10 Board Games Like Rummikub – Have You Seen These Before?

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Looking to find board games like Rummikub? Then you’ve made it to the right place. We put together 10 alternative options that you’re going to love…

10 Board Games Like Rummikub – Have You Seen These Before?

Some may look familiar, but most you probably haven’t heard of. Check them all out below…

1. Sagrada

Sagrada - Board Game by Floodgate Games

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  • Players work to construct stained glass windows
  • By building up larger grids of dice on their boards, players can work within the restrictions to create their windows
  • There are certain rules as to where the dice can be placed, which helps guide gameplay and helps the game last longer
  • However, players can invest in special tools that will allow them to break the rules and place their dice in desired locations
  • Once tools are used, then other players have to have more tokens to be able to use them again
  • Scoring is variable and depends on varieties of placement, as well as if players can achieve certain patterns
  • One to four players will enjoy about 30 minutes of gameplay
  • While the game is easy to understand and the rules can generally be easily understood by any player, it’s up to each individual to learn how to best place their pieces

2. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Fast Paced Card Game Set, 2-4 Players, 30 Min Playing Time, Place Tiles to Adorn the Palace Lake with Floating Lanterns, Earn the Most Honor Before the Festival Begins

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  • Players take on the role of artisans who are preparing for an upcoming festival
  • It’s up to each player to try to decorate the palace lake with varying floating lanterns and create the most beautiful decorations so they can be the honored artisan
  • Players have tiles with different color arrangements on them, as well as special lantern cards that have specific colors
  • Every time a player places a card, all players get a lantern card that corresponds to the color on the side of the tile that is facing them
  • Players have to learn not only how to place their tiles to best help themselves get the cards that they need, but also to prevent their opponents from getting their necessary cards
  • If players are able to dedicate sets of cards in pairs or different variations, then they will have more honor
  • The player who has gained the most honor by the end of the game is the winner

3. Azul

Azul Board Game | Strategy Board Game | Mosaic Tile Placement Game | Family Board Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 8 and up | 2 to 4 Players | Average Playtime 30-45 Minutes | Made by Next Move Games

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  • High-quality components feel good during play and have attractive and bright colors that make the game more enjoyable
  • Players draft tiles and then have to place them in different locations, following the mechanics of the game
  • At the beginning of the round is the drafting and the placing, and then later players earn points, depending on how well they placed their tiles and where they put them
  • Players who are able to complete sets and who can form specific patterns will earn more points
  • The player who has the most points at the end of the game is the winner
  • While there is some luck in what tiles you draw and the space that you have on your board, players do have to have a strategy in mind to best place their tiles
  • While the game starts off slowly, tension quickly builds as players compete for the best tiles and try to make their opponents take the tiles that will make them lose points

4. Photosynthesis

Blue Orange Games Photosynthesis Board Game - Award Winning Family or Adult Strategy Board Game for 2 to 4 Players. Recommended for Ages 8 & Up.

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  • Players must have a strategy in mind to plant an ever-changing forest
  • As players plant seeds the trees will grow, completing their life cycle and growing from seedlings to full trees, finally dying
  • Players earn points as the trees that they plant capture energy from the sun
  • It’s important that all players are careful about where they plant their trees, as ones that are in the shade will not grow nearly as well as ones that are in the full sun
  • The beautiful graphics and realistic gameplay make this game very appealing
  • While the components are very attractive, this game has a sneaky strategy aspect that makes the game very exciting
  • It’s important that all players understand how to control their resources, but also how to manage growing time, as trees need to be in the sun at the right time for the most energy

5. Okey

Wooden Okey Set

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  • Traditional Turkish game that requires players to try to make sets and runs
  • The first player who is able to get rid of all of the pieces in their hard will win the game
  • Players have to pay attention to the pieces that their opponent has discarded and think about how to use these pieces in their new series
  • Since there is only a pair of each type of piece, players need to be constantly vigilant about discarded pieces and try to get them right away to win
  • The components in this set are high quality and have been designed to be easy to hold and to allow users fast gameplay
  • Since the tile holders are so durable, they will last for a long time without breaking or becoming damaged
  • The rules are easy to explain, but as there is a lot of strategy required, it can take time for players to perfect their game

6. Qwirkle

Qwirkle Board Game

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  • Players compete to lay their tiles on the table and try to get rid of all of the ones in their hands and then the rest in the pool
  • Scoring is easy and players earn points based on where they put their tiles in connection with others
  • As players try to form rows of six tiles with all colors or patterns, they can easily earn point boosts
  • The rules are very easy to follow and to understand, but strategy can be more advanced and takes more effort
  • The quality pieces in this set are made from wood and have a durable painted surface
  • Bright colors appeal to players of all ages and are great for catching and keeping the attention of younger players
  • Play based turn means that everyone will have an equal opportunity to play
  • As players learn to build more complex combinations, they will be able to plan ahead for higher point totals and to prevent opponents from winning

7. Michigan Rummy 

Pressman Michigan Rummy The Perfect Blend of Rummy and Poker for an Entirely New Game Experience, 5"

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  • Great game for two to nine players to enjoy a game that combines cards, counters, and a board
  • Players have to place chips in each of the tray’s nine sections, and then the dealer shuffles the cards and deals them to all of the players
  • Before starting the actual game, players must play a hand of poker to see who wins the chips that are in the poker section of the game board
  • After the winner takes the chips the players continue with the actual game of Michigan Rummy
  • Play continues with players starting over with placing chips and continuing through the rest of the game
  • Rules tend to be a bit convoluted, but once the game is fully understood, players will have an easy time competing
  • There are a few variations for players to choose from so that they can pick the best rules for the group of people who are playing

8. Dominoes

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  • While this is a traditional tile game, it varies in play all around the world
  • There are many different games that can be played with dominoes, however the most common option is the Block game
  • Other popular game options include Sniff, All Fives, and Muggins
  • In the Block game all players try to match the dots on the end of their tiles, known as “pips,” to the open tiles on the table
  • Players who can’t match any of their tiles with tiles on the table, have to pass their turn
  • The first player who is able to get rid of all of their tiles is the winner
  • When players can’t get rid of all of their tiles, the game ends in a draw
  • The first player who is able to reach 100 or more points over a series of games is the final winner
  • Players draw varying amounts of tiles, depending on the number of people playing

9. Word Rummikub

  • Players compete to be able to spell the longest words in the game so that they are able to earn the most points
  • Not only can players put new and complete words on the table if they have all of the necessary tiles, but they can also add letters to existing words
  • Words that are on the table can be broken apart and the letters can be used in new words
  • As long as a player can add more tiles to the word and the word is unique and valid, then they can break apart existing words
  • Great game for practicing spelling and for taking turns
  • Players have to have a strategy in mind to take the lead with the game
  • Being able to change directions with your plans and come up with new words is key for the best results

10. Mahjongg

  • Traditional Chinese game where players use illustrated tiles
  • This is commonly played as a gambling game, but gambling is not a necessary component for players to really enjoy themselves
  • The tiles vary, depending on the suites, and there are four copies of each type of tile
  • Features 146 tiles that are all high quality and designed to last
  • Play starts with players drawing from discards in an attempt to form sequences of suits
  • There are other patterns that can also be created, making it easy for players to create the best run for theirs
  • With a few different house rules or rules from different countries, it’s easy to turn this game into one that fits the needs o
    f your friends or family members
  • Because players take turns drawing from the discard, play is not only very orderly, but also tends to happen quite quickly
  • This set is packed in an antique leather box that is designed to be durable, offer the tiles protection, and also to look great

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