11 Board Games That Look Like Books – Have You Seen These Yet?

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Are you on the hunt for board games that look like books? Then you’re in for a treat. We managed to find 11 options that you’re going to love.11 Board Games That Look Like Books – Have You Seen These Yet?


Check them out below…

Organ Attack!

OrganATTACK! Tabletop Card Game by The Awkward Yeti

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  • All of the organ cards in the game are dealt out evenly between the players, and then they are placed face-up on the table.
  • Throughout the game, players try to remove the organs from their opponents using a variety of different maladies.
  • In order to protect themselves from attack and to keep their organs healthy, players can use immunity cards to help deflect damage.
  • Each organ can take 2 damages before it is removed.
  • Certain maladies will only affect a certain organ, which means that players have to pay attention to the cards that they hold when attacking other players and choose the best one for each organ.
  • There are a number of tactical cards that can be used to shake up the game, which can possibly cause everyone to lose the cards in their hand.


Biblios: Quill and Parchment Kickstarter Version from Doctor Finn's Games

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  • Each player is represented by an abbot in a medieval monastery who is competing to try to amass the largest and best library of sacred books in the world.
  • Players need to have both resources as well as workers so that they can run the best library.
  • Using a limited about of gold, players have to acquire the resources and workers that they need, but since everything is limited, they need to choose wisely.
  • Staying on good terms with the bishop is the best way to ensure that you will be able to reach your goals.
  • Players try to earn the most victory points by winning in the following categories: supplies, illuminators, scrolls, manuscripts, or scribes.
  • With the most workers or resources in a category, the player will win that category and take the points.
  • As the game progresses, different categories will have more or fewer points, making strategy important.


Discovery Bay Liebrary

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  • One player starts the game by reading the author, title, and synopsis of a real book.
  • When finished, all of the other players have to write down what they think would make a great first line for the book.
  • The original player reads not only the submissions that they received, but also the real first line of the book.
  • All players have to try to pick out what the real first line of the book is.
  • Players earn points when they guess the correct first line of the book as well as when other players select their submission as the right one.
  • Players can also get points by knowing the actual first line of the book.
  • The player reading submissions is given points when nobody guesses the real line correctly.
  • As all players take turns in this game, nobody will get bored, and everyone has an equal chance to get the most points.

Deck Around

Deck Around - Adult Party Game with Over 100 Rounds (Card Game)

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  • One player starts the game by choosing a card from the deck and reading the slang term that is printed on it.
  • The other players have to try to make up their own definition for the word, write it down, and hand it in to the first player.
  • The player who chose the slang word then reads aloud the proposed definitions, as well as the real definition of the world.
  • Each player has to guess which definition is correct and will earn a point if they guess the real definition.
  • Players can also earn points when others select their made-up definition as the right one.
  • This game is best suited for adults, as some of the words and themes are not appropriate for younger
  • Each player takes turns being in charge of choosing the slang word and reading out the written definitions.

Salem 1692

Salem 1692 Board Game - Witch Hunt Game for Friends and Family - A Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 4-12 Players

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  • This game of accusation and secrets involves all players trying to find out who is a hidden witch in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Players are only one false accusation away from hanging, which creates incredible tension among everyone playing the game.
  • Every player will have their own bio of who they are in the game, and with 12 characters to choose from, this game offers great replay value.
  • Players have 3 to 5 Tryal cards that reveal whether or not they are a witch.
  • Players have to use different types of cards to defend or accuse the other players in the game.
  • By making a strategy of who they can trust, players are able to form alliances, which is important, as players can’t play a card on themselves.
  • There are some cards that will have instant effect once they are drawn, such as having a witch choose someone to be eliminated or the constable saving someone.

Tortuga 1667

Tortuga 1667 Board Game, Treasure Plunder Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 2-9 Players

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  • Designed for 2 to 9 players, this game works really well for 5 or 7 players.
  • Set in the year 1667, players are pirates in the Caribbean who are going to be trying to steal the treasure of a Spanish Galleon.
  • While all players pretend to work together, they each have their own interests at heart, as they want to try to get as much treasure for themselves.
  • Nobody has a cards in their hands, rather they have to communicate with each other about the event cards.
  • Revealing event cards will move the game along, but this can easily hurt the team, so they need to be used only at the right time, which can be difficult for players to decide.
  • The durable components and attractive play mat are designed to last for years of play without wearing out.
  • The 9 pirates all have character illustrations as well as biographies, which brings the game to life.

Deadwood 1876

Deadwood 1876 Card Game of Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 2-9 Players

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  • In this game, players have to use cards that they have in their hands to try to win the safes that their opponents have in their possession.
  • In the safes are hidden guns, gold, or badges.
  • Badges provide players with extra turns towards the end of the game.
  • The team with the most gold at the end of the game will advance to participate in the final showdown, where they will rely on the guns they have found to be able to survive.
  • Players have to work together in a team and understand how to balance finding gold to improve their team’s chance of competing in the final showdown while also finding enough guns to use and to survive.
  • Teammates can plot against each other to try to steal the gold for themselves.

Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest

Mantic Games Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Quest by

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  • This epic game is very story-driven, which helps to keep players fully immersed in the game.
  • The rules are easy to learn, and as characters develop throughout the game, they are interesting and involved.
  • One player acts as the dungeon overlord who commands forces of evil, while all other players are the heroes fighting against them.
  • Every hero has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and since teamwork is key, players have to understand how to best use their character to survive.
  • There are additional expansions that add new challenges to the original game and also provide new game modes.
  • Single games can be played in half an hour, while players can spend more time playing longer quest chains, if desired.

Valley of the Pharaohs

Valley of the Pharaohs

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  • While trying to capture the scepter of Amun-Ra, players face bandits, sandstorms, and the ill wishes of other players in the game.
  • Making it to Bedouin will allow players to spend time in the oasis there and rest.
  • By spinning the wheel of fate, players can try to hinder their opponents in their quest for the scepter.
  • When players are able to roll doubles they can take control of the mummy, which provides a distinct advantage in the game, but controlling the mummy is difficult and never lasts for a long time.
  • The cast metal pieces are high-quality and will last for a long time, and the gameboard is a gorgeous map of Egypt, which makes the game feel very immersive and exciting.

Wicked Witches Way

  • This board game has players in charge of a flying broom.
  • Using a combination of mastery and daring, players have to learn how to control the broom in order to be the first person to cross the finish line.
  • Moving is possible after rolling a dice and then recreating the necessary formula to allow yourself to move, but things can quickly go wrong.
  • Because there are 2 types of combinations possible in this game, players can choose from turbo mode to try to move quickly or one with sneaky tricks and spells.
  • The rules are very easy to understand and can quickly be taught to younger children, which makes this a great game for families to play together.
  • The dice are all high-quality and the attractive game board and cards have appealing and bright designs, which makes the game enjoyable to play and to watch.

Dread Pirate

  • This family game pits players against each other as they attempt to gather the most loot.
  • All players begin the game in their own area with a small amount of jewels and doubloons.
  • Pirates have to sail across the board to reach other ports and try to steal or trade for jewels in order to collect some from every color.
  • When a player has a jewel from every color then they can land on the middle “Dread Island” to collect doubloons for free, which can be used to obtain more jewels.
  • Pirates can get into skirmishes on the open sea, which will hinder progress and slow the journey but offer the possibility of a great reward.
  • When all of the jewels have been removed from the original pirate’s islands, then the game is over, and all players have to count how many jewels they have.
  • The attractive metal ships and quality jewels, dice, and doubloons all improve gameplay.

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