10 Different Types of Jigsaw Puzzles – Have You Seen Them All?

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Did you know that there are many different types of jigsaw puzzles? In this post, we’ll show you 10 varieties that you probably haven’t heard of.10 Different Types of Jigsaw Puzzles – Have You Seen Them All?



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This is the most popular type of jigsaw puzzle and consists of flat pieces that are connected to form a 2D picture. Most jigsaw puzzles sold are 2D, but they may vary in the style and other features, such as being educational, incredibly difficult, or glow in the dark.

These puzzles come made from a variety of different materials and are designed with many types of pictures on them, making it possible to find one that will appeal to most anyone.

They generally have interlocking pieces that will snap together to hold the puzzle together and prevent it from easily coming apart.

Traditionally the picture of the final puzzle will be displayed on the box, which helps users to easily put together the puzzle.

They are available with straight edges and with ones that are cut into a design, depending on your preferred difficulty level.


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3D puzzles are considered to be harder than 2D puzzles, as users have to create a 3D replica of a certain structure to finish the puzzle.

These pieces are generally made from a thick foam that is easy to manipulate and will hold its shape when the pieces are all connected.

Because it’s easy to find 3D puzzles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and of many different things, it’s possible for puzzlers to choose a 3D puzzle that will meet their needs and their ability.

These puzzles don’t require as much flat space to put together as they are built up and off of the table, however, you do have to have space to put out the pieces.


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Coloring puzzles have pieces that are only in black and white and then the final puzzle can be colored when it is completed.

While they tend to be difficult to put together due to their monochrome design, they are generally a lot of fun to color and then to put together subsequent times.

Most any type of coloring implement can be used, including markers, coloring pencils, and crayons.

The box will often show a small part of the final puzzle, but doesn’t always show the entire picture, which can make these puzzles more difficult to complete.

They come in a variety of styles, including mandalas and animals.


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There are two things that can make a puzzle difficult, and that is that they are either of repeating objects or that they have an incredible amount of pieces to put together.

Difficult puzzles with repeating objects tend to have small objects, such as beans or pencils, packed together, which can make it very hard to find pieces that fit together correctly.

Puzzles with a lot of pieces will have many more than a traditional jigsaw puzzle, with some puzzles having 5,000, 18,000, and even 40,320 pieces. The sheer volume of pieces is what makes these puzzles so much harder than traditional 2D or 3D puzzles and what sets them apart.


Star Wars - Photomosiac - BB-8 - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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From a distance photomosaic jigsaw puzzles may look like regular puzzles, but they
are made up of lots of tiny pictures, which adds to the fun and the difficulty of putting together the puzzle.

These small pictures won’t usually distract a user from completing the puzzle and can be used to help match pieces, if the photomosaic pictures are large enough to easily be seen.

They come in a variety of different styles and with different themes, making it easy for puzzlers to find one that they will enjoy.

Part of the fun of these puzzles is finding certain smaller photos in the final puzzle and enjoying the surprise.


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Floor puzzles are generally very large, often around four feet tall or longer, and also tend to have oversized pieces, which makes them great for younger kids to put together.

These puzzles are very common in classrooms, as it’s difficult for the children completing the puzzle to accidentally hurt the pieces, and since it is large enough, more than one child can easily work on the puzzle.

They do require a fair amount of floor space to put out and put together, as there has to be room not only for the final product, but also for all of the pieces to be spread out.

Many floor puzzles come with a large sheet of paper that shows a life-size version of the final puzzle.

Murder Mystery

Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Grounds for Murder

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These jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun for anyone who wants to solve a mystery and thinks that they have the detective skills to do so.

The first step in completing one of these puzzles is to read the story that comes with it so that users can get the necessary background on all of the people in the puzzle.

To add to the mystery of the puzzle, the box generally doesn’t show what the puzzle will look like when finished.

Users complete the puzzle and then try to use their deductive reasoning skills to solve the mystery.


GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

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Wooden puzzles are very popular with young children as they are brightly colored, difficult to break or damage, and easy to put together.

These puzzles range from only having three or four pieces to having more than a dozen, but the premise is the same, and that is to create a puzzle that is fairly easy for children to complete.

Many wooden puzzles come with a wooden frame that perfectly fits all of the pieces, letting children know when they put it together correctly.

This wooden frame makes these puzzles perfect for children who want to complete the puzzle on their own, as they can easily tell when they’re right without needing a lot of extra help from an adult.


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These puzzles are a newer invention, and sharp-eyed puzzlers will quickly spot that “wasgij” is simply “jigsaw” spelled backward.

Rather than providing a clear picture on the box of what the final puzzle will look like, these puzzles only show a clue that will help users to decide what the puzzle will show and then put it together.

By only providing a clue and not providing all of the information necessary to put together the puzzle, wasgij puzzles are known to be much harder than traditional puzzles and to require more thought and preparation.

These puzzles often have very bright colors which helps users to more easily find matching pieces and to put together the puzzle.


Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle (51 pcs, 2 x 3 feet), Multi

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Educational puzzles are really popular in schools, but are also a great option for use at home by any parent who wants to give their child an edge or help them study in a fun way.

These puzzles can range from helping with geography to history, assisting with science, or math, depending on the needs of the child.

Thanks to the fact that these puzzles help not only with spatial reasoning skills, but also with drilling facts and with review, they are a wonderful addition to any homework or homeschool curriculum.

The puzzles are generally 2D, as otherwise it would be incredibly difficult to get all of the information printed on the puzzles and ensure that it was easy to read.

Hidden Image

Puzzles with hidden images take the fun of doing a puzzle a little farther, as the person completing the puzzle will then have to try to find something hidden in the picture they create.

These are great for users who don’t want the fun of the puzzle to end and who are okay with leaving the puzzle up on their table for a little bit longer.

They require a different skill set than simply putting the puzzle together, which makes them a great option for a family to work on together.

They come in a variety of different styles, which means that users can easily choose the hidden image puzzle that will most appeal to them.


Custom jigsaw puzzles make an incredible gift for any puzzle lover, and since they can be printed with any photograph that you like, they are a personalized gift that will mean a lot.

These puzzles have a longer wait time to ship since they are made for each individual buyer.

Choosing a photograph that is clear and crisp is the best way to ensure that the puzzle is not only easy to see and looks great, but also easy to put together.

They are a popular way to commemorate a special event in someone’s life, such as graduation, getting married, or simply a family photograph for everyone to enjoy.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark jigsaw puzzles are put together just like regular puzzles are, but have the added fun feature of part of the puzzle glowing in the dark.

Just like with other glow in the dark products, they do need to be exposed to the light for a while before they will glow.

The extra glow on these puzzles can be really exciting for children and may inspire them to want to work on a puzzle to see the finished product.

How well the puzzle glows will depend on how high quality it is, so it’s important to buy a glow in the dark puzzle from a reputable company.