15 Different Types of Educational Games for Kids – Which Is Your Favorite?

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Did you know that there are so many different types of educational games? From analog to digital, the ways you can learn in today’s day and age are virtually limitless.
15 Different Types of Educational Games for Kids – Which Is Your Favorite?
Let’s check out some of the options…

Board Game

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Educational games come in all different formats, styles, and cater to a wide variety of interests, which makes them perfect for use with most children or adults.
Because it’s so easy to find an educational board game that is designed to meet the needs of any interest, these are a great way for people to learn.
It generally doesn’t take much effort to find an education board game that matches the theme of a study unit, which means that they are a wonderful way to improve learning and to make sure that students are retaining the information that they need to.


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Matching games are incredibly popular, as they are a great game for younger players to enjoy. They usually require players to notice a certain feature of items and then look for others that match.
This is a great way for players to talk about the ways that certain things are similar and different and can encompass players talking about size, shape, color, sound, and more.
When playing matching games there isn’t a lot of skill or strategy involved, but players have to pay attention to what is out and on the board to have the best chance of winning.

Card Game

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Educational card games tend to be much faster paced than board games are, and are usually smaller and more compact, which makes them great for taking on the road or using when there is a little time to fill.
These games are designed to cater to a wide variety of interests, just like educational board games are, which means that they are great to fill in educational gaps and to round out an education.
They come in a variety of styles, but the things that make all educational card games similar is that they usually are fast to learn and to play.

Video Game

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Some children prefer to play video games rather than playing other types of board or card games, but luckily there are plenty of educational video games on the market that parents can choose from.
These vary in what content they cover and the characters that are included in the game, but there are a few things that tie most education video games together.
In general, these games are fast paced, which helps to hold the attention of the person playing. Additionally, they will each focus on a theme, which makes it easy for the game to fill in educational gaps.

Dice Games

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Dice games are incredibly portable and tend to be fast paced, which makes them ideal for taking on the road and for working on math skills. In general, dice games tend to center around improving math awareness and speed.
One thing that makes educational dice games so appealing is that they are not only easy to learn, but fairly educational without being obvious. This means that people playing these games don’t usually realize that they are learning.
They are a great way to reinforce math facts and to ensure that a student understands how numbers relate to each other and the facts they need to know to succeed.

Strategy Games

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Strategy games require players to think ahead of not only the moves that they will want to make, but also what moves their opponent may make in the future.
One of the most common and popular types of strategy games is chess, which pits two players against each other in an effort to move their pieces across the board and to take their opponent’s king.
In a great strategy game, players will learn not only the rules of the game, but also how to plan ahead for any moves that will put them at an advantage over their opponent. Additionally, they learn how to be patient, which can be difficult for some players.

Cooperative Games

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Rather than pitting players against each other, educational cooperative games are a great way for everyone to learn together without the stress that is so common with games.
These games require players to work together to win, which is great for players who struggle to communicate with each other and tend to want to take control in a group.
While they may not offer all of the educational opportunities as some other options, it is possible to find an educational cooperative game that covers not only a certain subject, but also requires players to work together.

Computer Games

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Computer games are always going to be popular with children, but now parents and educators can use the fun of computer games without worrying about whether or not the child is learning anything.
These games are usually fast paced, which is great for children who have shorter attention spans and may otherwise struggle to pay attention to a traditional game.
Because educational computer games are available in a wide variety of formats and can cover a wide number of subjects, they are great for filling in any educational gaps and for making sure that children fully understand the subject matter.

Spatial Reasoning

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One very important skill that is often not taught in school or in traditional subjects is spatial reasoning. The best way for people to improve their spatial reasoning skills is through fun games that are not only enjoyable, but also challenging.
These games require critical thinking and, while they look a lot like strategy games, tend to push players to think deeper and for longer periods of time.
Some games that fit this type of educational game include puzzle games where players have to put together certain pieces in order, as well as movement games where players must figure out how to move a certain piece out of the board.

Money Games

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Older children need to know how to handle money, and playing games with money is the best way to learn in a low-stress situation. These games introduce money in a fun and relaxed way and ensure that players not only understand the role of money, but also how to count and use it.
Rather than allowing talking about money and how to handle it to become stressful, these games make it much more approachable.
They are a great game for any parent who needs to talk to their child about how to handle money and how to count it and is looking for a stress-free way to do so.

Coding Games

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Coding is becoming not only more and more popular, but also more important for students who want to work with computers.
While learning how to code on a computer can be dry and boring, using a game that is designed to teach coding is a great way to enjoy coding without the stress and boredom that can come from traditional learning methods.
Coding games now often include robots that children can learn how to control through their coding, making them much more likely to put time and effort into their education.


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Puzzles are a wonderful way to learn, and they come in a wide variety of styles, topics, and designs, so it’s easy to find one that will meet the needs of a child. Not only are puzzles intuitive for most children, but educational ones make learning fun and easy.
Puzzles can be traditional, in that lots of pieces are put together to form a larger picture, such as a map.
There are also educational puzzles designed for younger children where the child puts together two, three, or four pieces in an effort to spell a word, match numbers, or make rhymes.
Because there isn’t any competition with puzzles, they are a popular option for many families.

Word Games

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Learning how to recognize letters and sounds, spell, and read can be tricky for some children, but choosing a word game is often a great way to help with learning in a fun way.
These games require players to learn their letters and then to form words, find certain letters to fit their needs, and even to match words to pictures. Because they are so fun, players will not realize that they are learning.
Additionally, these games are great for reinforcing the learning that a child is doing in school. Parents can rely on these games to help follow-up on what a child is doing in class and to help them to become a stronger reader.

Counting Games

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Counting games and number games may overlap in some ways, but they are different. In a great counting game, players will learn how to count, which is important for any other math that they are going to be completing as they grow up.
Rather than memorization through rote repetition, counting games are fun and interactive, which helps keep children interested and prevents them from becoming bored.
These games often feature bright colors and fun characters, as they are going to be really inviting to players and will make them more likely to want to play the game.

Memory Game

Memory games are a wonderful way to work on building short-term memory and are really popular for children.
They generally consist of a deck of cards or tiles that are in pairs. Players lay them out on the table, face down, and then try to find matching pairs.
As the tiles are flipped over, players must try to remember what tile was in what location on the table so that they can use it when it is their turn.
This game takes a lot of focus and concentration, making it a wonderful way for children to work on memory and to learn how to match in a fun way.