Best Bowling Ball for Slow Speed – Top 7 Options

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Trying to find the best bowling ball for slow speed? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to give you the top options along with everything you need to know before making a purchase. Let’s get started…

Best Bowling Ball for Slow Speed

Best Bowling Balls for Slow Seed

Hammer Black Widow Ball

Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow Bowling Ball- Black/Gold, 13lbs

Designed to look great and to offer tons of power and movement, this is a great bowling ball for slower bowlers who want to be able to hook their ball without problems. It easily makes it to the pins without slowing down, even when bowled at a lower speed, thanks to the powerful coverstock and the impressive core.


  • Offers a lot of power and movement to easily dominate the lanes
  • Multiple weight options make it possible to choose one with power that is still light enough to roll
  • Angular core offers a ton of hook for bowlers who want that power
  • Aggressive coverstock helps to grip the land and speed up the ball
  • Offers great follow-through, as well as pin action


  • Tends to leave a lot of corner pins for slower bowlers
  • Can sometimes chip, even during noncompetitive games

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Storm Hy-Road

Storm Hy-Road 15 Pounds

Designed to hold its shape well and to provide plenty of power, this ball is a great option for slower bowlers who want to be able to hook and control the ball easily. The durable coverstock can easily be sanded with grit to adjust the way that the ball responds on certain lanes.


  • Durable hybrid cover helps to speed up the ball instead of slowing it down
  • Offers great grip on the lane thanks to the 1500-grit polish
  • Modified core is designed to allow for plenty of speed and control without scarifying power
  • Has a smooth break point
  • Can easily be adjusted by using abrasive pads on the coverstock, which also allows for easy maintenance


  • Not an ideal ball for use on dry lanes
  • Can be a bit aggressive, which slower bowlers may not appreciate

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Pyramid Path Rising Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Black/Silver, 12lb)

Even though slower bowlers may not be beginners, sometimes using a ball that is designed to be easy for a beginner to use is a good option. This ensures that bowlers are able to easily control the ball and that they can get the speed on it that they need to make it to the pins.


  • Symmetric core not only ensures that the ball responds well on the lane, but also variety when drilling
  • Great for medium-dry lanes
  • Perfect ball for beginners who need power, but aren’t prepared to handle a more powerful or advanced ball
  • Has a Perfect Scale Rating of 181.30
  • Path reactive pearl coverstock provides angular and delayed reaction as well as grip


  • Inside of the ball isn’t always made correctly, and the finger holes can sometimes collapse
  • Can sometimes ship with dents, causing the ball to wobble when rolled

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Storm !Q Ball

Storm IQ Tour Emerald 15lb

This bowling ball is a great option for any slow bowler who wants a lot of power and control over their ball and still needs to add some speed. The professional and precise core was designed to help the ball maintain speed and revolutions, which is great for bowlers of all skill levels.


  • Incredibly reactive ball that offers great control on the lane
  • Symmetric core is a wonderful option for slow bowlers who need a bit more power in their roll
  • Offers great control and the breakpoint
  • Revs up quickly and does a great job maintaining power through the entire trip to the pins
  • Durable pearl reactive coverstock easily grips the lane and allows for a lot of speed when bowling


  • Must be professionally drilled to help improve speed
  • Heavier balls are too difficult for slower bowlers to easily control

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Columbia 300 Chaos Black

Columbia 300 Chaos Black (15)

This is an incredibly responsive bowling ball that does a great job moving quickly down the lane and responds quickly. Even though it is a very solid ball, it is still a good option for slower bowlers who need to feel more response from their ball to guide it to the pins.


  • Available from 10 to 16 pounds so bowlers can choose the right ball for them
  • Excited solid coverstock is incredibly durable and designed to help maintain speed
  • Factory finish polish helps the ball to shine and ensures fast motion down the lane
  • Best for use on medium to heavy oil conditions
  • High differential in the symmetric core allows the ball to pick up speed quickly


  • Not ideal for bowlers who don’t want a lot of hook when bowling
  • Higher weights are very difficult for beginners to control

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Brunswick Rhino Ball

Brunswick Rhino Cobalt/Aqua/Teal Bowling Ball Cobalt/Teal/Aqua, 11lbs

The control that this ball offers bowlers is amazing, as it allows them to easily and perfectly decide where they want the ball to go and then put it there. This is great for all bowlers, regardless of their skill level and what type of throws that they prefer.


