Best Bowling Ball for No Thumb – Top 7 Options

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Are you a thumbless bowler trying to find the best bowling ball for no thumb releases? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of top options along with everything you need to know. Let’s check it out…

Best Bowling Ball for No Thumb

Features That You Must Consider

Drill Pattern

The drill pattern is by far one of the most important things to consider when looking for a bowling ball to throw with no thumb. Buying a solid ball and having it professionally drilled is the best way to ensure that the ball will be fitted to the bowler and provide the best possible action on the lane.

Choosing a ball that is pre-drilled is generally not a great idea for any bowler and is an especially bad idea for bowlers who are going to bowl with no thumb. These pre-drilled balls can easily throw off bowlers and make it difficult for them to recover as well as know how to control their rotations and grip.


Bowling without a thumb can be difficult for beginners to learn how to do correctly without injuring themselves, which is why it’s such a good idea to look for a ball that is the right weight. While the weight of a ball plays a huge role in how easily it will travel down the lane, it’s also important to make sure that the ball isn’t so heavy that it is difficult to throw.

Beginners new to bowling with no thumb will generally do a better job when they have slightly lighter balls to throw as they won’t be worried about accidentally injuring themselves or losing control over the ball. The problem with a lighter ball is that it may not have the power necessary to make it all the way down the lane and knock down the pins.

Heavier balls are a good option for more advanced bowlers who feel more comfortable handling heavier, more powerful balls. Because they will generally be better in high-oil conditions and will do a great job gripping the lane, they are great for hooking and more powerful throws.


The coverstock of a bowling ball affects how it rolls and how it grips the lane. Some bowlers who bowl without a thumb make a mistake of not giving the ball enough power to help it get the revolutions that it needs when on the lane. Lighter balls with a plastic or polyester coverstock are often an issue for bowlers who do not have the power that they need for fast revolutions. In this case, a grippy coverstock such as pearl is a better option.

When used on drier lane conditions, however, bowlers who are going to bowl with just two fingers are often going to need balls with a smoother coverstock. This is when plastic is a good option.


Throwing a ball straight can be difficult for bowlers who are learning how to bowl without a thumb but pancake cores and symmetrical cores can make this much easier. More advanced bowlers who aren’t worried about throwing the ball in a straight line or keeping it from curving too much and want to employ a hook should opt for balls with an asymmetrical core.

Best Bowling Balls for No Thumb Bowlers

Hammer Rip’d Pearl

Hammer RIP'D Pearl Bowling Ball Blue/Gold/Light Blue, 14

This great bowling ball is anything but shy and is designed to offer plenty of power and control when used in most any oil conditions. It’s a great option for use without a thumb as it is incredibly balanced and has a powerful, grippy coverstock that will maintain control of the lane no matter the skill of the person using the ball.


  • Durable 3000-grit finish gives the ball plenty of grip on heavy oil lanes.
  • It can also easily be used on medium oil lanes.
  • Aggressive pearl coverstock is great for getting a lot of hook on the ball.
  • Durable carbon fiber core is hard and designed to take hits without breaking.
  • It comes with an impressive three-year warranty.


  • It can be a little too aggressive for some new bowlers to control easily.
  • Strong hook is not a great choice for beginners who are picking up spares.

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Pyramid Path Ball

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball (Pink/Blue/Teal, 10 LB)

It can be difficult for some beginning bowlers to find balls that will not only offer them a great bowling experience but also work for them as they continue to improve. This ball does just that and is a wonderful choice for bowlers who want to try to bowl without their thumbs.


  • It is a great ball for beginners as well as more advanced bowlers.
  • It has a perfect scale rating of 5.0.
  • It comes with a great manufacturer’s two-year warranty, reducing the fear that anything will happen to the ball.
  • Durable polyester coverstock is great for straight shots and for throwing without a thumb.
  • It is incredibly durable and designed to resist cracking and breaking.


  • It can sometimes ship with an internal crack that will break the ball when it is drilled.
  • Color on the screen can sometimes be misleading and doesn’t match the ball in real life.

