14 Board Games with Sand Timers That Are Tons of Fun

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Have you been on the hunt for board games with sand timers? Well then, you’re going to love this list we just put together…
14 Board Games with Sand Timers That Are Tons of Fun


Chickapig - A Farm to Table Game

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  • Fun family-friendly game that only takes around 30 to 60 minutes for two to four players.
  • Can be played as teams with players who aren’t confident paying on their own.
  • There are more than 50 high quality wooden pieces.
  • Players try to reach their goals while dodging hay bales, their opponents, and cows.
  • Each player tries to move their herd of animals across the board and through the goal.
  • While the game is cute, it involves a lot of strategy and planning ahead to have the right defense and offense to make it all of the way across the board.
  • Players who move the cow out of the way have to take a poop card, which is not good.


HedBanz Game 2nd Edition The Quick Question Game of What Am I?

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  • Fast-paced game has all players put a cartoon card on their headband and then try to guess what their picture is.
  • Each player is allowed to ask only yes or no questions when trying to determine what is on their head.
  • Players only get one minute on the time during which they can ask questions and guess, which means that they need to work quickly.
  • Great for children to work on deductive reasoning skills when they try to determine what good questions to ask to determine what picture is on their card.
  • The fun pictures are all very different, which ensures that players have to really think outside of the box.


IELLO Decrypto Board Game, 30 Min Play Time, Age 12 & Up, 3-8 Players, Transmit Secret Codes & Don’t Allow The Opposing Team to Intercept, Creative Word Party Game

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  • Great party game where teams compete against each other to transmit codes without allowing the other team to intercept.
  • By using anaglyphs to scramble the codes, teams can create codes that are unbreakable.
  • When a team needs to unscramble a code they have received, they simply slide their cards into a screen to read them.
  • Because players interact so much and there is very little downtime during the game, no player is likely to get bored.
  • The addictive gameplay means that players will want to play game after game.
  • Everyone on the team can see the code at once, making it great for active participation.

Super Big Boggle

Super Big Boggle

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  • Giant 6×6 grid brings the fun of Boggle to a super-size, which makes it even more fun to play and allows for more word creations in the game.
  • There are 36 letter cubes, and since they can be put into the grid in any number of combinations, there isn’t any problem with playing the same words more than once.
  • The four-minute timer offers plenty of time for players to turn the letter cubes and search for words.
  • Great game for players to practice looking for words, but even players who don’t need practice will enjoy this fun game.
  • High-quality cubes are designed to last and the letters won’t rub off.

Wigs & Wagers

North Star Games Wits & Wagers Board Game | Deluxe Edition, Kid Friendly Party Game and Trivia

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  • After reading a fun question out loud, all players write down a guess of the answer and place their bets using the included wager chips.
  • There are 125 question cards, which means that this game can be played over and over without any repeats.
  • Players have to place their bets on different playout odds, which gives the feeling of real betting in Vegas.
  • Fast gameplay will prevent any player from getting bored when playing.
  • The fun cards are all very different and keep people on their toes.
  • By using the included sand time, it is easy to make sure that people bet quickly and the game doesn’t grow stale.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition - The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game

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  • The included cheek retractors fit into the mouth and pull the lips and cheeks apart, making it very difficult for people to speak clearly and correctly when they are in.
  • Players insert the cheek retractors and then try to speak out different phrases while their team members try to guess what they are saying.
  • Includes 143 phrases that are all family-friendly, so parents don’t need to worry about what their children will be hearing or saying.
  • Wonderful for all ages, as long as the cheek retractors fit comfortably.
  • There is an adult expansion that includes 18+ only phrases.
  • All cheek retractors are dishwasher safe and dental-grade.


