14 Fantastic Board Games that Start with K

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Hey there! Are you trying to find board games that start with K? Well then, you’re in luck. We’ve listed out 14 of great ones that you probably haven’t heard of.
14 Fantastic Board Games that Start with K


Blue Orange Games Kingdomino Award Winning Family Strategy Board Game

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  • Each player is a lord who wants to expand their territory and domain.
  • While players have to explore areas around them in order to find the best location to take over, they also have to be aware of other lords who are looking for the same property.
  • By connecting dominos with land designs on them to their existing kingdom, players can slowly start to take over the board.
  • As players place tiles, they create the game board, and they have to put their crowns on the tiles in order to secure them and to prevent other players from being able to capture the territory.
  • Once each player has filled in a 5×5 space, then the points are tallied based on connecting tiles and crowns.

Kings of Israel

Kings of Israel Board Game by Funhill Games

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  • Set in Israel before destruction from Assyria, this game is cooperative and requires all players to work together in order to help remove idols and evil from the country.
  • Players act as prophets and have to remove evil, build altars, and fight against Assyria.
  • There are 4 phases during each round, which makes gameplay very easy to understand, even for new players.
  • If the players are able to work together to build enough altars in the country before the end of the game, then they win.
  • Players lose when Assyria destroys Israel or when they run out of idols or sin cubes.
  • Through the use of action cards, players can gain resources, build altars, remove sin, make sacrifices, or give their resources to a teammate.


HABA Karuba - An Addictive Laying Puzzle Game for the Whole Family (Made in Germany)

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  • Since the board is created by players laying tiles, no 2 games will ever be the same.
  • Players race to move their explorer pawns to the temples in order to earn points, but on the way, they can collect points by picking up items from the paths.
  • The game is over when one player has all of their explorers at their temples or when the final tile of the game has been placed.
  • Navigating through the jungle is difficult and takes a lot of focus; otherwise players won’t be able to get to the temples quickly enough to win.
  • There are many dead ends on the way, which can set players back and cause them to lose time.


Kahuna Board Game | 2 Player Kosmos Game | Area Control Strategy | 30 Min

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  • In this 2 player game, opponents have cards that they have to use to create bridges between the 12 islands on the map or to remove bridges that their opponents have placed.
  • When a player has the majority of bridges around a certain island then they are able to put their marker on it and remove the bridges from their opponent.
  • Strategy is important, as removing bridges from one island can cause a player to lose the majority on another.
  • There are 3 rounds in the game, and each one ends when all cards that were face down are used and the face up cards have been claimed.
  • If a player doesn’t have any bridges on the board, then the game is over; otherwise it is over when all 3 rounds are finished.


Kanagawa Game

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  • Inspired by painted Katsushika Hokusai, this game has gorgeous artwork that is inspiring and adds to the enjoyment of the game.
  • Players compete to try to create the most gorgeous artwork out of all of the competitors.
  • As disciples of this famous painter, players work to expand their studios and create harmonious prints by paying attention to changes in the world and the seasons.
  • Players take turns deciding to take cards or to pass in the hopes of getting better ones and then use them to improve the painting they are working on or add them to their studio to upgrade abilities.
  • There is a fine balance between working on paintings and making sure to improve skills to create the most amazing piece of art.

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot; Blue Starter Deck

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  • This expandable card game requires players to try to collect carrots, hoping that one they collect will be the magic carrot.
  • In addition to collecting carrots, players have to focus on keeping their bunnies alive, while at the same time trying to eliminate the ones their opponents control.
  • Players have to be in control of a living bunny when all carrots are claimed or else they will not have a chance of winning.
  • There is a wide range of weapons in the game, and some are much more powerful and will be able to inflict more damage than others.
  • With 165 cards, it’s easy to hunt for carrots, protect your own rabbits, and attack opponents in an effort to win the game.



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  • By harnessing the powers of ancient Egyptian gods, players try to win in battles and to invade other territories.
  • There are usually 8 or 10 points to win, and players can obtain these through controlling temples, winning attacks, controlling pyramids, making sacrifices, and having magical powers.
  • There are 2 phases to the game – day and night – and players have to choose actions during the day and gather prayer points during the night
  • There are very detailed miniatures included with the game, which makes it not only more realistic, but also much more fun to play.
  • With proper hand management, players can improve their chances of being able to win this game.

Kill Doctor Lucky

Cheapass Games Kill Doctor Lucky: Deluxe 19.5th Anniversary Edition

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  • This game seems similar to Clue, but is actually an inversion.
  • Players are all competing to see who can kill Doctor Lucky and not get caught.
  • All players have to scheme to find a way to make their attempt on his life in secret, or they risk going to jail.
  • During the game players move around the mansion trying to gather murder weapons.
  • Using murder weapons in the right location will make the attack on Doctor Lucky stronger and more likely to succeed.
  • With failure cards to thwart opponents from being able to attack and movement cards to attempt to be alone with Doctor Lucky, players must have a great strategy in mind when deciding how, when, and where to attack.

Kill the Overlord

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  • The player who is the overlord is the ruler in this game, but the other players, who are the subjects, are plotting murder.
  • The players in this game must try to send the executioner from the overlord after their opponents, while still trying to stay out of their way.
  • When a player dies, all of the survivors climb up the political ladder, taking the title, power, and wealth of the deceased.
  • The player who is able to take both the title and the wealth of the overlord will become the winner of the game.
  • While the game mechanics may seem tricky to understand at first, the game moves quickly once the rules are understood.


  • Designed to only last around 15 minutes, the fast play on this game is exciting for younger players, which means that they will be happy playing with adults.
  • The 11 bright plastic kangaroos and the durable and attractive cards are sure to make the game more enticing for all players.
  • There isn’t any language dependence in this game, which is why it’s such a great option for players who are 6+.
  • Every player tries to catch as many kangaroos as possible through the use of skillful play from the cards in their hand.
  • In addition to catching kangaroos, players must defend the ones that they have caught, again using cards that they have.
  • Once all cards are played, the player who has the most kangaroos in their possession is the winner.


  • This fast game of memorization is fun and perfect for players 6+.
  • Not only is the artwork beautiful, but the differences can be very subtle, which makes it difficult to tell the difference between some of them.
  • There are 3 rounds in the game, and each player as coins that they can lose when trying to bet whether or not there are the same masks in a pile.
  • Accusers who guess that there are matching masks in a pile can take coins from other players if they are correct, or they will lose a coin if they are wrong, which makes paying attention incredibly important.
  • Rounds end when a player runs out of coins or the deck runs out, and the player who has the most points total after all 3 rounds is the winner.

Key Harvest

  • This medieval agriculture game requires players to have a defined strategy in order to score the most points connecting fields and growing crops.
  • Players have to weigh how important certain field tiles are when they are building their fields, as they need to bid for them and may have to bid against other players.
  • While there are 4 possible actions that a player can take, they can only take 2 on each turn, and each action can only be performed once a turn.
  • Actions include placing worker tiles, placing field tiles, and harvesting crops.
  • The durable and brightly colored tiles are designed to survive being flipped and moved without wearing out or fraying.


  • Not only is this game very easy to understand and to start playing, but the gameplay is fast and entertaining, which helps to keep everyone involved.
  • Players have magnetic pucks that they have to flick across the game board to score as many points as possible.
  • By repelling, pushing, or attracting other pucks, players can influence the score and try to prevent their opponents from winning.
  • Puck clusters are easy to make, thanks to the magnetic properties of the pucks, and they allow players to double, triple, or quadruple their scores.
  • With 3 rounds in the game, it is easy for any player to come back at a later point and take the lead.

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