happens in the first few moves as players capture pieces quickly and work to thin out the board and the remaining pieces that are left behind.
  • After the opening moves, the game slows down and relies more heavily on strategy then on brute force to win.
  • Entire rows of the opponent’s pieces can be captured at once, which means that players need to be constantly on the lookout and aware of the location of their pieces and how they are set up on the board.
  • Players have two options when choosing the rules for this game, and since games are generally played in pairs, the second game adopts rules that are used to put the winner of the first game at a disadvantage, which evens out the playing field and makes it more enjoyable for both players.
  • Each player has 22 pieces that are set out in a specific way to begin with, and they have to understand how the pieces can move throughout the game in order to be best setup to capture pieces and win.

5. Mancala

Mancala Board Game Set with Folding Wooden Board & Multi Color Glass Stones, Portable Travel Board Game for Kids and Adults

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  • 2 players compete by moving their markers, coins, or rocks, trying to end up with the most pieces in their holes on the end of the board, and capturing their opponent’s pieces at the same time.
  • While this game looks easy, understanding how to get repeat turns in a row by ending a move with the final piece in the end hole and how to prevent opponents from stealing your pieces is important.
  • Games tend to move very quickly and will only take a few minutes to play, making this a great game to enjoy when you are really short on time.
  • An ancient game that can be enjoyed by anyone, Mancala has only a few very simple rules and can easily be taught to younger children.
  • Players take turns moving and can take turns starting so that nobody enjoys an unfair advantage when playing this game.
  • Because of the counting involved, this is a great game to play with children who are learning their numbers, but it can be enjoyed by adults, as well.

6. Chinese Checkers

  • Great game when more than 2 players want to play, as up to 6 can easily enjoy this game.
  • Each player has his or her own set of brightly colored marbles that they have to move across the game board to reach the other side.
  • Each player has to wait for everyone else to have a turn before they are able to play, and they can only move one marble at a time, although there are a number of directions it can be moved, as long as they only move one space at a time.
  • The only way to move more than one space at once is to hop over other pegs that are in your way, as this will allow players to quickly move their marbles across the board before others can.
  • Marbles aren’t removed from the board when they are jumped, they are simply left in place until all 10 of one players marbles has reached the other side for the win.


7. Surakarta

  • Offers gameplay for just 2 players, and, while the rules are easy, there is a lot of strategy that players will need to learn as they play in order to better their chances of winning.
  • The game board consists of 36 spaces with loops that extend out of the sides of the board and can be used when capturing another player’s pieces.
  • Players each have 12 beads in their own color that are placed on the 2 rows of the board that are nearest to their side.
  • While players roll a die to determine who will go first when playing this game, the die does not come back into play, and the beads all must be moved on their own accord, according to the strategy that each player has come up with to best capture their opponent’s beads.
  • Players try to capture their opponent’s beads by moving around the loops on the board, passing through empty spaces, and finally ending up near the bead of the opponent.
  • It’s important for players to adjust their strategy during the game for the best chance of winning.

8. Connect 4

  • Speedy 2-person game that can be set up and played in just a few minutes, making it a great option for players who don’t have a lot of time for a more involved game.
  • This game is ideal for younger players who aren’t yet old enough to think through the strategy necessary for a game of Checkers, but who are still interested in playing board games.
  • Players take turns placing discs inside a vertical frame, trying to get 4 in a row while also trying to prevent their opponent from being able to do the same.
  • Once the game is over, it only takes a few seconds to drop all of the discs out of the frame and prepare the game to play again.
  • As players become more advanced they will be able to incorporate strategic moves into the game while they try to block their opponent and prevent them from scoring.
  • Some versions are made with very bright colors that really appeal to younger children, while there are versions that have pieces made of wood if you want more of a classic look and feel when playing this game.

9. Go

  • Two players are involved in this game, fighting against each other in an effort to take control of the other persons pieces.
  • Each player has many black or white pieces that they can place on the board to try to win the other pieces.
  • Because this is a strategy game, it can take a very long time for players to really master how to play it, which is exciting and ensures that players are constantly growing and improving.
  • With numerous possible moves that players can make, the game can easily progress in any number of different ways, which will prevent people from being bored or feeling like they have played the same game in the past.
  • Recommended for people 12+, although younger players can learn, as long as they have a background in strategy games.
  • Games can last for 30 minutes, but as players become more advanced, it is common for them to be significantly faster.

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