Spin Master Games Cardinal Games Jumanji The Game Action Game, Multicolor

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  • Players in this game are threatened on all sides by a jungle that slowly starts to fill up the board, making it important to ensure that every move is well thought out and will count.
  • Great for ages eight and up.
  • Players use the eight-sided die to move through the jungle as they try to escape the jungle and save their other player.
  • The danger card is placed inside the decoder so that players can determine what the threat is and what they need to do to be able to escape.
  • All players will die unless they are able to escape without allowing the Doomsday Grid to completely fill up.

Family Charades

Charades Party Game - Family Charades-in-a-Box Compendium Board Game - Features 6 Themes, 360 Cards, Spinner, And Sand-Timer (Ages 4+)

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  • Unlike other versions of Charades, this one comes with different themes that are all appropriate for different ages, making it a great choice for a family with a wide variety of ages in the house.
  • Players choose a card and then they have to act out the picture that is on the card before the timer runs out.
  • If the other players are able to guess what pictures they are acting out, then they will win the round.
  • Great option for younger players who aren’t reading yet, as they don’t have to read any information on the cards to be able to tell what the picture is and to start acting.

Wordplay for Kids

Wordplay for Kids - Board Game for Ages 6 to 12

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  • Kids focus on improving their spelling and vocabulary while learning more about words when playing this game.
  • All players get to play during each round, which is great for a large group and will prevent players from getting bored.
  • The spinner gives two letters that have to be included in the word and rolling the die provides the category that the word must fit into.
  • During each round, players write down a word that will fit into the category and has the two letters.
  • Every player who is able to form a word will advance, and players who are able to form longer words can move farther along the gameboard.


Stare Family Board Game - 3rd Edition for Ages 14 to Adult

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  • Players get just 20 seconds to stare at an image and try to remember everything that they can.
  • When the 20 seconds are done, then they must try to recall as many details as possible and answer a number of questions, but they must all be correct!
  • Since the images are all so varied, this game requires a lot of focus and has great replay value.
  • Change the time to 10 or 30 seconds to make the game harder or easier for players who may get frustrated with the 20 second time limit.
  • As players answer questions correctly they get to move their pawn around the board.


Quelf Board Game

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  • This party game of questions will have everyone who plays it answering ridiculous questions, following instructions, and laughing in no time.
  • Players will be able to advance as long as they are willing to complete the instructions that are on the card that they draw.
  • There are 300 cards, as well as a timer and die, character pieces, game board, and a pad of paper.
  • Great for three to six players who want to get to know each other better.
  • As players move their pieces around the board, they will land on spaces and have to complete the instructions for each space.
  • The first person who crosses the finish line will be the winner.

Magic Maze

  • Great cooperative game that requires all players to play at the same time, which decreases any problems with players feeling like they have to wait a long time for their turn.
  • Can be enjoyed by just one player, but is great for up to eight.
  • Players are adventurers who are completely broke and have to start raiding dungeons to find supplies and other valuables.
  • Players can control any of the four hero pawns on their turn, ensuring that the pawns are moved wisely and that they are able to meet their goal.
  • Because players can only communicate for short periods during the game they have to work hard to create a viable strategy.

Eye Found It!

  • Because all players are relying on their abilities to find pictures, this is a great game when there is a wide age range of players participating.
  • Great for children to learn the names of new objects that they may not already know.
  • Players move their cardboard figures across the board as they find the objects that they are looking for.
  • Included finder rings make it easy for players to narrow down the location of a specific object and to show when they have found it.
  • Fun Disney characters are familiar to most young players and will appear very inviting.
  • Attractive and bright pictures are fun for everyone to look at.

Would You Rather…?

  • Great ice-breaking game for a large family event or party, as all players are involved and have the opportunity to speak out.
  • One player reads the question and then everyone has a chance to answer.
  • As players discuss their answers and talk about the questions they will get to know each other better, making this a great game for bonding with others.
  • There are 800 questions, one game board, one die and timer, and eight player pieces.
  • Players move their pieces around the board and can lose a turn or challenge others to questions.
  • Because there are so many questions, the game can be played over and over without repeats.