11 Unique Board Games with Balls You Probably Haven’t Seen

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Are you trying to find board games with balls? If so, then you’re going to love this list. We’ve hand-selected a bunch of options that you probably haven’t seen before…

11 Unique Board Games with Balls You Probably Haven’t Seen

Let’s have a look at the games…

Beard Ball

Buffalo Games Beard Ball- The Party Game of Skill, Style, & Sticky Whiskers

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  • You don’t have to have a beard to be able to compete in this game as there are three fake beards included with the game for players to wear.
  • Players have to complete different stunts shown on cards in the game.
  • Every card gives plenty of information about the necessary challenge, how many times players can attempt the card, and how many points they get if they succeed.
  • One player wears a fake beard as well as glasses while the other uses the balls to try to get the ball caught in the beard.
  • The balls are plastic but have Velcro on them so that they will easily stick and stay when they land in the beard.
  • There are 50 cards as well as five balls included with the game.
  • Since the beards all vary in difficulty, it’s great for new and more advanced players.

Connect 4 Shots

Connect 4 Shots Game

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  • This new take on Connect 4 still requires players to get four of their color in a row but instead of dropping discs into the top of the board, players throw balls that are their colors.
  • It’s incredibly competitive, especially since play is generally simultaneous, and players must go and get their rebounds if they are not lucky enough to get the balls into the board on the first time.
  • The grid stands up and is incredibly durable and strong, ensuring that it will not fall over during a game.
  • Once a player is able to get four of his or her color in a row, then he or she wins.
  • This requires great hand-eye coordination as well as the ability to try to time tosses so that the balls have the best chance of landing where you want them and in the necessary order to win.

Maze Racers

FoxMind Games, Maze Racers, Exciting Building and Racing Board Game - 2 or 4 Players, for Kids Ages 8+ , Blue

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  • Players compete against each other while building mazes made out of magnetic strips, trying to make them as creative and difficult to complete as possible.
  • Once players have completed their mazes, they swap them with each other and use balls to try to race and complete the maze that their opponent created.
  • The first player who is able to make it from the start to the finish of his or her opponent’s maze is the winner.
  • Because the pieces can be put together in a myriad of ways and each maze that is designed will be different than past mazes, this game has great replay value.
  • The rules and gameplay are easy to understand, making this game great for players aged eight and older.
  • There isn’t any required setup so players start building immediately.

Bounce Off Stack ‘N’ Stunts

Bounce Off Stack 'n Stunts Game

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  • This twist on “Bounce Off” requires players to rearrange the parts of the game in order to create trick shots that they will be able to complete but that their opponents may not have a lot of success with completing.
  • Players play a game similar to “H-O-R-S-E” but must be able to hit the shot in order to get points and win the game.
  • Since the game is constantly changing, this is a great option for players who may otherwise easily get bored.
  • It is great for younger children who will easily understand the rules but aren’t ready to play more advanced board games.
  • Thanks to the movement and action of the game, it does a great job holding the attention of most players.
  • Plastic components are all high-quality and built to last.

Mouse Trap

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap Board Game For Kids Ages 6 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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  • This classic game requires players to try to get their mouse pieces all the way around the board without getting trapped on the way.
  • Players take turns moving around the gameboard as well as building the trap, all while trying to ensure that they don’t accidentally get caught on the way to the finish.
  • It is a great game for two to four players and can be enjoyed by players who are aged six or older.
  • As the trap is built, players are also collecting cheese pieces in an effort to have the most at the end of the game.
  • When the trap is complete, one player can turn a crank that will cause the gears to move, push a lever, make a shoe fall, kick over a bucket, and cause a ball to bounce down the stairs where it will roll to release another ball before finally causing the cage to fall.
  • The movement is exciting and fun.


ColorKu Mad Cave Bird Games

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  • Based on a Sudoku puzzle, this game has 81 brightly colored balls that are used to fill up the board in an effort to complete the puzzles listed on the cards.
  • The balls come in nine different colors and both the balls and the board are high-quality and won’t chip or break.
  • There are five levels of difficulty with this game, which makes it great for players of all ages and abilities to enjoy.
  • Because there are 104 puzzle cards, it’s easy for players to find a puzzle they haven’t completed in the past, keeping the game fresh and new and ensuring that it has great replay value.
  • While players can play by themselves, it’s also possible to team up, which is especially beneficial for more difficult puzzles.

Super Slam Basketball

Ideal Electronic Super Slam Basketball Tabletop Game

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  • This fun basketball game brings home the joy and excitement of the arcade.
  • Two players compete against each other in an effort to get the highest score by launching basketballs up and at a hoop.
  • Thanks to the electronic scoreboard, it’s easy to keep score and to tell who wins.
  • Includes four balls, three dividers, and two plastic hoops, but not the three AAA batteries needed to run the game.
  • The automatic ball return ensures that players can keep playing without having to go find their missing balls.
  • The spring-loaded shooter makes shooting the balls at the hoop easy and fast.



  • Between two and four players can enjoy this bouncing game where each person tries to use the balls to recreate a pattern that is printed on a card.
  • Players compete against each other or in teams of two, in which case each team would have four balls that they have to use.
  • When only two players compete, then they each get to use eight balls.
  • First, players must flip over one of the pattern cards in order to see what pattern they will have to create.
  • There are two color cards — green and blue — and green cards are easier to complete than blue cards.
  • Players then take turns bouncing their balls or try to bounce them all at once in order to try to create the pattern.
  • The player or team who gets the pattern correct first wins the card and the first to win three is the overall winner.

Klask: The Magnetic Game of Skill

  • The game board with this game is shaped to resemble a field and has two deep holes, one on either end, that are the goals of the game.
  • The middle of the field has magnetic pieces that serve as the obstacles and can quickly and easily attract balls, making it difficult to move your game piece without being attracted.
  • Each player must use his or her game piece, which is a magnet, to control the ball on the top of the field by pushing it with another magnet piece on the board.
  • Since the ball itself isn’t magnetic, it is easy to hit it too hard with your piece and accidentally send it to your opponent.
  • Players must try to navigate the board, stay away from their opponents, and get the ball into the goal hole.
  • Since it’s easy to accidentally get attached to the obstacles, this game requires patience and skill.

Wood Labyrinth

  • This retro but fun game requires players to have great hand-eye coordination as they twist and turn the top of the box in order to guide the small metal ball around holes and obstacles to the end of the game.
  • While it’s very easy to learn how to play this game, it requires a lot of skill and luck and can take a long time to master.
  • The steel ball is durable and won’t be damaged during play even if players get a little rough with the game in their excitement.
  • Players can take turns to try to beat a high score or can team up.
  • When players work as a team, then they must try to carefully tilt the board at just the right time if they want to have the best chance of winning.
  • As the holes on the game are numbered, it’s easy to see how far you got.

Ball Shooting Game

  • Players face off in this game that, while it may resemble Connect 4 Shots, is actually quite different.
  • Two players use a launcher to try to shoot their balls up and into the grid so that they will fall down and form a line of four balls in a row.
  • Instead of throwing the balls from one side, players compete against each other and face off, which makes this game very intense and exciting.
  • Unlike Connect 4 Shots, where players must have some skill to be able to throw the ball correctly and have it land in the location where they want it to, this game uses launchers and is much less stressful.
  • As players learn how to aim and control their launchers, they will have much more success with winning this game.
  • Since skill and luck are both required, it’s a great game for younger and older kids to enjoy together.