11 Board Games with Buzzers – Have You Heard Of All These?

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Are you trying to find board games with buzzers? It’s true, there’s something special about hearing that “bzzzzt”. It’s a unique combination of fun and nostalgia.11 Board Games with Buzzers – Have You Heard Of All These?



Taboo Party Board Game with Buzzer Ages 13 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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  • This party word game requires players to describe a phrase or a word that is on their cards without saying the word or common phrases that are also listed on the card.
  • Their partners try to guess what the word is before the buzzer stops the game.
  • The opposing team has to sound the buzzer if the players inadvertently cheat by making gestures or using some of the banned words.
  • If the describing team is able to guess words on the cards, then they get one point for each word while the opposing team gets a point for each card they pass, ones they use gestures to try to describe, or if they say the off-limits word.
  • It tends to get loud and fun as players compete and their opponents judge them.

Riddle Moo This

Learning Resources Riddle Moo This - A Silly Riddle Word Game, 150 Cards, 4 Buzzers, Ages 5+

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  • There are four sound buzzers included with this game as well as 150 double-sided, high-quality cards.
  • Since there are two levels of difficulty to choose from, this game can be used with younger kids and then adapted and changed as they grow and get better at the game.
  • It is great for three or more players who want to try to guess the answers to the riddle cards.
  • Players read out the riddle cards and others get to buzz in if they think that they know the answer.
  • The buzzers all have animal sounds instead of a regular buzzing sound, which makes the game even more fun and enjoyable for younger kids.
  • Not only do children work on reading skills but also on deductive reasoning and even vocabulary, helping them gain confidence and life skills while they play.

Last Word

LAST WORD - The race to have the final say! By Buffalo Games , White

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  • With “subject” and “letter” cards in the game, players have to come up with answers to the subject that start with the chosen letter.
  • Since this game is timed, players compete to answer the question before the buzzer goes off, which adds an element of stress and pressure to the game.
  • Each player can blurt out answers during the round instead of having to wait to speak.
  • With 56 letter cards and 230 subject cards, it’s easy to see how this game has great replay value and can be used over and over again without the quality of play suffering.
  • As players get answers correct, they can advance their pawns on the game board in an effort to get to the finish first.
  • The random-interval timer prevents players from feeling too confident or relaxed while playing.

Don’t Say It

Pressman Don't Say It Where a Slip of The Tongue Can Lose You The Game, 2+ Player , Other

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  • Each card has a key word that the player will try to describe as well as four words that can’t be used during the description as they will easily give it away.
  • Players try to get their team to say the key word on their card as quickly as possible by describing it without using the other words on the card.
  • The cards all have a sliding door on them that allow the player to choose from three difficulty levels, which means that this game is great for a wide age range of players.
  • It is perfect for a minimum of two teams but many more can play as long as players are willing to wait their turn.
  • Players try to complete as many cards as possible before the buzzer goes off and their round is over.

Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase Game, Frustration-Free Packaging

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  • The internal timer on this game does a great job at keeping track of turns as well as scores so that players can focus on winning.
  • Each team has time to try to get their teammates to guess a particular word that appears on the screen without saying it.
  • Players must describe their word quickly as the buzzer will go off at any time and the team who is holding the game will lose a point.
  • Teams swap the game back and forth when they are able to correctly guess the word that is being described.
  • There are more than 5000 phrases and words included in this game, which ensures that players won’t get bored or see a repeat word.
  • With many different categories to choose from, players can find one that appeals to them.


GOTCHA! BOARD GAME by Buffalo Games Catch your friends before they catch you!

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  • Players get to make the rules in this fun, fast-paced game but they have to be very careful that they don’t accidentally break the rules they made.
  • The rules are constantly changing, which means that players must pay attention at all times if they are going to have the best chance of winning.
  • As players forget and break the rules, the game gets funnier and more exciting, especially since there are thousands of combinations possible for the rules in this game.
  • When players catch an opponent breaking a rule, then they hit the buzzer and they will get a point.
  • The game includes a game board, eight pawns, card mats, 110 cards, and a buzzer.
  • Rule cards include make your own, individual rules, bottom rules, and top rules for many fun combinations.


Scattergories Game

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  • Players compete against each other in an effort to list words in different categories that start with a set letter.
  • A large die is rolled before the start of the game to determine what letter the words must start with.
  • All players have their own papers to write down words in various categories that start with the letter.
  • Scoring commences with the buzzer goes off.
  • Players get a point for a word that fits the category and the letter but will not earn points if they use a word that another player does as well, which encourages creativity and thinking outside of the box.
  • Players can earn double points if they are able to name something that has two words that each start with the letter.
  • With tons of category sheets and letters to pick from, this game can be played over and over.
  • Rounds are very fast, which means that this game can be enjoyed in a short period of time or extended to fill up more time.


  • In this fast and fun game, players compete to try to place their pieces in the correct slots on the board before the buzzer runs out and sounds.
  • The buzzer sounds at the end of the round and causes the board to spring up and all of the pieces to go flying.
  • The player who is able to fill his or her board first and is correct is the winner.
  • Younger players can take part in this game as well simply by placing an overlay plate on part of the board so that they have a smaller section that they must fill in.
  • There are 24 green and 24 red shapes, making it easy for players to tell which pieces belong to them.
  • After play, the pieces can be stored in the compartments so that they don’t get lost.


  • This is a trivia game that requires players to not only know the answers to the questions but also to be able to answer them very quickly if they want to be able to win.
  • The buzzer is able to record who answers the question first.
  • It is great for up to six players, each with his or her own buzzer, making it easy to determine who was able to answer the question first and eliminating shouting and fighting.
  • Players who answer correctly first earn a point but if a player answers incorrectly, then he or she can lose points for hitting the buzzer.
  • The book of questions is divided into three levels of play, which is great for making the game easier or harder depending on the needs and abilities of the players.
  • It includes rules for nine variations of play and features three game settings.


  • Animals dance for rain in the hot weather and then need to move quickly in order to find a spot to hide in from the water.
  • Not all animals are going to be able to find a spot to hide and when the buzzer goes off, any animals who don’t have a hut are removed from the game.
  • Players compete not only to avoid getting struck by lightning during the game but also to have the most points at the end.
  • The components of this game are all high-quality and ensure that the game can be played over and over again without damage.
  • Players who have very fast reflexes are going to fare better in this game than players who are slower.

Mind Wars Jr.

  • This is great for younger children who want to work alone or in teams to try to answer questions.
  • There are more than 450 questions, which gives this game great replay value and will keep players from getting bored when playing with each other.
  • The first player who is able to close five windows on his or her side by answering questions will win.
  • The buzzer counts down how much time players have to try to answer their questions so each player must work as quickly as possible if he or she wants a chance to win.
  • The game teaches language arts, physical sciences, math, life science, and social skills.
  • Because players can work in teams if desired, this game is great for younger children who are interested in board games but don’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to play these games on their own.