Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes – Top 7 Options

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Trying to find the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’re giving you the top options plus everything you need to consider. Let’s check it out…

Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes

Features That You Must Consider

Hook of the Ball

One thing that bowlers must take into consideration when bowling on synthetic lanes is that the ball will generally hook less than on a wooden lane. This means that bowlers who want their balls to hook will have to choose balls that are designed to provide more hook.

This can be very helpful for bowlers who don’t want a lot of hook from their balls as they won’t have to worry about their balls going to the side when bowling. These straight bowlers can easily choose their favorite balls without fear that the ball will react strangely to the durable, hard surface that the bowler is using.

Friction From the Coverstock

Synthetic lanes have a lot less friction than wood lanes do, which means that the ball will slide and travel in a straight line more easily. The coverstock can play a huge role in determining how much control a bowler has over his or her ball and if he or she is able to throw it correctly. When playing on a synthetic lane, bowlers must consider if their coverstock will provide them with enough friction.

Smooth, slick coverstock such as plastic simply doesn’t have the teeth and grip that bowlers need to be able to control their balls on these lanes. Even straight bowlers will sometimes struggle to control their balls when they use slick plastic or polyester balls on a synthetic lane as the ball won’t have much, if any, grip when rolling.

It’s a better option to opt for a more durable and grippy coverstock. Both pearl and stiff coverstock are great options as they will provide a lot more friction when the ball is rolling down the smooth, slick synthetic surface. This allows the bowler to enjoy better control over the ball.

Ball Durability

Some bowling balls are unfortunately simply less durable than other options on the market, which means that they can easily break or crack when they are used on harder lanes. Synthetic lanes tend to be very hard and unforgiving, which means that it’s important to opt for a ball that has a reputation for being durable and strong. When a more durable ball is used, then it means that it is much more likely to last for a long time without being damaged.


The weight of a bowling ball is a very personal thing but is something that bowlers will have to take into consideration when choosing their balls. This is because the weight of a ball can greatly affect how well it works when used on a synthetic surface.

Lighter balls are slippery and can make it difficult for some bowlers to get the speed that they need to really power through a shot. This can be really frustrating as it means that the ball simply may not have the power necessary to make it to the pins.

Heavier balls, on the other hand, may be more difficult to control but have the added benefit of a lot of weight behind them. This additional weight makes it much easier for the ball to continue rolling and gripping the synthetic lane, allowing it to travel further without as much effort.

Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes

Hammer Black Widow Pink

Hammer Black Widow Pink 15lb

This stunning ball is a great option for any bowler who wants a ball that will help him or her to really stand out on the lane. It’s incredibly durable and made from high-quality materials, which means that it will last for a long time. Designed to easily take down the pins, it’s a great option for more advanced bowlers to use on synthetic lanes.


  • Aggressive back end gives the bowling ball plenty of power when it reaches the pins.
  • Great 500/1000 abalone-polish finish is attractive and adds a lot of grip.
  • Durable coverstock not only looks great but is long-lasting.
  • Ball is ideal for slick lanes and for ones with a lot of oil.
  • Durable inner core gives the ball a lot of hook and grip.


  • It can be easy to incorrectly drill, resulting in lower-quality play.
  • Some bowlers find this ball difficult to throw.

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Ebonite Game Breaker 3 Pearl

Ebonite Game Breaker 3 Pearl Bowling Ball, Size 15.0, Purple/Red

This great bowling ball was designed to be one of the most predictable balls on the lane, which makes it a great option for any bowler who is working on perfecting his or her throw. Not only will it easily power through long games without failing but it can easily grip slippery surfaces, making it ideal in lots of conditions.


  • Durable GB 12.7 coverstock is grippy and built to last
  • It is finished with 1000-grit abralon.
  • It provides plenty of length down the front part of the lane.
  • It offers great continuation through the final end of the lane for plenty of power.
  • Attractive finish helps the ball to stand out, making it a favorite of bowlers who want to be the center of attention.


  • It doesn’t always ship well and can be damaged during shipment.
  • Incorrect drilling will cause the ball to crack easily.

