15 Board Games with Timers That Make You Think Fast!

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Do you love to play board games with timers that make you think fast? If so, then you’re going to love all of the games on this list…15 Board Games with Timers That Make You Think Fast!


5 Second Rule

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game - New Edition , Red

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  • After choosing a card, players only have five seconds to name three things that fit the topic listed.
  • While the categories aren’t difficult, the short period of time that players have to come up with an answer, as well as the pressure they feel, will result in many people getting tongue-tied.
  • The timer makes a loud noise as the marble races down, adding to the excitement and the pressure of the game.
  • Fun categories are great for players of all ages, making this a fun game for families.
  • Includes 288 cards with 576 categories, so the game can last for a long time.


Hasbro Gaming Perfection Popping Shapes and Pieces Game for Kids Ages 4 and Up

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  • On their turn, a player tries to put all of the pieces back into the game before the timer runs out.
  • Since pieces can only go in one spot due to their shape, this game requires a lot of concentration and speed.
  • Players compete not only against each other, but also against the timer.
  • The player who can put all nine pieces back in the board the fastest is the winner.
  • Since the game is easy to set up, it’s great for younger children to play by themselves.
  • When the timer goes off, all of the pieces pop out of the board.


Hasbro Gaming Scattergories Board Game

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  • Every player has a list of categories, and then one person rolls the die to decide what letter everything has to start with.
  • When the timer starts, then players must write down as many things in the categories that they can think of that start with the chosen letter.
  • After the timer goes off, then players compare answers and score points.
  • Players get a point for each correct answer, but only if nobody else in the group thought of it as well.
  • If a player can come up with a multiple word answer where each word starts with the right letter then they can earn multiple points.


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  • This cooperative game requires players to work together to save the crew of their ship.
  • Players save patients by putting dice into the correct areas on the board.
  • Emergency cards can completely derail plans and put players back to square one as they come up with a new strategy.
  • Companion app provides a timer so that everyone knows exactly how much longer they have to play.
  • With only 45 minutes to win this game, players must communicate to win.
  • Great for one to five players who are 13+ and willing to take on a challenge.


Renegade Game Studios Fuse Board Game for 1 to 4 Players Aged 10 & Up

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  • The timer in the companion app slowly counts down to destruction, as players only have 10 minutes to try to defuse the bombs by rolling the right numbers on the dice.
  • For one to five players who are 10+.
  • Since the game is cooperative, it’s a great option for players who may not feel confident trying to win a game on their own and who need a little extra help from other players.
  • With more than 20 bombs to try to defuse, this game can last for a long time and is great for players who really like to get involved in what they are playing.

USAopoply Tapple

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  • Players start by picking a category card and then starting the timer on the wheel.
  • With only 10 seconds to name a word that matches the category, players must then press the first letter of the word that they named, reset the timer, and then pass the card along.
  • Game gets more difficult as it is played, since players can’t reuse the same first letter when coming up with their own answer.
  • If a player can’t think of a word in time, then they are out for the round.
  • The player who is the last one standing in the game is the winner.

Hive Mind

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  • Great for up to 12 players who want to share their life experiences, not worrying about knowing the answers to random trivia questions.
  • The two-minute timer provides plenty
    of time for players to answer the questions and to match answers to score points.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, players must just be able to match the answers from their other questions.
  • Great for players of all ages.
  • Players move their Queen Bee through the garden and try to prove that they should stay in the game and in the hive by answering questions, trying to come up with common answers that others will give, as well.


Catch Phrase Game, Frustration-Free Packaging

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  • With 5,000 phrases and words for players to act out or describe, this game can last for a long time and has great replay value.
  • The built-in timer goes off when a team is out of time, which makes keeping track of the time incredibly easy.
  • Not only is there a built-in timer, but the game itself keeps track of scores and provides the words on the screen for players.
  • Teams don’t want to be the one holding the game when the timer goes off, as this will allow the other team to score a point.
  • Earn points by guessing words and passing it off quickly to the other team.

Let’s Have Church!

LET'S HAVE CHURCH!!! The Hilarious Game About Church Folk!

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  • There are three action-packed rounds in this game where players compete by acting out Bible phrases, traditional clichés, and even church jokes.
  • Great for good, clean fun as players compete.
  • In the first round, players answer questions and trivia, in the second they must perform physical challenges, and in the third players choose if a saying is a quote from the Bible or just something that is commonly said in church.
  • Includes 250 playing cards and two sets of dry erase markers and boards.
  • The timer plays church music, which fits perfectly with the overall theme of the game.

Boggle Word Search Game

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  • Great travel option for Boggle lovers who want to take their favorite game on the go without worrying about missing pieces.
  • Players twist and then raise the lid so that they can shake the letter cubes to mix them up.
  • The timer allows for three minutes of frantic searching so players can try to find as many words as possible in the mixed-up letters.
  • Unlike other timers that are incredibly loud, this one is soft and changes color to let players know when their time is up.
  • Since there aren’t any loose parts, there isn’t any concern about losing pieces on the go.

Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity Name Game

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  • Players work in teams and try to give their teammates clues to allow them to correctly guess the place, name, thing, or other item on the card.
  • There are some timed rounds, and the timer plays very catchy tunes to keep the game moving quickly and ensure that everyone has fun.
  • Some rounds allow for everyone to play at once, which can make the game crazy and difficult to keep up with.
  • Players will have a better chance at doing well during this game if they are familiar with celebrities, so it’s important that players are careful when splitting up their teams.

Last Word

LAST WORD - The race to have the final say! By Buffalo Games , White

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  • During each round, all players will blurt out answers as they try to race others to get in the final word before the buzzer sounds.
  • Players must come up with words that fit into a category, but that also start with a specific letter, making this game tricky.
  • Great for two to eight players, and can be enjoyed by players as young as 14.
  • As players blurt out their answers it becomes more and more difficult to think of one that others haven’t already said.
  • Includes 230 subject cards and 56 letter cards so that there are tons of different combinations.


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  • Players work quickly to come up with a word that matches the letter in play and fits in one of their category cards.
  • The timer has three different settings so that the game can be played by beginners, advanced players, and people who are really serious wordies.
  • Great for vocabulary development, as well as for encouraging players to think on their feet.
  • Although it is easy to learn, every game will be different as the letters and categories in play will change.
  • Includes 100 cards that are for beginners and advanced players.
  • Game board makes choosing the letter for each round easy.

Spot It! Freeze

  • In this symbol recognition game, players work quickly to try to find matches between two cards.
  • Not only are players trying to compete against each other, but they also must try to move quickly to beat the electronic timer.
  • The timer opens and stores all of the cards inside, which is great for taking the game on the go.
  • Includes 55 cards, as well as a talking timer.
  • The timer can be used for just 10 seconds or can be set on a random setting for even more fun and stress when playing this game.

Don’t Panic

  • Before the timer goes off, players must try to name three to six things in a set category on the card that they chose.
  • Since there are a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels for the various cards, this is a great game for an entire family to play together.
  • Players can choose how hard a category they want to try to answer depending on how far they want to move their piece on the board.
  • By correctly naming objects in the category, players are able to move on the board in an attempt to be the person who moved the farthest.