Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers – Top 7 Options to Consider

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Trying to find the best bowling ball for left handers? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll give you our top picks along with everything you need to know. Let’s check it out…

Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers

Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers

Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Bronze, 10 lb

This attractive ball does a great job shooting down the lane and easily splitting the pins. It provides exceptional control to any bowler using it and is designed to respond perfectly and easily to any movements of the wrist, making it a great option for beginners and more advanced bowlers.


  • Improved core and covertsock provide a lot of power for all bowlers
  • Coverstock is incredibly durable and won’t easily crack or split
  • Advanced technology boosts friction and traction on medium oily lanes to allow for control
  • Very predictable rolling pattern, which is great for improved scoring
  • Perfect for drilling for a left-handed bowler without cracking


  • Can tend to slip a bit on very oily lanes
  • Difficult for some bowlers to learn how to curve and control the ball

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Hammer Black Widow Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball (15lbs)

This durable bowling ball is sure to strike fear in the hearts of opponents, as it not only looks great, but is also a very aggressive ball to use on most any lane. While it can falter some on dryer lanes, it works exceptionally well in wet or oily conditions, giving bowlers tons of control.


  • Redesigned ball has an impressive hybrid coverstock for aggressiveness and durability
  • Great for use on medium-heavy oil conditions
  • Polished cover allows for fast movement and a lot of speed
  • Two-piece core provides a lot of control and power when bowling
  • Provides great movement on the backend to easily carry through the pins


  • Great for straight bowlers, but not very easy to hook
  • Can sometimes arrive already dented or cracked after shipping

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Pyramid Path Rising Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Aqua/Silver, 8 LB)

Designed to look great and to break perfectly on every curve, this ball is a wonderful option for any bowler who loves to hook and doesn’t throw a lot of straight shots. Having the ball drilled by a professional will decrease the likelihood of any issues with the holes and ensure a perfect fit for any leftie, making bowling more fun and much more comfortable.


  • Features a newly designed symmetric core to provide great performance
  • Attractive and durable coverstock offers great coefficient friction
  • Provides great length when bowled with force
  • Offers a powerful continuous backend reaction
  • Can easily be drilled in a variety of ways to correctly accommodate a left-handed bowler


  • Doesn’t tend to have the same color shown online
  • Can sometimes collapse when the holes are drilled

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Roto-Grip Ball

Roto Grip Bowling Winner Ball, 15

The impressive coverstock is what really makes this ball shine. Not only is the ball gorgeous and nice to look at, but the amazing coverstock can easily grip the lane, regardless of its condition, giving the bowler complete and total control every single frame.


  • The interior core has been adjusted to update the core dynamics
  • RV value is slightly decreased, but the differential increased almost 10 points
  • Incredibly strong pearl coverstock makes the ball durable and powerful
  • Can be scuffed a bit to use on oily lanes, but works best on medium conditions
  • Offers plenty of downlane change of direction


  • May require some grit to adjust the play of the ball right out of the box
  • Must be drilled by a professional to ensure that lefties will be comfortable controlling the ball

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Track Precision Ball

Track Bowling Products Track Precision Bowling Ball Blue/Orange/White, 15lbs

The unique color scheme of this ball makes it look great when it’s going down the lane, but the precision that it offers is what really makes it stand out. Unlike other bowling balls that can sometimes be difficult to control, this ball can easily be thrown to the correct location, allowing for multiple strikes and helping bowlers pick up spares.


  • Provides plenty of length through the lane’s front with a booming backend
  • Offers impressive precision for all bowlers
  • Core offers tons of versatility and allows the ball to work in most any conditions
  • Offers intermediate, RG, and differential combinations in one powerful ball
  • Large mass bias allows the ball to change directions quickly downlane


  • Pearl coverstock is grippier than plastic, but not as grippy as other coverstock materials
  • Doesn’t have the best response when bowled on a dry lane

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Brunswick Tzone Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball, 6 lb

This pin chasing ball is a wonderful option for any bowler who wants to be able to set their target and easily take it out without having to worry about the ball hooking or sliding on the lane. It’s a great option for bowlers of all skill levels and has a great glide down the lane, allowing it to quickly gain speed upon release.


