11 Board Games Like Risk for an Epic Game Night

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Trying to find a board game like Risk that provides an epic and immersive experience? Then you’ve come to the right spot on the internet.

11 Board Games Like Risk for an Epic Game Night

Check out our top 11 picks below…

1. Axis & Allies

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  • This is a very long game that can easily run six hours for two to six players to enjoy
  • The game has 650+ plastic miniatures, 14 dice, paper money, game tokens, and plastic money
  • There are two different scenarios for players to enjoy, a game in 1941 or 1942
  • The game is very easy and fast to learn how to play, and offers light war components, as well as deeper strategy
  • Players need to be ready to make tough decisions regarding their pieces and their strategy to set themselves up for the win
  • Players have to invest money in new technology, buy military items and then attack their neighbors to take over the board
  • Because of movement allowances, players are limited in the movements that they are allowed to do each turn

2. Diplomacy

Avalon Hill Diplomacy

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  • Game of treachery, intrigue, and trust for two to seven players
  • Offers up to six hours of play
  • Players need to be able to negotiate with each other and build alliances for their strategy to take over the game to work
  • As players build their empires in post WWI Europe, they have to uncover plots against them, cooperate with other players, and be cunning enough to outwit each other
  • After each turn, players have 15 minutes of diplomacy where they can interact with each other to try to set themselves up to win
  • As it is a turn-based game, players all have a chance to win and will be able to come up with their own strategy for domination
  • While the rules are simple and easy to understand, it does require advanced strategy

3. Dust


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  • Features more than 800 plastic figures
  • Perfect for two to six players to enjoy longer games of one to three hours
  • There are two variant rulebooks so that players can determine the best type of game for them to play
  • Premium rules allow for faster games, while grand epic rules are great for longer games
  • Players fight to take control of the gameboard and consistently battle with each other
  • By using cards, players are able to easily determine what kind of moves they can make, as well as what special abilities their characters have
  • Dust has five different unit types that players will control, each with their own attributes for combat and varying costs for production
  • While players take turns, they also have to rely on cards in their hands to dictate combat points, order, movement points, and production points

4. Cyclades

Matagot Cyclades

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  • Offers 90 minutes of conquest and development play
  • Players race to try to be the first player who is able to build two cities
  • Players have to sacrifice equally to the five gods in turn or risk angering them and facing their wrath
  • Only one player can have the favor of the gods for each turn and can only have the favor of one god at a time
  • Each god allows the players a different benefit, which will help them to build their cities faster
  • In addition to building cities, players have to focus on recruiting new troops, creating fortresses for protecting, and trying to battle other players
  • Available expansions make the game more interesting and difficult
  • Included mythological creatures can wreak havoc on the players
  • Thanks to the game mechanics, this is an easy game to understand and to play

5. Antike II

Rio Grande Games: Antike Ii

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  • Since the gameboard has two sides, players have the option of playing two different scenarios
  • Each player is in control of a nation and does their best to try to win navigators, kings, citizens, generals, and scholars for themselves
  • The player who is first able to acquire the set number of people is the winner
  • While trying to acquire people, players also need to make scientific and technological advancements, sail the ocean, build temples, and build new cities
  • Enemies are always attacking, which makes defense very important
  • While some games depend on cards or the roll of a dice, this game requires skill, planning ahead, and diplomacy with other players
  • Players have some choice as to what type of resource they will produce, which makes it easier for players to focus on their strengths

6. Vinci

Vinci - The Rise & Fall of Civilizations

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  • Players try to score points using the powers that each ancient civilization possess
  • Every player has tokens that represent their individual civilizations and choose tiles to give certain civilizations characteristics or abilities that are unique to them
  • By enlarging their territory through battle with their opponents, players can expand and improve their cities
  • It’s important to understand when to allow a civilization to decline and to focus on a better one
  • The player who reaches a set number of points from their civilizations sets off a final round and then a victor is declared
  • Features high-quality components that add to the enjoyment of the gameplay
  • Even though it is an involved game, it can easily be completed by three to six players in around 90 minutes
  • The rules are basic and easy to understand

7. Britannia

Fantasy Flight Games Britannia (Board Game)

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  • Historical board game focuses on the struggle for control over Wales, England, and Scotland
  • Players start playing in 43 AD and continue through time as they struggle through the various battles and wars of the area
  • The game ends in 1066 with the Norman Invasion
  • Players must recreate history by reenacting the various battles, sometimes with differing outcomes that can actually change the history of other battles later in the game
  • While the game discourages players from making unrealistic moves, it allows enough freedom for the three to five players to have a huge impact on history
  • By creating “what if” scenarios, players can change history and leave their mark
  • Since players have so much control over the future with this game, it has a lot of replay value and can be played in many different ways

8. Godstorm

Avalon Hill Risk Godstorm Game

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  • Although a Risk extension, this is a standalone game that can be enjoyed by itself
  • The mythology theme is an interesting and refreshing take on classic conquering games
  • With 382 playing pieces, this game is very involved and has a lot of interesting components to use
  • Two to five players have legendary gods from different cultures and battle to see who will be the ruler
  • While it is easy to move around the board and try to conquer various areas of the world, unlucky players can experience chaos on Atlantis and see their forces sink into the ocean
  • Players have to work to keep control of various territories while still exploring and taking over new lands from other players
  • The Underworld can be invaded, and defeated units are sent here to fight again in an effort to return to Earth to continue battle

9. Nexus Ops

Fantasy Flight Games Nexus Ops

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  • Two to four players battle on an alien moon in an attempt to hunt for resources and take over the moon
  • There are many optional rules that can be used which makes it easy to customize the game for the best play
  • The full set of alternate unit powers can be used with any game and ensure that the game has a lot of replay value
  • Players have to send troops out from their base to explore, find resources, gather troops, battle, and fulfill certain missions
  • The optional variants allow for even more exciting gameplay that is a little different from what players expect
  • There are more than 160 plastic figures, 17 terrain tiles that fit together in different ways, almost 100 markers and tokens, and 90 cards

10. Twilight Struggle

GMT Games Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

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  • Very fast playing game that is not very complex
  • Players move their units across a world map and try to gain allies and leverage control for themselves
  • Players have to be willing to make difficult decisions to best use their limited resources and make the most of the cards that they have in their hands
  • Great strategy game that is made just for two people
  • Every step is a lot of work and the game can take three to four hours to play, but the game is highly enjoyable
  • Since every movement that a player makes has an effect on the future, players need to plan ahead and be willing to make changes quickly
  • The mechanics of this game keep the game moving along, even though it is a longer game than normal

11. Viktory II

  • The rules can be explained in just five minutes, but thanks to the strategy required, this game takes a while to master
  • There are hundreds of miniatures that are used on the customizable map for one of a kind gameplay each time the game is played
  • The aggressive play style prevents players from staying inactive or trying to build up their resources without fighting
  • Players can try to win by eliminating their opponents directly or through more subtle subjugation
  • While players explore the area, they have to build cities and towns in an effort to strengthen their hold on the area
  • Fighting only occurs when players encounter each other, and then fighting occurs through rolling dice, how many units are in battle, the terrain where the battle is being held, and if they are near a city
  • Shorter games are possible by using a scaled down map

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