13 Super-Fun Board Games that Start with B

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In this article, you’re going to find a bunch of board games that start with B. There’s probably way more than you may have thought.13 Super-Fun Board Games that Start with B


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Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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  • 2-player game that pits the opponents against each other in a rush to find hidden battleships out in the ocean.
  • By calling out the coordinates of where to attack, players can uncover their opponent’s ships, methodically hunting for them and sinking them in the water.
  • It’s important to not only know how to hunt for the opponent, but also how to set up your own ships.
  • There is some strategy involved in this game, especially when players try to set up their ships in a way that will prevent their opponent from being able to find them.
  • Since this is a turn-based game, players don’t have to worry about feeling stressed when in competition or when their ships are being attacked.


Blokus XL Family Board Game for 7 Year Olds & Up [Amazon Exclusive]

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  • The original version of Blokus allows 4 players to compete against in each other in an effort to put their shaped pieces on the board while preventing others from being able to place theirs.
  • All pieces have to have a corner touching another of the same color, which can make it difficult to find the best location for some pieces.
  • The pieces have different shapes and configurations, which makes it difficult to plan ahead as to where you will be putting your pieces.
  • Players have to pass their turn when they are no longer able to place a piece and hope that they can place one on their next turn.
  • The end of the game occurs when no players can place a piece, and the winner is decided by counting the number of unit squares they were unable to play.

Battles of Westeros

Fantasy Flight Games Battles of Westeros

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  • There are different paths that players can take in this game in an effort to win, including making alliances with others, using betrayal, or relying on political intrigue.
  • 2 players battle and enjoy the different conflicts set in Westeros, taking part in battles pulled directly from the books or making their own.
  • It’s House Lannister vs House Stark, and each player has their own power and supplies to draw on for battle.
  • Since this game is so strategically complex, there are many choices that players can make in the game, all of which will change the path and outcome.
  • Using the Leadership Deck allows players to enjoy a new scenario and different characters each time they play.

Boomtown Bandits

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  • All players are bandits who are trying to rob a town, taking down the brothel, bank, or train.
  • Players have to wait until their turn before they can place shooter tokens and coward tokens throughout the town.
  • When players try to rob the same location on the board, then a “draw” occurs, and they have to participate in a shootout using simultaneous dice rolling.
  • Players roll dice until a coward runs or there is a hit.
  • With 7 loot cards containing unique abilities and weapons, players can easily get the equipment that they need to battle.
  • At the end of the game the bandit who has the most loot is the winner.

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss

CMON B Sieged Sons of The Abyss Board Game

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  • This is a cooperative game where players work together to try to defend a castle.
  • Relying on combat action, as well as resource management, players control the castle and try to hold out against attacking armies.
  • Due to the design of the game, it’s possible for 1 player to enjoy by themselves, although up to 6 can play at one time.
  • Heroes can spend up to 3 actions on their turn, using these actions to gather resources, repair damage, trade, fight enemies, or try to drive them away with the catapult.
  • When all heroes have had a turn, then the monster has a turn, and each figure on the board will activate and perform actions to try to disrupt progress made by the heroes.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage Board Game (Core Box) | Strategy Game | Viking Fantasy Board Game | Tabletop Miniatures Battle Game for Adults and Teens | Ages 14+ | 2-4 Players | Avg. Playtime 60-90 Mins | Made by CMON

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  • Every player is in charge of their own Viking clan, a ship, and leader.
  • It is the end of the world, and players want to die in glory so that they will be able to reach Valhalla.
  • Players have to design their strategy during drafting, but they have to be flexible enough to handle changes that will occur during the game.
  • While strength and figures pla
    y a huge role in how the battle occurs, cards that are played in secret during the game will also affect the outcome of battles.
  • Players will have a better chance of success when they take time to observe the actions of their opponents and try to predict which cards they will be playing.



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  • This is a timed game where players have only 3 minutes to try to discover connected words in their grid.
  • Players then compare words with their opponents, and any matching words are discarded before points are awarded.
  • This is a great game to help players learn to recognize words, and as longer words are worth more points, it encourages players to make an effort to find more difficult words in the grid.
  • Thanks to the easy rules, this game can be enjoyed by younger players, but it’s important that they have a strong command of spelling and a large vocabulary, or they might not find that it is very enjoyable.

Blackout: Hong Kong

Eggertspiele Blackout Hong Kong

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  • A blackout in Hong Kong leaves the city in tumult, but players have to try to bring society back to order to mitigate any major problems that occur.
  • Since there isn’t any power, even normal, everyday tasks are more difficult than before.
  • Players have resources that they need to manage, but since they are constantly changing, it can be difficult to make good decisions regarding future needs.
  • With a large network of specialists to connect with, players can try to better their chances of winning and doing a better job fixing the infrastructure than their opponents do.
  • The components are designed to be high-quality and to last, and they show up on the black gameboard, thanks to their bright colors.


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  • By using gnomes, elves, and dwarves to find and bring resources back to the city, players are able to improve their city’s construction and build more buildings.
  • Each type of character is only able to collect certain materials, which means that players need to be able to manage their dwarves, elves, and gnomes and send them in the right areas for necessary materials.
  • By building buildings throughout the pentagonal city, players can then hire gnomes to run them and provide special abilities.
  • This worker placement game requires players to have a strategy as to how they will harvest and manage resources.
  • Players also need to understand how to balance paying taxes on their buildings with the influence they will gain to improve their score.

Black Fleet

Black Fleet

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  • Navy captains, merchants, and pirates all try to find fortune and fame on the Caribbean seas in this fast-paced game.
  • It is a card-driven game where players command 3 types of ship.
  • Each ship type has its own set of benefits and advantages, which means that players need to understand how to use them to the best of their ability.
  • By getting money through stealing and sinking other ships, players are able to then make improvements to their ships, which provides them with bonuses.
  • As players get money and improve their ships, they need to remember to save money in order to pay for the ransom of the governor’s daughter, as this will allow them to win the game.

Build or Boom

Build or Boom by Goliath (B01ASI4JUU)

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  • This 2-player game is great for parents to play with younger children who are struggling with recognizing shapes.
  • There is an expansion pack available to make the game more involved and fun.
  • Setup is easy, with players drawing a construction card and putting it on the table.
  • Players then battle to try to create towers of blocks in the same design as on the card.
  • With 3 difficulty levels to choose from, it’s easy for players to make this game harder or easier as necessary.
  • The player who builds their stack first yells “boom” and uses dynamite to blow up their opponent’s stack.
  • There are 40 different blocks in this game, and they are all designed to be durable, so they won’t be damaged during play.


  • In this game players try to end up with the smaller number of group tiles left on the board when the game is over.
  • By taking turns, players work to place their tiles on the grid, drawing another from the pool when finished.
  • Players can place one of 3 tiles on spaces: number tiles, letter tiles, or item tiles.
  • Other players will try to remove these tiles by capturing them and then substituting another legal tile in their place.
  • Removing tiles can be difficult, as it’s important that it doesn’t break up a group of tiles into more than one group.
  • Players who tie at the end of the game decide the winner based on who took the fewest tiles from their opponents.

Beowulf: The Movie Board Game

  • This is an abstract strategy game where players work to try to score the most victory points placing tiles and figurines on the board.
  • The board is made of squares that are arranged into a grid and has a changing layout during the game.
  • Understanding how to manage figurines and tiles throughout the game is important, as there are some that can only be used once throughout the entire game.
  • Players take turns putting either a tile or a figurine on the board on their turn, forming columns and rows.
  • Once the board is full then each figurine will be given a value between 1 and 4, which is used to help figure out which player had the highest score and is the winner.

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