Best Bowling Ball for Kids – Top 7 Options

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Trying to find the best bowling ball for kids? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore all the things you should consider along with the top options.

Best Bowling Ball for Kids

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Features That You Must Consider


Probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a bowling ball for kids is the weight of the ball. Beginning bowlers need to make sure that they use bowling balls that are light enough for them to easily control, even if this means that they struggle to knock down the pins that they want to. While this can be frustrating for some kids, understanding the motion of bowling is important.

When kids learn how to move their arms and release the balls correctly, then they can move up to slightly heavier balls. The problem with starting out with a heavy ball is that kids won’t understand the motion required in bowling and can easily become frustrated or even injure themselves. It’s best to start out with a lighter ball and work up to a heavier option.


The design of the ball can play a huge role in how excited a child is to learn to start bowling. One problem that many people find with balls at the bowling alley is that they are very plain and unexciting. Children are naturally attracted to fun, bright colors and will often feel much happier and more interested in bowling if they have balls that appeal to them.

There are tons of different designs on the market that parents can choose from, making it easy to find a ball that will appeal to a child. By carefully looking for an attractive ball with a fun design, parents can make sure that their children are interested in playing and that they will take better care of their balls.


The material of a bowling ball plays a huge role in how happy an adult is with his or her ball and whether or not they are able to really control them. This means that many adults start shopping for bowling balls for their children by looking for a material that will perform best on the type of lane. This is not the most important thing to consider when it comes to looking at materials for a child’s bowling ball.

Rather than worrying about how the material will react to the surface of the lane, it’s a much better idea to think about how the ball can be thrown and controlled. Plastic is a popular material for children’s bowling balls because they tend to have a very straight path when thrown. The plastic coverstock prevents a lot of friction from occurring, allowing for movement in a smooth and straight line. This also ensures that the ball won’t be slowed down as much by a grippy coverstock.

Age Range

There are some balls that are designated for certain age ranges, which can make shopping for a bowling ball for a kid even easier. These balls may not be the best option in terms of coverstock or weight but are based on what will work for a wide variety of children, making them a good choice for parents who are in a hurry and aren’t sure what type of balls are the best choice for their children.

Best Bowling Ball for Kids

Ebonite Maxim

Ebonite Maxim, Purple Haze, 8 lb

The bright colors on this bowling ball are what really set it apart from others on the market and make it appealing to kids of all ages. Since there are so many different weights to choose from, it’s easy for parents to choose bowling balls that will be the perfect size for their children and won’t be too hard to handle.


  • Bright colors and fun styles tend to be very exciting to kids and will make them want to try bowling.
  • It is easy to hold and carry, thanks to the low weight options.
  • It is perfect for straight shots, which is what most kids will be doing.
  • Ultraviolet glow makes black light bowling even more fun.
  • Durable coverstock can handle being dropped without damage.


  • Lower weight doesn’t have as much power as heavier balls do.
  • Some kids may tire of only throwing straight shots.

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Sportime Ultimax

Sportime 4 lb Ultimax Bowling Ball

Not all balls for children are very durable but this one is, thanks to the design and the material that it is made from. The ball is perfectly smooth and the finger holes are incredibly comfortable, which means that children won’t pinch their fingers when bowling. Additionally, the seamless construction makes this ball durable enough to outlast years of bowling.


  • Very low weight is ideal for younger children.
  • Fun glitter design is very appealing to kids and will make them want to play.
  • Roto-molded seamless construction is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Color-coded holes help children quickly learn how to grip the ball.
  • It is great for beginners who are just learning how to bowl.


  • It is already drilled, which means that the finger holes may not be perfect for a child.
  • It doesn’t have enough power and speed to make it all the way down the lane.

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Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Silver, 14 lb

Designed to be easy for beginners to handle when on the lane, this bowling ball offers great power and balanced control, which is great for slightly more advanced bowlers who are ready to take their game to the next level. Kids will love the design on the ball as well as how evenly it rolls even if they accidentally drop it and it doesn’t have a lot of power on the release.