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Motiv Venom Shock Pearl

Motiv Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball Purple Pearl/Green/Orange, 15lbs

Designed to offer plenty of back-end motion and tons of power, this ball offers increased performance to most any bowler lucky enough to use it. It’s great for using on a bowling lane when the oil has started to break down and the ball needs to have a bit more grip in order to perform well.


  • Dual-density weight block provides the ball with raw power and movement.
  • It is incredibly versatile on all synthetic lanes no matter how much oil there is.
  • Highly reactive cover allows for plenty of length and an incredibly fast response.
  • Ball is finished with 5500-grip LSP finish for improved performance.
  • It offers great length and hook angle when thrown with enough power.


  • It is much stronger at the break than some bowlers want or can control.
  • Beginners may struggle to keep this ball under control.

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Brunswick Rhino Ball

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Black Pearl, 11 lb

Getting the power that a new bowler needs can be really difficult but this ball makes it easier than ever. Not only does it look great when in play but it offers plenty of control as well as speed and grip. The hook that the ball provides is perfect for bowlers looking for a long hook.


  • It features R-16 reactive coverstock that is balanced for control and power.
  • It offers great back-end hook motion even on slick or synthetic lanes.
  • It is incredibly sensitive on oily and drier parts of the lane.
  • It is a great option for beginners who are looking to move from a plastic or polyester ball to something with more power and control.
  • It features a lightbulb-shaped core for plenty of motion and action.


  • It can crack easily if it is drilled incorrectly.
  • This ball tends to chip, which will affect performance.

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Storm Hy-Road Pearl

Storm Hy-Road Pearl 15 Pounds

Unlike other balls that rely only on the coverstock or on the core for improved performance, this bowling ball has the perfect mix of both a durable exterior and a powerful and perfected core. This combination means that the ball is ideal for use on any synthetic court and can be a powerful ball in the hands of a more skilled bowler.


  • Durable pearl coverstock offers plenty of grip on synthetic lanes.
  • Reactive shell floats easily, allowing the ball to maintain speed.
  • It is designed to easily cut loose on the back end for additional power.
  • It is ideal for bowlers who want to enjoy hooking and power from their balls.
  • New inverted weight block adds additional weight and movement to the ball.


  • It is not a great option for bowlers who have a very high rev rate.
  • It can be difficult for beginners to learn how to control.

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Brunswick Quantum Bias

Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball, White Solid, Size 15

Finding a super-aggressive ball that works well in high oil conditions and on very slick synthetic lanes can be tricky but this is a great option for a lot of bowlers. It’s designed to be powerful and controlled but only in the hands of a skilled bowler. Thanks to the coverstock, it’s a very aggressive ball that hooks easily.


  • It features improved hooking, thanks to unique traction in the white pigment.
  • It has 3.5 times more coverstock for improved durability.
  • Asymmetric core offers plenty of movement on the lane.
  • Ball has a very high hook potential, which is great for powerful bowlers.
  • Unique design on the core compensates for the weight of the ball.


  • It will begin to turn yellow when exposed to oil on the lane.
  • Super-aggressive design is not easy for all bowlers to control.

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Radical Conspiracy Pearl

Radical Conspiracy Pearl 14lb

This bowling ball was designed to offer great continuation down the lane with a hook at the end, which is great for bowlers who want plenty of control and to easily hit a certain pin. This ball still has a lot of power even at lower revolutions, thanks to the impressive DynamiCore that was designed to increase power through the throw.


  • Forged 2 pearl coverstock is durable and offers great grip.
  • It features a dynamic asymmetric core for power and movement.
  • It is designed to offer great angle downlane.
  • It is a great option for a bowler looking for a ball that will provide plenty of continuation.
  • It offers great hitting power with fewer revolutions.


  • Very smooth motion can sometimes slip on oily lanes.
  • It tends to hook far down the lane, which some bowlers don’t like.

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Wrap Up

There are lots of great options to choose from on this list, but if you want something proven and reliable then consider the Brunswick Quantum Bias. Especially if you are someone that bowls with a lot of power, we think you’ll really like it on synthetic lanes. Happy bowling!