13 Epic Board Games with Dragons Folks Can’t Stop Playing

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Looking for board games with dragons? If you’re like me, you’ve been a huge fan of fire-breathing lizards well before Game of Thrones was made popular. There’s something about them that’s scary and beautiful at the same time.

13 Epic Board Games with Dragons Folks Can’t Stop Playing

Let’s check out some of these games…


Gamewright Dragonwood A Game of Dice & Daring Board Game Multi-colored, 5

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  • This dice game requires players to be very daring in order to stand up their foes in an attempt to survive the changing landscape and the evils that lurk within.
  • Unlike many games, this game is very fast and only lasts around 20 minutes. The speedy play combined with the fast setup make it perfect for a quick game on the go.
  • Players must decide upon a strategy early in the game but be willing to allow it to change as the landscape changes and they have to adapt.
  • The gorgeous artwork and bright colors on the cards make creatures such as unicorns, goblins, and dragons really stand out.
  • Quality components are durable and add value to the game.

Dragon Dash

Noggin Playground Dragon Dash - Encourages Team Work And Critical Thinking - Either Everyone Wins, Or Everyone is Defeated (Ages 5+)

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  • This early learning game for kids is cooperative and involves all players working as a team.
  • The group of players must work together to build a safe path for them to travel on across the fields of Dragonwood while still passing by diving dragons.
  • Not only will players learn strategy and social skills but also work on math grid concepts and critical thinking.
  • There are two jumbo dice that are easy for kids to hold, a large board, 16 dragon tiles, 21 path tiles, and three gear tiles.
  • The fun drawings are appealing to children and won’t accidentally scare any child who plays this game.
  • It is great for any groups of kids who are aged five and over.

Dragon’s Breath

HABA Dragon's Breath - 2018 Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children's Game of The Year) Winner - an Exciting Collecting Game for 2-4 Players Ages 5+

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  • Players compete as young dragons and a dragon dad.
  • The young dragons try to pick out a gem from a column of ice and then the dad dragon melts the ice so the others can get their gems.
  • Once players have chosen all of the gems, then the dad will pick up a top ring, allowing some gems to fall for collection by the young dragons.
  • If a gem falls into a hole in the board, then the dad is able to collect it and he can win.
  • As the gems are all chosen from the board, the dad removes more and more rings, causing gems to keep falling for collection.
  • The player who has the most gems at the end of the game wins.


Wizards of the Coast A78490000 Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game

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  • It is perfect for just one player to play, although up to eight can enjoy the game.
  • This is a fantasy adventure game that is appealing to D&D players as well as new players who don’t have a lot of experience with this type of game.
  • Players get to choose to be a wizard, fighter, cleric, or rogue.
  • All players are trying to find lost treasure that is located in a monster-filled dungeon.
  • Since the rules are easy to plan, this game is great for teaching to new players.
  • The player who collects a lot of treasure and escapes the dungeon is the winner.
  • All components are high-quality and brightly colored, adding to the appeal and the fun of the game.

Dragon Valley

  • This game requires a lot of interaction between players and enforces not only hand-eye coordination but also teamwork.
  • The game is very easy to learn how to play and since the games are short, younger players won’t struggle with shorter attention spans.
  • Players work to get young dragons back to their valley before they get in trouble for playing fireball near a tower.
  • As players move their dragons back to safety, the magician is moving towards his tower.
  • Players must try to get their dragons safely away from the tower before the magician can return to his tower in order to win.
  • Since all players win or lose together, this game has very little stress.

Ring Playing Dragons

  • Players compete against each other to see who is able to capture the most rings.
  • Each player maneuvers his or her dragon to get the head as close to the available rings as possible.
  • Once the dragon is close to a ring, then players simply pull on the tail to make the dragon lift the ring with its head, move its head backwards, and drop the ring onto the body.
  • It’s difficult to learn how to maneuver the dragons close enough to the rings to pick them up without knocking into them.
  • The player who ends up with the most rings is the winner of the game.
  • Fast setup and play keeps this game interesting for younger children.

River Dragons

  • Players build bridges using stones and planks and then have to cross the bridges to reach the other side of the river.
  • Each player must be careful when moving so that he or she doesn’t fall into the water and so that he or she doesn’t bump into another player.
  • Players attempt to avoid the river dragons in the river because if they fall in, they will lose.
  • The dragons can intervene unexpectedly in the game, making it more difficult for a player to make his or her way across.
  • The first player to successfully cross the river is given a gold dragon from the king.
  • It is great for two to six players and focuses on skill, strategy, and hand-eye coordination to keep the game exciting and difficult.

Defenders of the Realm

  • This is a wonderful strategy game that can be enjoyed by as one player up to four players.
  • Each player takes on the role of a champion of the king, including wizard, rogue, paladin, dwarf, cleric, eagle rider, ranger, and sorcerer.
  • The heroes all have to use cooperation, their special abilities, strategy, luck, and card play in order to win.
  • As enemies such as dragons are defeated in battle, new ones will arise and they only get more powerful and difficult to vanquish.
  • The components and cards are all bright and attractive.
  • Thanks to the cooperative play, more advanced players can support new players who may not have the skills or strategy required to win.


  • Thanks to the shorter playing time and the fact that this is geared towards younger players, this is a great introduction to card games for beginners.
  • Players must try to control various factions in the game so that they can try to free the Great Dragon from his stony slumber while others will fight against them to keep the dragon asleep forever.
  • The evil wizard who put the dragon to sleep did so by locking away his fiery breath so it’s important to either guard his breath or help him gain it to be free.
  • Players work to gain points by playing cards and collecting other cards from the board.
  • The player who has the most points at the end wins and chooses the fate of the dragon.

Talisman Dragons

  • An expansion to the game Talisman, this game contains more than 80 new adventure cards to be added to the game for better play.
  • The land in the game is completely infested with dragons and minions and players must work to defeat them in order to free the land.
  • There are other perils as well that will stand in the way of players being able to defeat the forces of evil.
  • Players can use magical artifacts in order to get the help that they need to defeat their enemies.
  • In addition to new enemies and abilities, this game features new characters to use in order to best control the game and prevent evil from remaining in control.

Dragon Wings

  • This is a great game for a wider age range of players as long as one can read and one is between five and 13.
  • Players learn about kindness, empathy, and caring in this game while moving around the board collecting magic jewels.
  • Each player has to learn how to fly and every turn involves interaction between players.
  • Gorgeous jewels and components, including cards, a spinner, and player pieces, are attractive, unique, and imaginative.
  • Players take turns gathering jewels
    and flying and the game isn’t over until all of the players have learned how to fly, which removes a lot of stress involved in most board games.
  • All activities in the game are fun and child-friendly.

Dragon Castle


  • This shorter game only takes around 45 minutes to play and is great for between two and four players who want to build a castle.
  • There are special dragon and spirit cards that can be played and then used in the game to help players score more points or even to provide players with special abilities.
  • This game is very influenced by Mahjong but features incredible artwork and high-quality components that are both attractive and durable.
  • Players work to construct a new palace from old ruins in an attempt to become a powerful location.
  • Each player takes on the role of a lord who is trying to build a castle so he or she can inspire others to move to his or her area.



  • Players battle against each other and race to try to get 10 gold and then be able to escape from the dragon’s lair before their opponents can get away.
  • Thanks to the unique chamber tiles that are used to create the game, each lair is going to be different whenever you play, keeping the game from getting stale.
  • There are six unique heroes that players can choose from when playing this game and all have their own set of special abilities that will enable them to survive.
  • Not only do players need to focus on how to survive and get the gold that they need to win but they must also try to hinder their opponents from advancing.