13 Nifty Board Games That Start with N – Have You Seen These Yet?

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Have you been trying to find unique board games that start with N? Then you’re in luck. Here you’ll find a bunch that you probably haven’t seen before.13 Nifty Board Games That Start with N – Have You Seen These Yet?


Ninja Squirrels

RoosterFin Ninja Squirrels Game of Color Matching Nut Snatching Fun

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  • Great game for helping children practice matching colors, identifying colors, and working on fine motor skills.
  • Gameplay is fast paced, which is wonderful for children who struggle to stay entertained.
  • On their turn, players flip over a card to try to find a color match.
  • The first player who grabs the right nut when there is a color match gets to keep it, and at the end of the game, the player who has the most acorns is the winner.
  • Can easily be played by just one person, although gameplay is supported for up to four.
  • Because the games are so fast, it’s great for short periods of downtime.

Nuclear War

Flying Buffalo Nuclear War 50th Anniversary Edition

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  • Players take on the role of world leaders and have to try to work together to avoid a war and end a confrontation even though everyone is short tempered.
  • Using the skills of propaganda, diplomacy, and nuclear weaponry, each player tries to get their opponent’s populations to follow them instead.
  • The high quality color cards in this game are durable, and since the game offers great replay value, they can be used over and over without fear of damage.
  • There’s a playmat that has a picture of a missile base, which adds to the enjoyment and feeling of the game.
  • Players have to try to either dominate or annihilate each other without losing control or support from their populations.

Nostra City

Asmodee Nostra City Board Game

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  • Set in NY in the 1990s, this game has players acting as lieutenants for a Godfather who has recently been arrested.
  • Each player has to bump off witnesses, bribe others, and corrupt the jury in an attempt to sway the outcome of the trial.
  • If a player can secure their boss’ freedom, then they will be able to take over the Family.
  • Some players act as turncoats who work with the FBI to try to get a guilty charge.
  • The players can’t trust that anyone they are playing with is actually loyal to the Godfather, as everyone plays for their own benefit and has their own purpose in the game.

Napoleon Dynamite “It’s Pretty Much My Favorite Animal”

Napoleon Dynamite It's Pretty Much My Favorite Animal Game

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  • Based off the description and drawing of a liger, this game requires players to combine two different animals into one.
  • On a turn, a player takes two cards with different animals and quickly draws a combination of the animals.
  • When teammates can guess what two animals were used in the creation of the drawing, then they can advance on the game board.
  • There are certain spots on the board that will adjust the type of drawing that players have to do, making it much more difficult to complete the art and advance.
  • The first team who draws their way across the board and gets to the
    finish space is the winner.

Nitro Glyxerol

Zoch 601105083 "Nitro Glyxerol Game

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  • This fast-paced game is an action game that places high rewards on great timing instead of rewarding players who show dexterity.
  • Each player in the game is equipped with a flask that is full of colored cubes that are used to represent various ingredients.
  • All players shake their flasks at the same time to try to move the ingredients inside the cubes into the spout while keeping them in the correct order.
  • As players line up their ingredients, they have to know when to stop so they can pick up victory point cards using smaller ingredient cards.
  • Players must balance taking small chains for points now or trying to get larger chains at a late time for more victory point cards.

No Stress Chess

Winning Moves Games Winning Moves No Stress Chess, Natural (1091)

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  • While Chess can be difficult to teach to new players, especially younger children, this game takes the basics of the game and makes them accessible to all players.
  • There is a set of cards with the game that outlines moves that different pieces in the game can make.
  • Each player starts by first drawing cards and then moving the appropriate piece according to the movement on the card, which eliminates the strategy element of the game.
  • As players improve they can play with a hand of cards that they choose from to move their pieces until finally they play Chess without the use of any cards.

Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign

Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign

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  • Can be played with two or three players, and the rules will change depending on how many people play.
  • When played with two people, then they will compete against each other, but when played with three, then the allied side has two people working together, and they need to follow some special rules to make gameplay possible.
  • The game board is an attractive color map of Belgium, and the game itself contains high-quality components that are wooden.
  • Because there isn’t any in-game text, this game is great for players without a strong grasp of English.
  • While simple to understand and to start playing, this game requires strategy and forethought.

Nightmare: The Video Boardgame

Nightmare: The Video Board-game by NECA

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  • Perfect for two to six players who want to enjoy a longer game with a great atmosphere.
  • One player acts as the Gatekeeper and is in charge of controlling the VHS tape in the game.
  • Other players have to follow along with what their cards tell them to do.
  • While interacting with the video, players must roll dice and collect keys throughout the game.
  • The player who is first to collect all of their color keys and go to the center then tries to avoid drawing out their nightmare.
  • If they are able to choose someone else’s nightmare from the pile, then they are the winner.

Name Five

Endless Games Name 5 - Quick Thinking Game

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  • Great for teams of two or more, players try to name five things that represent the category on the card that they drew.
  • While answers are generally easy, the pressure that players feel when trying to come up with them in a short period of time makes the game not only a lot of fun, but also difficult.
  • Great party game, as there are 144 cards with categories on them, which means that the game can last for a long time without any repeats.
  • Players only have 30 seconds to name the five things in the category that they selected, and since the time included is easy to use, there isn’t any chance of cheating.

NNN3: Nippon, Nukes & Nationalists

NNN3: Nippon, Nukes & Nationalists

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  • While an extension of NATO, Nukes & Nazis: The War in France & Russia, this game works very well as a stand-alone game to enjoy.
  • Every turn in the game is equal to a week in real time.
  • The hexagons on the map are equal to 75 miles across, which means that players have to have a strategy for how they are going to move across large areas.
  • While designed for two-player play, there is a way for one person to play on their own and enjoy the game.
  • Play time lasts for around four hours as players try to navigate the dangers of the war while taking into consideration the psychological drama and struggles.

Nightfall Eastern Skies


  • In this deck-building game, players rely on strategy to try to take over control of various creatures to attack and defeat their opponents.
  • The creatures that can be controlled are ghouls, hunters, vampires, and lycanthropes, and all have various powers that can be used.
  • In this set, there is a link mechanism that helps to speed up the game and prevents players from getting bored.
  • Can be used with other Nightfall game sets to improve gameplay and enhance the experience.
  • The artwork on the cards is gorgeous and detailed, which makes the game much more interesting and fun for most players.


  • This two-player game is set during the American whaling industry.
  • Players are in a port and have to use two cards to try to make a modular boat.
  • On a turn, each player works to try to build up the town around the port using coins and cards.
  • After building up the town, players can then send ships out to try to catch a whale, and flip a card to see if they were able to do this.
  • Play continues until supplies run out, the town is completely constructed, or until there are no more whales in the ocean.
  • The player who has the most coins and buildings is the winner.


  • This fast-paced game requires all players to play at the same time, rushing through six pieces of literature.
  • Each player has a deck containing 30 cards and is racing to get rid of them, based on the colors on the cards.
  • Players match the color on the frame of their card to the circles in the middle of another card in an effort to put them on the table.
  • Thanks to the design of the game, even people who have color vision deficiencies can easily tell the difference between the colors.
  • Each color is used to represent a piece of classic literature, with incredible illustrations on each card that add to the game.

Nippon Rails

  • Players compete to build a railroad empire, using the initial investment that they have to start by building a track.
  • After completing their track, players must find commodities around the board and deliver them to another location where they are in high demand.
  • Upon completion of a delivery, players use their money to improve their tracks, make them larger, buy trains, and expand their empire.
  • There are many variations of play, which means that the game has great replay value.
  • Obstacles in the game include mountains, rival tracks, channels, the coastline, and rivers.
  • There are many areas on the board where opponents can try to pin each other in, making the game very difficult.

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