14 Phenomenal Board Games That Start with P

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In this article, you’re going to find a bunch of fun board games that start with P. You know, the letter. There’s probably way more than you think!14 Phenomenal Board Games That Start with P


Power Grid

Rio Grande Games Power Grid

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  • Each player is trying to supply cities with the most power.
  • By marking routes between different cities to try to connect, players are able to plan their expansion and grid creation.
  • Rather than just being able to supply cities with power on demand, however, players have to compete with each other to buy power plants.
  • Players also need to find the materials that are used to power their new power plants while at the same time trying to upgrade plants to become more fuel efficient.
  • Balancing upgrading power plants, finding fuel sources, and expanding power routes is challenging and requires a lot of strategic planning.
  • While trying to improve their own power plants and routes, players have to try to stop their opponents from winning.


Pandemic Board Game (Base Game) | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Cooperative Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players | Average Playtime 45 minutes | Made by Z-Man Games

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  • This cooperative game requires all players to work together to try to stop the spread of diseases around the world.
  • There are multiple hotspots breaking out across the globe, which requires players to have a plan of action and to be able to think on their feet.
  • Players each have a unique role to play and must design their personal strategy to be one that will work with the group.
  • As each character has strengths and weaknesses, players have to be willing to work within those constraints.
  • If all diseases are cured then the players all win, but if one continues to spread then everyone loses.


Pandante (2nd Edition)

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  • In this game players will try to build a good hand using their cards in their hand, as well as the community cards that are available to everyone.
  • During each round players have to make bets and claims on how good their hands are.
  • Each suit of cards has different abilities and will be able to influence the game in some way, so players are constantly bragging about and betting on their abilities.
  • This game can be played in 2 ways – one where players are slowly eliminated during the rounds, and the other where there is a definite win condition, but nobody gets eliminated.

Phantom Leader Deluxe

DVG: Phantom Leader Deluxe [2nd Edition], the Vietnam Air War Strategy Game

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  • Players are in charge of a US Navy Tactical Fighter squadron or US Air Force Squadron in Vietnam.
  • Each player has to try to destroy their own targets, while being aware of any political repercussions that may occur.
  • By striking too hard, players can actually accidentally delay the win, as their offensive will be put on hold.
  • Striking too light will cause a player to be blamed for the loss of the war.
  • Features new target and special event cards, as well as new aircraft and additional pilots.
  • Each mission takes around 30 minutes to complete setup, to plan, and finally, to resolve.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc: The Board Game

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  • This game of evolution, infection, and extinction can be played by just 1 player, but is designed to work with up to 4 players.
  • Each player acts as a deadly disease that is in competition with others to try to infect and destroy the entire world.
  • There are 4 deadly pathogens included in the game, and players have to try to spread their pathogen across the world while still preventing other players from becoming the dominant disease.
  • Pathogens are originally very weak and need to evolve quickly.
  • Players can work to take down a dominant player or try to quickly spread their disease through events like the Olympics.


Proof! Math Game - The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math Magic - Teachers’ Choice Award Winning Educational Game, Ages 9+

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  • The 100 cards offer enough different options for equations that the game won’t easily become boring.
  • Players have to find hidden equations in the number cards on the table.
  • As players are able to find hidden equations, they are allowed to keep the cards, and the goal is to attempt to be the player with the most cards at the end of the game.
  • If all players are stumped and unable to come up with an equation, 3 cards can be added to the board.
  • Average games only last around 15 minutes, which is great for players in a hurry.
  • Perfect for younger players to practice math skills.

Prime Climb

Math for Love Prime Climb

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  • Each player attempts to get to the center of the board without another player being able to knock them back to the start zone.
  • This game focuses on prime numbers and is deeply creative and fun.
  • Players control 2 pawns and take turns rolling dice.
  • They can then move their pawns into the circle by applying the 4 basic math operations to the numbers they roll.
  • When a player lands on their opponent, they are able to send them back to the start.
  • Collecting Prime cards allows players extra boosts and perks to be used immediately or later in the game.


Pachisi - Traditional / Classic Wooden Family Board Game Pachisi by Professor Puzzle.

