Best Bowling Ball for Two Finger Bowler – Top 7 Options

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Trying to find the best bowling ball for two finger bowlers? You’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite options on the market along with everything you need to know on the topic. Let’s get started…

Best Bowling Ball for Two Finger Bowler

Best Bowling Balls for Two Finger Bowlers

Motiv Venom Shock Ball

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball (16lbs)

Not only does this bowling ball look impressive, but it offers great power and control on the lane. It is a wonderful option for use on oily lanes and can manage to easily grab the lane without many problems. Not only that, but the durable coverstock means that this bowling ball is designed to last for years without breaking.


  • Provides a great angular backend when it gets closer to the pins
  • Bright colors attract a lot of attention on the lane
  • Perfect for use on light to medium oil lanes
  • Highly reactive coverstock allows the ball to grip the lane and ensure a great hook
  • Tends to hook mid length, which is great for fast changes


  • Can be difficult to bowl a straight line with this ball
  • Heavier design and grippy coverstock aren’t great on dry lanes

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Radical Conspiracy Ball

Radical Bowling Products Conspiracy Bowling Ball- 14Lbs, Black, 14

Designed to be one of the most powerful and aggressive balls on the lane, this bowling ball not only looks durable, but is incredibly strong and powerful. It has a lot of bite, which means that it won’t slide around on a bunch of oil on the lane, and it is also very versatile thanks to the combination of coverstock and low RG core.


  • Offers great hook with a wonderful entry angle
  • Asymmetric core ensures that the ball has a lot of movement on the lane
  • Forged and durable coverstock is designed to add more hook and grip to the ball
  • Provides great continuation and power down the lane
  • Very aggressive ball that is great for confident bowlers


  • Can be too aggressive and difficult to control for some bowlers
  • Tends to hook early, which can make adjusting the throw necessary for best results

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Roto-Grip Halo Ball

Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball, 13

The bright blue and pink design of this bowling ball may make it look sweet, but it is a force to be reckoned with on any lane. The ball can easily cut through any oil on the lane and has enough weight and power to it to easily reach the pins.


  • Radial disc shape in the core allows the ball to provide plenty of rotation
  • Easily travels down the lane, thanks to the power in the ball
  • Perfect for use on most any lane, as it can bite through oil and travel easily
  • Asymmetrical core and centrum coverstock produce a durable and tough ball
  • Has a great back hook, which makes it easy to hit the pocket


  • Not a good option for bowlers who want an earlier hook
  • Can be difficult to throw a perfectly straight shot to pick up a spare

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Brunswick Strike King Ball

Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball, Purple/Pink Pearl, 10-Pound

This is a great beginning ball for bowlers who want to learn how to bowl with just two fingers. Thanks to the power that it offers as well as how easily it responds to hooking in the wrist, it is fairly easy for most bowlers to learn how to control without a lot of effort or practice.


  • Highly reactive coverstock gives this ball the power and grip it needs for any lane conditions
  • Attractive finish has a gloss polish that makes the ball stand out
  • Strike King symmetrical core still allows for plenty of rotation when used by advanced bowlers
  • Offers a medium to quick response to any friction on the lane
  • Provides great length on most any lane


  • Not a great option for more advanced bowlers
  • Can sometimes chip if not drilled correctly

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Ebonite Futura Ball

Ebonite Futura 15lb

In terms of predictability, it’s hard to find a better bowling ball. This ball has been designed to break at the same point each time that it is thrown, making it possible for bowlers to easily determine where the ball will break and to adjust their throw accordingly.


  • Impressive coverstock has been redesigned to add more grip and power to the ball
  • New core design ensures that bowlers have plenty of power and control over the ball when bowling
  • High-density core material ensures great RG motion
  • Has a little extra back end and is very strong off the pin deck
  • Perfect for use on fresh oil patterns that may otherwise throw off another ball


  • Reads friction soon, which is not ideal for all bowlers
  • Can be a bit difficult for beginning bowlers to learn how to control

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Pyramid Antidote Ball

Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball 13 LB

Designed to grip the lane and to prevent the bowler from throwing strikes, this ball has a powerful and durable coverstock that allows it to stay in place when thrown. It does hook, and it slides easily from the hand when drilled with a two finger pattern, making it a good choice for any bowler who is interested in learning how to bowl like this.