  • Durable and reactive coverstock does a great job gripping the lane
  • Finished and polished to perfection to increase speed on the lane
  • Won’t react strongly to uneven surfaces on the lane
  • Great balance of power and control to maximize any speed that the bowler is able to provide
  • Perfect for throwing both straight and curved balls


  • Light bulb core can be difficult for some slower bowlers to control
  • Can sometimes fall short of the pins as it is not the most aggressive ball on the market

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Storm Tropical Ball

Storm Bowling Tropical Ball, Violet/Charcoal, Size 12

This ball tends to be very predictable and easy to control thanks to the inverted light bulb shape of the core. This means that it is a great option for both beginners, as well as more advanced bowlers, no matter how slow they throw the ball. It rolls smoothly and evenly down the lane, easily picking up speed as it goes.


  • Reactor coverstock is durable and helps to speed up the ball down the lane
  • 1500-grit polished finish looks great and adds to the ball’s speed
  • Great beginning ball for bowlers who are interested in the power of reactive resin
  • Wonderful ball option for use on dry lane conditions
  • Has a fun fragrance that is very appealing to some bowlers


  • Holes can sometimes chip if not drilled by a professional
  • Not everyone likes the idea of a scented bowling ball

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Features You Must Consider

Coverstock Type

One of the most important things that slower bowlers need to consider when shopping for a ball that will allow them to improve their game is the coverstock. A lot of thought goes into choosing the coverstock on a bowling ball, especially when bowlers are concerned about lane conditions.

The important thing to remember when debating coverstock for a slow bowler, however, is that more aggressive coverstock will usually allow bowlers to have improved hitting power even at slower speeds. It’s easy to choose a regular urethane or plastic bowling ball, as this will reduce the hook potential of a slower bowler, but this is not always the best choice.

Very aggressive coverstock is not a great option, as slower bowlers will not have the speed that they need to keep the ball from skidding when it is moving down the lane. Instead, opting for a polished solid reactive resin coverstock rather than choosing a matte finish coverstock is a good option. The polished solid reactive coverstock provides great ball skid, as well as a good reaction in the middle of the lane. The matte finish coverstock will generally cause the ball to hook early, especially when there is a lot of oil on the lane.

Pearl reactive coverstock is another good option to consider, but the increased skid length will sometimes be compromised by a sharp hook at the end. Slow speed with a sharp hook is not always the best combination when bowling.

Drilling Layout

Every bowler will need to strongly consider their drilling layout, but slow bowlers must pay attention to how they hold and throw the ball. The right drilling layout will ensure that the back end reaction of the ball is stabilized. This will prevent the ball from hooking too uncontrollably.

Asking for a weaker drilling layout will help to compensate for slower bowling speeds. It’s not a good idea to buy a bowling ball that is pre-drilled, as it won’t offer the right pattern for a slower bowler.


Weight is huge when it comes to choosing the right ball for a slower bowler. Heavier balls are much more difficult to control and to give enough power to, which means that they won’t go as far or as fast. Bowlers who already know that they tend to bowl slowly need to make sure to avoid very heavy balls.

Lighter balls automatically have much more speed to them, which can compensate for a slow bowler. While it’s important to not choose a ball that is too light, as it can be difficult to control and may have a mind of its own, a lighter bowling ball is, in general, a much better choice for a slow bowler than a heavier ball is.


Symmetrical bowling balls have a symmetrical core in them, and they are, hands down, the best option for slower bowlers. They tend to give great motion down the length of the lane and are easier to control without having to worry about them wobbling out of place or hooking without warning.

Luckily, it’s easy to find a great symmetrical bowling ball on the market, allowing slow bowlers to purchase one that won’t work against them and their slower speed.

Wrap Up

Out of all the options here, our favorite pick is the Pyramid Path Rising Ball. If you’re bowling at slow speeds, we think you’ll see some improvements in your game if you decide to pick this one up and take the time to get accustomed to it. We think you’ll love playing with a symmetric core.