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  • The game starts with each player in charge of a set of pawns in their own corner, and then they have to try to move their pawns around the board.
  • All movement of the pawns is controlled by dice.
  • Players move on the same path and can capture their opponent’s pawns and send them back to their starting corner.
  • The player who is able to move all of their pawns around the board and into the home zone first is the winner.
  • The wooden game board is durable and folds, which makes it easy to store it out of the way when it is not in use.


Blue Orange Games Photosynthesis Board Game - Award Winning Family or Adult Strategy Board Game for 2 to 4 Players. Recommended for Ages 8 & Up.

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  • Strategy game requires all players to cultivate the seeds that they have in order to grow the biggest and the strongest trees.
  • Trees grow through their entire lifecycle, starting as seedlings and finally blooming and dying.
  • Players earn points as the leaves on their trees collect energy from the sun.
  • By carefully deciding not only where to plant trees, but also when to grow them, players can make sure that they optimize the light that they are in.
  • The gorgeous components of this game add to the enjoyment in playing it.
  • While it is easy to learn the rules and start playing, mastering the game takes time and strategy.


Patchwork Board Game | Strategy Game | Puzzle Game | Family Board Game | Two Player Game for Kids and Adults | Ages 8 and up | 2 Players | Average Playtime 30 Minutes | Made by Lookout Games , Brown

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  • Two-player game that combines design and strategy in an attempt to build a patchwork quilt on an individual board.
  • All patches are first placed in a random circle, and each player gets 5 buttons, which serve as in-game currency.
  • Players must purchase patches or pass, and they can choose to spend their buttons and take the patch or wait until better patches are available.
  • In addition to having to keep track of how much they spend in buttons, players also need to keep an eye on the time.
  • Building a quilt is easy, but making sure that all patches fit together in the right spaces is difficult and requires strategy and forethought.

Passport to Culture

Passport To Culture Game

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  • Knowledge of world cultures is tested in this game where players have to circle the globe.
  • Each player must answer various questions on food and drink, people and places, customs, greetings, and world treasures.
  • Offers a great way to explore the world while learning interesting trivia in a non-threatening way.
  • There are 636 questions and 48 cultural scenarios, so the game has a lot of replay value.
  • Great for 2 to 6 players, although more can play on a team if more people want to enjoy.
  • Great game for middle schoolers to adults to play together.


MindWare PicWits! Board Game

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  • Great family or party game, as it’s perfect for groups and will have everyone laughing.
  • Each player has to match their photocards with the caption that the round leader has provided.
  • Since each player will have the opportunity to be the round leader at some point in the game, it ensures that all players are involved and stay interested in the game.
  • The rules are very basic and easy to understand, which is great for younger players.
  • With 144 caption cards and 504 full-color photos, there are tons of different combinations and matches for the game.
  • While there isn’t a lot, if any strategy, in the game, it is possible to try to tailor answers to the personality of the round leader, which will give individual players a better chance at winning the round.

Phone Phever

Phone Phever Board Game - New Fun Fast-Paced Family-Friendly Party Board Game - It's a Phonetastic Race to Answer Fascinating Trivia Questions & Complete Hilarious Challenges!

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  • There are 1,200 questions across 6 trivia categories, which gives this game great replay value.
  • The categories include music, law and politics, movies, history and technology, TV, and everything else.
  • With a wide variety of politics, it’s easy for most players to find a question that they can answer.
  • Compatible with all smartphones, but there isn’t a necessary app to download.
  • Players can try to answer questions without turning to their smartphones for help.
  • Since players can use their smartphones to compete in some of the categories, it makes this game very accessible for even younger teenagers to be able to compete against adults.
  • Can be played by 8 people at once, although teams are always a good option if more want to join in.


  • Players remove a single cube at a time from the pyramid, causing other cubes to slide down the pyramid to the base.
  • By coming up with a strategy that will allow them to get the most cubes without losing points, players try to get the most points before the end of the game.
  • Cobras included in the pyramid can lower the point total.
  • Cubes are high-quality and have a durable surface that won’t scratch or flake off.
  • Reversible tray offers another way to play.
  • Unique setup of each game makes each time you play it different than the others.

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