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Hammer Black Widow

Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow Bowling Ball- Black/Gold, 15lbs

Bowlers who are a little more advanced and who want to get as much power as possible from their throws will want to consider this bowling ball. Not only does it look great but it offers an incredible amount of power, making it an ideal option for any bowler who wants to be able to easily dominate the pins with plenty of hook.


  • Durable, grippy coverstock easily controls the lane and provides tons of control and power.
  • Highly angular core offers a ton of hook, which is great for bowlers who want that power.
  • The aggressive coverstock is durable and won’t easily be damaged.
  • It is perfect for both casual bowlers as well as more advanced or serious bowlers.
  • It is ideal for helping increase average by tearing through the pins.


  • It can sometimes chip if the holes are not drilled correctly.
  • It can sometimes jump when used on lanes with high oil.

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Pyramid Antidote Ball

Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball 13 LB

Sometimes bowlers want balls that are designed to be incredibly powerful and this is a great option for those bowlers. It’s grippy and strong with a durable core that adds a lot of movement and control to the ball. Since it can be hard to control, it is best used by more advanced bowlers as beginners may struggle with it, which can be frustrating.


  • Powerful symmetric core makes this a great bowling ball for bowlers who want straight shots.
  • It comes with a great two-year warranty.
  • It has a perfect scale rating of 201.60.
  • It is a wonderful ball for medium or high oil conditions, thanks to the grippy coverstock.
  • It is finished with a 2000-grit abralon/factory finish polish for a smooth, strong throw.


  • It tends to leave a lot of splits.
  • Some bowlers had to have the ball plugged and redrilled in order to improve control.

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Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Silver, 14 lb

This bowling ball is a great option for bowlers who aren’t using a thumb as long as they have enough power and control over the ball to direct it where they want it to go without difficulties. Designed to be grippy enough to handle light or medium oil but still sleek enough to work well on dry lanes, this powerful ball can be an ally for any bowler.


  • Highly reactive resin ball is a great option for bowlers looking for something with more power.
  • It is ideal for use in light or medium oil conditions.
  • Powerful R-16 coverstock is designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  • It offers plenty of length and lots of power.
  • Back-end hook motion allows for plenty of control when hooking the ball.


  • It tends to have durability issues and can crack or chip easily.
  • It often is delivered with scratches and other damage on the ball.

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Storm Drive Ball

Storm Drive Bowling Ball, Gold/Navy/Red Hybrid, 15lbs

The core of this ball is what gives it its power and ensures that it can easily handle oily lane conditions without problems. Thanks to the dual-drive core, this ball has a great entry angle and can easily power through oil at the head as well as at the completion of the pattern. It’s powerful but does take some getting used to.


  • New R2S Nano Hybrid coverstock can easily handle lots of oil at the head.
  • It provides tons of predictability in the midlane.
  • It features a dual-drive core with a double-weighted block for accuracy and power.
  • It provides plenty of fast revving action as well as great energy transmission.
  • It is finished with a 3000-grit abralon.


  • It must be reconditioned regularly or it will struggle to turn on the lane.
  • Many bowlers find that they must have time to adjust to using this ball and can’t instinctively control it.

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DV8 Alley Cat

DV8 Alley Cat Bowling Ball- Pink/Black, 11lbs

Beginners who are just starting to bowl without a thumb need to make sure that they invest in balls that are easy for them to use. This ball is a great option for any bowler as it is highly responsive, it is not too grippy, and the coverstock is strong and durable without strongly grabbing the lane and causing the ball to hook to the side.


  • Sleek polyester coverstock is great for bowlers using the ball on a wood lane.
  • Pancake core offers plenty of control, which is ideal for bowlers who are just starting out without a thumb.
  • High-gloss finish is smooth and very attractive.
  • It comes with a shoulder sack to make transporting and protecting the ball easy.
  • It is ideal for new bowlers, thanks to how durable the ball is.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of power for hooking.
  • It is not the best option for use on very oiled lanes.

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Wrap Up

There are lots of things to choose from and options to consider, but check out the Brunswick Rhino if you want something durable, reliable and generally well-liked by most people who try it. Just make sure you consider the appropriate weight if you’re going to go thumbless.