  • Great option for a spare ball for professional or beginning bowlers
  • Durable coverstock is even and thick, which prevents cracking after the ball is drilled
  • Great performance due to the bullet weight core in the ball
  • Polyester coverstock has great grip on dry lanes, as well as some grip on oily lanes
  • Low hook potential is ideal for straight bowlers


  • Can sometimes develop a crack when bowled aggressively
  • Tends to crack across the finger holes, even when drilled by a professional

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Brunswick Rhino Ball

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Black Pearl, 10 lb

This is one of the best entry-level balls on the market today and was designed to make it as easy as possible for beginning bowlers to learn how to hook and to control their throws. The control and power that it offers gives beginners a boost of confidence when they’re taking the lane.


  • Resilient materials and durable design prevent the ball from breaking or cracking
  • High-gloss polish looks great and is very sleek
  • Provides versatile motion on many different lane conditions for best use
  • Light bulb core provides a slight hook
  • Great option for beginners who need a ball that is easy to control and offers a lot of versatility


  • Doesn’t have a very aggressive hook, so it’s not a great option for all bowlers
  • May not perform very well on slicker lanes

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Features You Must Consider


Just like when choosing a bowling ball for any other bowler, left handers need to take time to consider the material of the ball that they think they want to buy, as it will play a huge role in how well the ball responds, as well as how much control they have over the ball.

Plastic and polyester are both great coverstock material options that are durable, tend to bowl straight, and are also a great choice for beginners. They tend to be easier to use than other types of covestock and also tend to have a nice straight trajectory, which is why they are such a popular option for beginners and straight bowlers.

Resin coverstock, on the other hand, tends to hook and move more and is a wonderful option for use on slick and oily lanes. Because this resin material has a much better grip on the lane, they won’t get out of control when the lane is wet or slick. They also have a much earlier release, which is something that some bowlers love about their ball.

Coverstock Thickness

One problem that many bowlers run into when buying a ball and then having the finger holes drilled is that the coverstock doesn’t have a uniform thickness. This is a huge problem, as it can not only cause cracks to form in the ball, but also unevenly redistribute the weight of the ball.

When the finger holes are drilled and the center of gravity shifts or there is an imbalance in the weight, then the ball will likely become more difficult to control. As long as the coverstock thickness is even and the ball can be drilled by a professional without cracking or without the weight distribution changing, then the ball is probably a good candidate for a bowler to use.

Pitches and Finger Holes

The pitches of a bowling ball play a huge role in how the bowler will be able to grip the ball. Because left-handed bowlers are going to need a different drill pattern than right-handed bowlers and because they are going to want to adjust the pitch on their ball, having the ball drilled by a professional is a smart move.

Some bowlers think that they can save money by buying a ball that is predrilled. While this may cut a few dollars off of the cost of the ball, it can easily cause major problems in the future. Left-handed bowlers must make sure that the ball is drilled to perfectly fit the way that they are going to hold and move the ball or they can end up injuring their wrist. Taking the ball to a professional for drilling is, hands down, the best option.


Weight is yet another factor that left-handed bowlers must take into consideration when shopping for a bowling ball. Both right and left handers must make sure that they choose a bowling ball that is the correct weight for their strength and their body or they will struggle to bowl a good game.

Balls that are too light will be too easy to throw and can easily get off course when on the lane. Additionally, they may not have all of the power necessary to make it all the way down to the pins, which can be very frustrating.

Heavier balls, on the other hand, aren’t always the best option either. These can be too difficult to control, tend to have a mind of their own on the lane, and can also easily injure the bowler. Finding the perfect weight is key for a left hander, just as it is for a right hander.

Wrap Up

There are lots of great options, but if we had to pick one the Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball is the top overall pick. Getting your own ball that you use over and over again is bound to really help your game in the long run. So no matter which one you pick, it’s a step in the right direction.

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