  • It is incredibly versatile, which means that it works on all oil conditions.
  • It offers a great hook for more advanced young bowlers.
  • Lightbulb core gives the ball a little personality and a bit more aggression.
  • The R-16 reactive core helps the ball grip the lane.
  • It is incredibly easy to control when throwing straight or with a spin.


  • It is too aggressive for beginning bowlers to handle.
  • It can chip if dropped or thrown hard on the lane.

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Pyramid Path

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball (Pink/Purple/Silver, 6 LB)

The gorgeous, bright colors of this bowling ball will get the attention of any kid but it’s the smooth rolling motion that it offers that will keep them coming back to it over and over again. Not only does the ball easily roll down the lane but it is comfortable to hold and throw, which makes it a great option for beginners.


  • Durable polyester coverstock makes this a great bowling ball for straight shots.
  • High-quality ball is backed by an impressive two-year warranty.
  • Polished finish allows for smooth rolling on dry lanes and is eye-catching.
  • It performs well when picking up spares, which is great for kids.
  • It is very precise, which is great for kids learning to control their throws.


  • It can sometimes ship with an inside crack.
  • The ball can chip around the finger holes if it is dropped hard on the lane.

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Brunswick TZone

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball, 12 lb

Bold and bright, this bowling ball stands out because of how easy it is to handle as well as the bright colors that it boasts. It’s a great option for kids who are just starting to bowl and who need balls that will reliably throw straight every single time. This decreases frustration on the lane.


  • Dynamic design gives the ball a bit more grip and power than other beginning kids’ balls.
  • It is great for kids who want to master a straight throw.
  • Multiple weights are available, making finding the right one easy.
  • High-gloss finish adds visual interest to the ball and helps it roll straight and true.
  • Kids love the balanced feel of the ball and how easy it is to throw.


  • It can sometimes crack along the finger holes.
  • It is not a great option for kids who are ready to advance to more complex throws.

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Brunswick Lizard Eye

Brunswick Products Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball, Green/Black, 8 lb

Thanks to the durable coverstock on this bowling ball, it is a surprisingly stable option for kids. They can easily aim the ball with a lot of accuracy, making them more confident and making bowling more fun. The ball doesn’t hook much, which is great for very young kids or true beginners who aren’t sure of how to control a more aggressive ball.


  • Over-the-top design is sure to attract kids to the ball.
  • It glows in blacklight, making bowling a lot of fun.
  • It is available in low weights down to six pounds, which is great for young kids.
  • Perfectly balanced core prevents the ball from rolling out of control.
  • Plastic coverstock ensures that the ball is easy to throw straight and won’t hook.


  • It is not a great option for kids who want to try more advanced throws.
  • Coverstock can be a bit brittle and can flake off.

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Storm Mix Ball

Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball- Black/Purple Solid (8lbs)

This ball stands out on the lanes due to the bright coverstock, fun font, and how easily it can be thrown to roll in a perfectly straight line. This makes it a wonderful option for kids who have just started bowling as they will be able to easily train themselves to throw strikes and to pick up spares.


  • Superior urethane coverstock offers a lot of control on dry lanes.
  • Kids will be able to easily control the ball, giving them the ability to better pick of spares.
  • Light weight options are ideal for kids of all ages.
  • 3500-grit polish allows the ball to have a lot of power and high revolutions when thrown.
  • Low reaction means that the ball won’t hook out of control.


  • It is a great ball for a beginner but more advanced kids may not have the power and control that they want.
  • Coverstock can chip around the finger holes if kids are too rough with the ball.

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Wrap Up

Out of all the options on this list, if we had to pick one it would be the Ebonite MaximIt’s light, kid-friendly, brightly colored and has been a tried a true choice for many young bowlers.

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