Board Games That Start with L – Do You Know Them All?

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Have you been trying to find board games that start with L? Then today is your lucky day. We’ve listed out some of the top games that begin with this lovely letter.Board Games That Start with L – Do You Know Them All?


Lost Cities

Lost Cities - The Board Game

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  • Two to four players can enjoy this game, and it has a deck of cards designed for the game, as well as high-quality components.
  • Players work to gain points by making expeditions to areas on the board.
  • Each turn consists of a player playing a card and then drawing one to keep the correct amount in their hand at all times.
  • Players alternate taking turns until the final card that was in the draw pile is used, at which point players stop and count all of the points from their expeditions.
  • While the rules may seem a little convoluted, the game moves fairly quickly, which means that it can be finished in a short period of time.
  • Understanding the tactics of the cards is key to winning.

Loaded Questions

ADULT LOADED QUESTIONS - A Rousing Adult Party Game from All Things Equal, Inc.

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  • Perfect game for four to six players who are 17+ and want to play an adult version of the original classic party game.
  • With 308 classic and new questions, it’s easy to play this game for long periods of time without anyone getting bored or dealing with repeated questions.
  • On their turn, a player has to spin the spinner, choose a card, and read aloud the correct question while all other players write down an answer on the answer sheet.
  • All answers are turned in and then the player who read the question reads them and chooses both their favorite and who wrote what answers.
  • When a player guesses correctly who wrote a question they earn a VIP card, and the player with the best answer does, too.
  • The player with the most VIP cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Legends of Andor

Legends of Andor Board Game | Cooperative Strategy Adventure Game By KOSMOS | Spiel Des Jahres Kennerspiel Winner

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  • This cooperative game is designed for between two and four players and requires everyone to work together to try to defend their realm against hordes who are invading and trying to take over.
  • There are five unique scenarios included in this game, and heroes have to complete a variety of incredibly dangerous quests and tasks.
  • As the game continues, players not only have to focus on completing the assigned tasks and quests, but also make sure that they are correctly balancing their priorities.
  • Each scenario has a legend deck that is used to help the tale unfold.
  • As a wooden marker is moved along the board, it triggers new actions.

Letters from Whitechapel

Letters from Whitechapel Board Game Revised Edition | Strategy Game for Teens and Adults | Detective Board Game | Ages 13 and up | 2 to 6 Players | Average Playtime 90 Minutes | Made by Giochi Uniti

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  • Set in dreary London in 1888, this game takes between 90 and 150 minutes, which is great for a group of players who are willing to commit to a longer game.
  • One player is Jack the Ripper and tries to kill five victims before he is caught, while the other players are detectives who work together to try to catch the Ripper.
  • The game board is attractive and designed to represent the area of London where Jack the Ripper was active.
  • Players move along dotted lines throughout the game as they all work to achieve their goal.
  • Thanks to the quality components and the easy-to-understand rules, this game is enjoyable for new and more advanced players.

Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas UP Board Game

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  • Made for between two and four players, this strategy game requires players to try to build their casinos out and up to have the most money and victory points at the end of the game.
  • Expansion pack is available that allows for more gameplay.
  • All of the components are high quality, and thanks to the color coding on the parts, it is easy for players to see what is theirs and what belongs to their opponents.
  • While it works well for just two players, the game is much more exciting with more.
  • Players start out with empty lots and must built casinos all while trying to prevent their opponents from becoming their boss.


Thornhenge Lyssan

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  • As the one leader of Lyssan, players try to take control of the country by putting pretenders in their place.
  • By using spies, castles, priests, nobles, and knights, players fight, hold territory, manipulate others, and assassinate other players.
  • This intense game requires cooperation and strategy for between two and four players.
  • The player who has the most trophies at the end of the game is declared the winner.
  • Even though it is an epic wargame, this game has fewer rules than other games, making it easy to pick up and to learn how to play.
  • With a map that needs to be conquered, pieces that move in certain ways, and cards with special abilities, this game feels familiar, but is new and exciting.