  • Symmetric core is updated and large enough to help provide plenty of rotation as well as hook
  • Perfect for medium or heavy oil conditions and won’t slide off the lane
  • Comes with an impressive 2-year warranty
  • Has a Perfect Scale Rating of 201.60
  • Medium flare potential means that this ball can provide enough hook and curve


  • Tends to leave a lot of pocket splits if not controlled correctly
  • Some bowlers report that it doesn’t have a lot of action

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DV8 Pitbull Bark Ball

DV8 Bowling Products Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball- 15Lbs, Black/Red/Green, 15

Bowlers who want to be able to hook the ball hard when bowling with just two fingers are sure to be impressed with the power and control that this ball offers. It’s a great option for any bowler who is interested in a ball that can easily handle even the most oily lane conditions without slipping or sliding.


  • Durable fang max cover stock allows the ball to grip the lane with plenty of power to spare
  • Perfect for providing a maximum hook even when used on heavy oil conditions
  • Has a Proven DynamiCore to help ensure proper hooking and rotation
  • Low RG asymmetric core keeps the ball hooking hard to the side
  • Finished with a 1000-grit pad to help keep the ball moving smoothly down the lane


  • Doesn’t offer as much continuous drive through the pocket
  • Core is higher quality than the coverstock, which may easily wear out

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Things to Consider

Drill Pattern

One of the most important things to consider when planning to bowl with just two fingers is what the drill pattern in the ball is going to be. The right drill pattern will help provide more hook and a much stronger ball motion, making it easier to control the ball and ensure that it makes it the entire way down the lane.

Another option for a drill pattern is to place the pin to PAP distance much closer. This results in a ball that has a low flare layout and is a great option for two finger bowlers who have high revolutions when bowling. The lower flare results in a much lower hook from the ball and ensures that bowlers can easily feel more in control of the ball when bowling.

Buying a ball that isn’t already pre-drilled is the most important thing for two finger bowlers. While it can be tempting to try to save some money and choose a ball that is already drilled, these balls generally aren’t going to be the best option since they won’t be customized to the unique needs and power of the bowler using the ball.


The weight is also important to consider when bowling with just two fingers. While every bowler has to be sure that they choose a ball that is the right weight for them to easily control while still offering enough power and movement, this is even more important for two finger bowlers.

Since the bowlers won’t have the power or control of their thumb in another hole in the ball, they may need to opt for a ball that is a bit lighter. This slightly lighter weight will make it easier for bowlers to throw the ball with enough power while still retaining control.

Additionally, since the wrist and the ball must be twisted when it is still in the air, a slightly lighter ball will be much easier to control and make achieving this motion easier without the threat of wrist injury.


Throwing a ball with a two-finger grip will usually result in a much more severe hook. Of course, bowlers can easily choose a ball that will play into this hooking, allowing them to enjoy an even more drastic hook, if desired.

Plastic balls are great for picking up spares, and even two finger bowlers can easily throw these balls. However, if the bowler wants to increase the amount of hook that they have when playing, then they need to skip the plastic and opt instead for a resin coverstock. This gives the ball a bit more stick and allows it to better grip the lane, which means that it will curve and hook faster and easier.


To help play into the hooking power of a two finger bowler, the right core must be selected. While pancake and symmetric cores are both great options for bowlers who tend to bowl straight, bowlers who use only two fingers and want the ball to hook hard will need to consider a ball with an asymmetric core. This core will help keep the ball rolling down the lane while also helping to pull it to the side in a great hook.

Wrap Up

Now that Our favorite of the bunch is the Motiv Venom Shock Ball. It’a fantastic option for two finger bowlers and should help you get better scores once you become accustomed to it.