13 Board Games Like Cranium That Are Challenging & Engaging

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Looking for a fun board game like Cranium? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 13 super fun games that will challenge your body and mind.13 Board Games Like Cranium That Are Challenging & Engaging


1. Werewolf

Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People

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  • Players switch roles in this game, always keeping everyone on their toes and ensuring that you aren’t ever quite prepared for what is coming next.
  • As villagers, players must determine who is the werewolf, using their ability to deduce and pay attention to clues to find out the answer.
  • Werewolves have to plot together to kill one villager during the night while keeping their true identity hidden.
  • Other roles in the game include seer, doctor, drunk, witch, alpha werewolf, and game moderator.
  • Great game for up to 35 people to play at once, which is perfect for a huge party.
  • Sort through lies, accusations, and deceit to try to get to the truth about who is a werewolf and who isn’t before you are killed.

2. Say Anything

North Star Games Say Anything Party Game | Card Game with Fun Get to Know Questions

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  • Great game for getting to know other people without anyone feeling like they are put on the spot.
  • One player reads a question and everyone else has to write down their answer, after which the leader will choose their favorite answer.
  • With all of the other players trying to determine what answer the leader chose, it is a fast paced game that will leave everyone laughing.
  • The high-quality components are designed for a lot of use and include dry-erase boards and pens, as well as 80 question cards.
  • Players take turn asking the questions so that everyone will have a chance to be the leader in the game.
  • There aren’t any right or wrong answers, which will keep players from feeling like they made a mistake.

3. Hoopla

CRANIUM Cranium174; Hoopla Tin

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  • Fast game, only takes around 20 minutes to play, making it a great option when you are short on time.
  • Can be played by only two players, but is perfect with more.
  • Contains more than 280 cards, a timer, 10-sided die, tokens, and paper to keep track.
  • Offers a great way for family members to connect over the photography and art on the cards.
  • Players work together to create brainteasers, come up with performances, do sketches, and solve challenges.
  • By working together, players aren’t just able to better complete the challenges at hand, but will also bond and feel closer together than if they were competing.

4. Cadoo


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  • Players take turns rolling the die, selecting a combo or solo card, and then reading the card aloud to other players.
  • The player then has to follow instructions printed on the card and complete the challenge that is list
  • Players can earn points by winning the challenge before the timer goes off, which will allow them to then place the tokens that they earned on the game board.
  • To win Cadoo, players have to have four tokens in a row, or have the most tokens on the board if no player can get four in a row.
  • By taking turns and supporting each other while they compete and complete tasks, this is a great game to build relationships with other players.

5. Partini

Partini Game

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  • Adult only drinking and party game that is sure to break the ice at any event or party you’re hosting.
  • Players can choose between six different party games to enjoy, known as “What Nots,” “Clay Smoothie,” “Mime Twist,” “Hum Punch,” “Straight Up,” and “Shooters.”
  • Players form teams and compete against each other to win the challenges provided and to collect the various coasters from the table.
  • The team that is able to collect seven coasters by winning seven challenges will win.
  • Not only does this game come with the components and the challenges, but also the materials that you will need to complete the set challenges, which ensures that you can start playing right away without delay.

6. Pictionary

Pictionary Quick Drawing Board & Guessing Game for Family, Kids, Teens and Adults, with Dry Erase Boards, Markers and Clue Cards, Makes a Great Gift for Players 8 Years & Older

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  • With two levels of difficulty, it’s easy to make sure that all of the players are able to understand the game and make the most of playing.
  • There are 80 junior cards and 120 adult cards to keep the games going for a long time.
  • Includes all of the necessary components to play back to back games without any downtime.
  • Great for people who are artistic and those who aren’t, as it is a lot of fun even if the drawings aren’t the best.
  • Perfect way to break the ice with a group of people who don’t know a lot about each other.
  • Very little pressure put on people who aren’t able to draw well.

7. Pick ‘N’ Choose

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  • Players have to work in teams to be able to guess the word that appears at the top of a card.
  • One player from the team will have the choice of how to help their teammates guess the word.
  • Different activities to show or describe the word will have different point values assigned to them.
  • Some activities include drawing, miming, humming, acting, sculpting, and using words.
  • More difficult activities will have higher point values assigned to them when the group guesses the word correctly.
  • Perfect for groups of two to eight, although larger teams can easily play, but this means that players won’t get as many turns being the person acting out the word.

8. Charades

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  • Players work in teams to try to guess a word that one player is acting out.
  • The first team who is able to guess four out of the five words on their cards will win the round and will score a point.
  • This fast paced game is sure to keep everyone involved, even people who aren’t a huge fan of getting in front of groups.
  • Because players take turns acting, nobody will feel like they are the center of attention.
  • Great game for players of all ages, even younger children.
  • Includes 280 cards with 1400 words, which means that you can play plenty of games.

9. Guesstures

Guesstures Game

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  • Includes 320 game cards, with a mix of easy, medium, and even harder cards so that you can enjoy the best possible game that is catered to your abilities.
  • Players put four cards into the timer, set it, and have to act out the words on the cards using classic techniques used from charades.
  • When the team guesses the word being acting out, then they have to grab the card so that the timer doesn’t pop it back down.
  • The team that is able to guess the most words will get the most points and win.
  • Players can take turns acting so that everyone has a chance to be in the front.

10. Time’s Up

  • Includes an electronic timer, score pad, and 525 cards, allowing for back to back games without players experiencing the same cards over and over.
  • Great charades game that has three rounds for players to enjoy.
  • In the first round players can say or do anything, second round players can only use one word to describe their card, and in the third round players can only act without making noise.
  • As players describe and act out their cards, the others try to guess what is on the card so that they can earn points.
  • Fast pace party game that moves quickly, keeping people interested in the game and preventing players from getting bored.

11. Dixit


  • Suitable for parents and children, making this a great option for a family game night.
  • Creative game requires both imagination and guesswork and encourages players to be as inventive as possible when coming up with ideas and stories about their cards.
  • There are a number of expansion packs available to expand gameplay.
  • First player choose a card and states a word, sentence, or phrase that is represented by the picture.
  • Other players have to play a card that best represents what the first player said.
  • Players earn points by making up good stories, guessing correctly, and coming up with clever ideas.
  • Offers a great replay value, as no two games will be alike as players come up with their own stories about the cards they have.

12. Wits and Wagers

  • Great game of luck that doesn’t involve skill, which means that all players will have an equal opportunity to win.
  • Great for four or more players, making this a wonderful party game for larger crowds.
  • Even players who don’t know the answers have a chance at getting it right, as everyone guesses and then bets on the most likely answer.
  • Since everyone wagers a guess, all players will have the opportunity to get the answer right, even if they aren’t sure of the answer.
  • Offers a fast paced play, keeping people on their toes, and since there are 125 cards, it’s easy to see how the game will be different each time you play.

13. Taboo

  • In this word game, players will try to get their teammates to guess a certain word without giving any obvious clues.
  • Players have to be very creative when providing clues to their teammates or they can have points deducted.
  • The included die can be used to make the game more difficult when players feel like they have a firm grasp of how to easily play the game at its basic level.
  • Players must be quick thinking and able to think on their feet so that they can score points.
  • Includes 162 different cards, which means that this game has a lot of replay value, as groups can enjoy long games or multiple ones in an evening.

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