Tastey Minstrel Lemuria Board Game

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  • This ancient city has time-control technology, and players operate as a city builder who must fight to control the altar so they can also control time.
  • All players have the option of working together from time to time during the game to further develop their city.
  • As a resource management, area control, and worker placement game, Lemuria requires a lot of strategy and the ability for players to work together and think about how future actions will affect them.
  • The game has 12 rounds, which each representing one month on the planet.
  • During turns, players must place workers or harvest their resources, as well as use their resources to employ citizens, build buildings, or perform extra actions.

Lemming Mafia

Lemming Mafia

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  • Just as lemmings all follow each other, the players in this game compete as different mafias who are trying to get into the lake first.
  • Each player is able to use dice to try to influence the race, as players can even bet on what mafia will make it into the water before the others.
  • Players have six lemming cards as well as two mission cards and have to roll dice to move the lemmings across the board.
  • Each space on the race track is one of a few different types that will affect how quickly the lemmings can cross the board.
  • Players bet by placing their lemming cards on top of bet cards, and the game ends when a lemming completely crosses the board.

Luna: In the Domain of the Moon Priestess

Luna: in the Domain of the Moon Priestess Board Game

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  • Four orders compete with each other to try to determine who will be the successor to the Moon Priestess.
  • Players act as the heads of the four orders and try to convince the priestess to choose them.
  • The game has six rounds, during which players collect influence points so that they can reach their goal.
  • Each player controls novices and places them on seven islands that are around a central island.
  • Players have to know when and where to play their novices to have the most influence.
  • With strategy elements, as well as interaction, this game is exciting, even when players wait their turns to move.

La Strada

  • In this road-building game, players try to travel across the land to establish new trade routes, but competition is stiff and players will work hard to backstab each other.
  • The variable game board is designed out of hex tiles, which means that no two games will be exactly the same, adding to the pleasure and enjoyment of the game.
  • 19 different settlements are put on the board before the game starts and then all players have to place their markers on a tile, preferably near as many cities as possible.
  • Players need to connect settlements to each other with their roads, but as more players connect to a settlement, the value decreases.
  • Scoring is easy and occurs when one player is no longer able to build any roads.

Letter Tycoon

  • Players work hard to try to form words in this game, using three community cards in a pool, as well as seven cards in their hands.
  • As players make words they can earn money, as well as stock rewards based on the length and strength of their wo
  • In the future, players can use the money that they earned to buy a patent on a particular letter they have used in a word, which requires players who use that letter to provide you money from the bank.
  • Letters that aren’t used very often have additional abilities that make them more powerful and worth trying to use.
  • When most of the alphabet has been used, then turns are over, money is scored, and the player with the most valuable tycoon is the winner.

Lord of the Rings – Quest to Mount Doom

  • While Sauron tries to find the ring in Middle-earth, between two and nine players work quickly to try to find the ring and take it to Mount Doom to ensure that it is destroyed.
  • As players venture across the board, they have to stay alert to any schemes and tricks that their fellow players may employ.
  • With many event and item cards on hand, players are able to foil plans from other players or use them to improve their own chances of winning.
  • Turn-based play requires each player to roll and then move along certain paths on the board.
  • While there are 40 locations on the game, only one contains the ring, making this an intense game.

Loch Ness

  • Every player in the game is competing to try to get a picture of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.
  • Taking turns, players move their photographers around the board in an attempt to anticipate where the monster will appear and move.
  • The monster moves according to random card draws, and the movement isn’t revealed until all players have moved their pieces.
  • Players score points based on what photographers they have placed in the area around Nessie after she moves and emerges.
  • Players who catch a photograph of Nessie from the front earn photo cards that will give them point boosts at the end of the game.
  • There are multiple rounds of play, and the game offers great replay value for future games.

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