13 Amazing Board Games That Start with Q

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In this guide, we’ve listed out a bunch of board games that start with Q. You know, the letter. Why? Well, because it’s an amazing letter and we felt like it!
13 Amazing Board Games That Start with Q


Qwirkle Board Game

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  • Players compete by placing tiles on the table and matching them according to the color or the design on the tile.
  • As players place their tiles they earn points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.
  • Each player has to have a strategy in mind in order to place the most tiles in the best places.
  • Because there are limits as to where pieces can placed, players must have multiple ideas in mind for the best strategy.
  • The bold colors and durable tiles will last for a long time without damage.
  • Players draw from a pool of tiles as they place theirs on the table until all of the tiles have been drawn and a player is able to get rid of their tiles first.


Gigamic Quarto, (GCQA-EN)

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  • The board is only 4×4, but comes with 15 pieces to be placed on the board.
  • Each piece has different attributes, including shape, height, color, and consistency.
  • The goal of the game is to place the 4th piece in the row of other pieces, matching all others in the row according to a single attribute.
  • What really makes this game difficult is that opponents get to give the person they are playing against the piece to put on the board.
  • Players have to have a strategy in mind not only of where they will put pieces as they are handed to them, but also what pieces they will give to their opponents.
  • The rules are simple, but play is difficult.


Quickwits - Fun Party Card Game for 3 to 8 Players - Social Adult Tabletop Game - Group Game Nights - Great for Office & House Parties - Play with Relatives & Friends - Hilarious NSFW Grown Up Themes

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  • This is a speedy card game where players have to name items that fit certain descriptions or into different categories.
  • The content tends to be a little mature, so it is not a great game to play with younger players.
  • The game is very fast and easy to learn, and the rounds only take 20 to 30 minutes, which makes it a great game to enjoy in a hurry.
  • Contains 150 cards that are all high-quality, which is great for years of gameplay.
  • Each player takes turns drawing a card and putting it on the table and tries to find ones with matching symbols.
  • When symbols match, the players race to try to find examples of cards in that category, and the winner keeps the card.


GIGAMIC Quoridor Strategy Game (GCQO)

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  • While the rules of the game are very simple, this is deceptive, as the game is deep and requires incredible strategy for players to be able to win.
  • Each player is trying to move their pawn to the other edge of the board without being stopped.
  • Players can choose to either move their pawn on their turn or to place a wall in order to hinder their opponent.
  • While players can hinder their opponent, they are not allowed to actually block them off completely.
  • While keeping an eye on the movement of the other players, each player has to focus on how they are going to be able to best move their pawn.
  • There isn’t any language dependency in this game, which makes it easy to teach to other players.

Qi the Board Game

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  • Based on a funny and popular quiz show.
  • There are 2 teams in this game, with 2 players on each team.
  • Each time has to compete in order to answer obscure questions, often resulting in very creative and amusing answers.
  • Players don’t get a lot of points when they get an answer correct, obvious answers will cause the buzzer to sound, which makes all players rely on their creativity for the best possible gameplay.
  • When the buzzer sounds, then the player has to move their piece backwards.
  • The board looks confusing, but it is very easy to understand once players have learned the rules of the game and know how they are going to be moving their pieces.

Queen’s Ransom


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  • All players are working as detectives who have been hired by the king to determine who kidnapped the queen.
  • Not only do players need to discover who captured the queen, but also where she is being help.
  • This game is perfect for 2 to 5 players.
  • Players have to use the cards that they have along with the money in the game to buy information about the whereabouts of the queen.
  • With 90 cards, it’s easy for each game to be completely different from the rest, which will prevent players from getting bored with the game.
  • The cards are all easy to understand, and once the rules are explained, players can easy jump right into the game.


Blue Orange Games Queendomino Board Game - Family or Adult Strategy Board Game for 2 to 4 players. Recommended for ages 8 & Up

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  • 2 to 4 players can enjoy this game, which is completely standalone from Kingdomino, but it can be played with it for a different challenge.
  • Players try to build a prosperous and popular kingdom by claiming areas around them.
  • Knights are constantly bringing money to the queens, who then in turn use it to buy land and expand to create new buildings.
  • As areas are expanded, there is more and more opportunity for better strategy in the game, which means that players can try not only to win, but also to prevent their opponents from success.
  • The dragon can appear at any time, and players need to be aware of it so they do not lose.


Quixo Classic

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  • While this game looks like Tic Tac Toe, the pieces are completely different and the gameplay is not the same.
  • The pieces are cubes and have a cross on one face, a circle on another, as well as 4 blank faces.
  • Setup is fast and easy, as players just have to place all 25 cubes with blank faces up in the grid.
  • On their turn, a player takes a cube from the outside of the grid, rotates it to show their personal symbol, and pushes it into the row where it was removed.
  • Movement causes the grid to change on every turn.
  • Cubes switch from crosses to circles throughout the game before a winner forms a line of 5 cubes with their symbol facing up.


Mindware – Q-bitz

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  • The special blocks in this game have patterns on all sides and are placed into the game board to match a pattern on a card.
  • There are 100 cards included with the game, which means that it’s easy to find a pattern that you haven’t tried to make before.
  • Once a player is able to create the pattern on the card with their blocks then they get to take the card from the first round.
  • The second round has all players rolling their blocks and using those images to then recreate their cards.
  • Finally, in the third round, players have to try to memorize the pattern of the card and create it by memory.


Quiddler Card Game

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  • Players compete to try to make words from letter cards that they hold in their hand.
  • Each game only has 8 rounds, and players are dealt an increasing number of cards in each round.
  • On their turn, each players takes the top card from discard or the draw pile and discards one from their hand.
  • By using all of the cards in their hand, but leaving one for discard, players can go out and put all cards on the table.
  • After one player goes out, the others have just one more turn to come up with a word before scoring begins.
  • The player who has the longest word or the most words gets a bonus of 10 additional points.
  • After all 8 rounds are finished, the player who has the most points is the winner.

Quidditch the Game

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  • There are 14 pieces on the quidditch field that players have to control.
  • The teams take turns moving the pieces and rolling.
  • Teams have to turn over the tiles in the game in order to find the snitch or they can choose to find quaffles that they then can shoot through any of the hoops.
  • Other tiles hide bonuses and penalties, which makes it always a risk when turning over tiles, because players never know what they are going to get.
  • Players can try to score with the quaffle by loading the ball into a catapult and shooting it through the hoop.
  • Scoring with the quaffle earns 10 points, while finding the snitch earns 150 points and ends the game.
  • The player with the most points when the snitch is found is the winner.


  • This game tests players’ abilities to run the best hospital in the area, while still managing to keep abreast of all of the new patients who are coming in for treatment.
  • By adding new rooms to the hospital and learning new abilities, players are able to keep their hospitals operating correctly and not get bogged down.
  • Contagious patients are able to spread infection quickly through the hospital, which can cause entire areas of the hospital to end up shut down.
  • Each player has both a lobby and an entrance and then takes turns laying tiles to build their hospitals.
  • It’s necessary to place the correct price on needed tiles to better chances of getting them.

Q’s Race to the Top

  • Educational game designed for children to answer questions about themselves and connect with the other players.
  • Players get to practice their social skills and learn about best behavior.
  • As players play, they learn about communication, creative thinking, coordination, manners, feelings, and balance.
  • Kids have to advise the monkey in the game what to do when faced with difficult social situations.
  • Some of the cards have funny and silly challenges that are designed to improve physical skills and awareness.
  • As players roll the dice and choose a card, they are able to advance to the top of the board, and they must perform anything that the cards tell them to do.
  • The player who gets to the top of the board first is the winner.

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