13 Board Games Like Clue Full of Mystery and Suspense

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Love playing Clue and looking for a similar mystery board game? We’ve manage to find 12 other board games like Clue that are full of suspense and fun.13 Board Games Like Clue Full of Mystery and Suspense


1. Mystery Express

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  • Great mystery game that has players on a train, trying to find out who has murdered a fellow passenger.
  • All players work hard to try to uncover who the culprit is before the train reaches the station, which puts a lot of pressure on the players and requires them to come up with a great strategy for the game.
  • Crime cards represent 5 different elements of the game: modus operandi, motive, time, suspects, and location, requiring players to try to come up with the correct deductions.
  • The player who can answer who, what, where, when, and why before the train reaches the station will be declared the winner.
  • Features a number of tokens that are high-quality and easily distinguishable from each other.

2. Sleuth

Sleuth Card Game

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  • Great game for developing reasoning, logic, and strategy skills in the players.
  • Players need to be able to be flexible in their thinking and planning as the game can change constantly, forcing players to come up with a different way to try to win the game.
  • The entire deck is dealt out to the players, with remaining cards face up on the table.
  • All players are trying to find a hidden gem card that is hidden before the game begins.
  • Players record the information on their own cards and then carefully deduce what type of gem cards their opponents have, paying attention to the color, type, and gem on the card to determine which one has been removed from the deck.

3. Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard - Family Game

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  • Players have to travel around London using travel tickets to chase a criminal mastermind.
  • Exchange travel tickets to travel by the underground, taxi, or bus in an attempt to locate the dangerous criminal.
  • One player plays as the criminal and tries to escape detection and capture from the other players, doing everything they can to stay quiet and leave behind very few clues.
  • There are 13 rounds in the game, and a few different ways for the game to end, which makes it exciting for everyone involved.
  • The criminal can win by escaping capture, or the other players can win by finding the criminal or blocking all stations that they would want to move to in the future, which will prevent them from being able to escape.

4. Letters from Whitechapel

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  • Has one player attempting to beat all of the other players, with the ability for 2 to 6 people to play at a time.
  • Game is based on the true story of trying to hunt Jack the Ripper, which a lot of players will love, as it adds to the reality and intrigue of the game.
  • The pawns and tokens are all wood, which makes this game a little higher quality than others.
  • The players who are hunting Jack need to work together to try to find clues that will lead them to his location.
  • Meanwhile, the player who is Jack has to choose the location of their hideout, record their movements, and try to keep one step ahead of the people who are trying to trap them without accidentally giving away any information that will lead to their capture.

5. Police Precinct

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  • This semi-cooperative game allows the players to work together to try to figure out who has killed the district attorney.
  • Players need to collect evidence by relying on their areas of expertise to help speed up the game and make apprehension possible.
  • Players need to deal with other kinds of crime that are occurring, additional investigations, and suppression of evidence.
  • By moving through the 6 city blocks of the game, the players work their ways through the collect crime scene evidence, interview witness, locate murder weapon, and examine body decks of cards that are included in the game.
  • Players may not find any evidence at all in certain areas of the map, depending on how the cards were shuffled, which gives this game excellent replay value and prevents people from knowing how the game will end before the finale.

6. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Bezier board Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf Black

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  • Every player will have a unique role to play in the game, and the role will determine the types of skills and talents that each player has.
  • After a secret phase in the game where players have to change roles, they are only give 5 minutes to determine who is the werewolf.
  • There is a free app that is used to make the game even more enjoyable and engaging for players.
  • Additional games can be combined with this one to make it even more engaging and to create epic battles.
  • Each player has to take on the personality and skills of the person they are representing to best enjoy this fun and active game.

7. Spy Alley

Spy Alley - Connect The Clues and Guess Who - Fun Award Winning Family Strategy Board Game Night for Kids, Teens & Adults

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  • Players have to pretend to be spies for their country and need to learn their opponent’s identities while still keeping theirs hidden from others.
  • By using deductive reasoning as well as code books, players can try to figure out who their opponents are.
  • Players also rely on passwords, disguises, and keys during this game.
  • The 6 different spies have personalities, and while information can easily lead to their identification, each player will do everything they can to keep their identity hidden.
  • By moving pieces around a gameboard, following directions on cards, and keeping track of new information, players can slowly uncover the truth.

8. How to Host a Murder: The Last Train from Paris

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  • Included with this game is a CD that features not only music from the period, which is great for setting the scene, but also details about the murder the players will try to solve.
  • Each player has their own manual that they need to follow when trying to solve the murder and win the game.
  • Players have to decide who committed a murder on a train, using information provided in their books as well as clues from other players to figure out the truth.
  • Can be easily turned into a large party through the use of theatrical flair, props, and costumes to make the game come to life.
  • While the game can be completed quickly, turning it into a fun game with friends can take up a whole evening.

9. 221B Baker Street

  • 2 to 6 players can enjoy solving 75 different cases with this game.
  • There is an expansion pack that is available for players who want even more scenarios to solve.
  • Players have to pick up and understand a variety of different clues that will help them solve their cases.
  • Great game for whole families to play, as the adult elements are not too overwhelming for children to comprehend.
  • While gameplay seems simple and the rules are very easy to understand, since there are so many cases to play, it’s easy to come up with a new situation and enjoy something completely different each time you open the box.
  • Offers plenty of replay value.

10. Lady Alice

  • This deduction game is designed to be appropriate for younger players, and can be enjoyed by players 8+.
  • Features bluffing, intrigue, flair, and mischief as players try to figure out who kidnapped Henry Morton Stanley.
  • Players also need to be able to deduce where the kidnapping occurred, what time it happened, and even the object that was stolen.
  • Players have to be truthful when answering questions about what person, weapon, time, or place they have in their hand or the game will not work well.
  • By suggesting different combinations, players are able to slowly figure out the answers to their questions before declaring that they have all of the information necessary to win the game.

11. Mr. Jack

  • 2 players can play this game and are in charge of 8 different investigators who are trying to figure out who killed a victim.
  • One of the 8 investigators is really the assassin, and one player works hard to try to elude capture and prevent others from knowing that they have the murdered.
  • The other player will try to uncover information leading to the arrest of the suspect.
  • Because there is only one accusation in the entire game, players need to make sure that they are confident in who they accuse or they can lose the game.
  • The rules are very easy to understand, but the game can be played in many ways and with different strategies, which makes each game different from the one before.

12. Tobago

  • 2 to 4 players can play this treasure hunt game where they try to find chests of gold that have been buried deep in the jungle.
  • Offers tons of replayability since the players will all have different clues that they can contribute to the search.
  • The game board comes in 3 pieces and has a creative design that allows it to be set up to create 32 scenarios.
  • Each of the 32 scenarios is different and will provide a different type of gameplay for players to enjoy.
  • The attractive game has high-quality illustration
    s that add a lot of beauty to the overall game.
  • All players try to be the first one to reach the treasure so that they can claim it as their own.

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