Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers – Top 7 Options

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Are you trying to find the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’re giving you the top options along with everything that you need to know before buying. Let’s get started…

Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers

Quick Summary

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Purple/Steel Blue, 10lb)Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball

  • Ball is comfortable to hold and control
  • Perfect Scale Rating of 181.30
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    Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue Bowling Ball (6-Pounds)Brunswick TZone Ball

  • Low hook potential for straight shots
  • Great for any lane conditions
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    Storm Bowling Products Physix Bowling Ball- 15lbs, Red/Blue/Purple, 15Storm Physix Ball

  • Iconic core for easy hook
  • Durable coverstock great for wetter conditions
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    Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Balls, Cherry Red, 15 lbHammer Vibe Cherry

  • Ideal for use in lighter oil conditions
  • Attractive and durable exterior
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    Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball (14lbs)Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

  • Aggressive ball allows for tons of speed
  • Professional Gas Mask core for great backend movement
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    Best Bowling Balls for Two Handed Bowlers

    Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball

    Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Purple/Steel Blue, 10lb)

    With so many different color options to choose from, this is a great ball for any bowler who really wants to stand out when at the lanes. The ball is incredibly durable and is designed to be long-lasting and to withstand accidental drops, which means that it won’t easily be damaged when it is thrown hard by a two handed bowler.


    • Great ball for beginners, as it is perfectly weighted and very comfortable to hold and control
    • Has a Perfect Scale Rating of 181.30
    • Great for use on medium-dry lanes
    • 1500-grit helps the ball easily grip the surface of the lane, even when thrown at higher speeds
    • Durable reactive pearl coverstock provides a great delayed and angular reaction


    • Can sometimes ship with small dents in the ball
    • Doesn’t always have the same great appearance as online

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    Brunswick TZone Ball

    Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue Bowling Ball (6-Pounds)

    Even though this bowling ball is not quite as durable as other options, it’s a great choice for advanced two handed bowlers who want to be able to easily pick up a spare during their game. Because it does such a wonderful job rolling straight after being thrown, it is a very reliable ball that bowlers can easily rely on when they are in a pinch.


    • Great option for shooting spares
    • Has a low hook potential, which is great for straight shots
    • Great for use with any lane conditions
    • Tends to travel very straight when released and has plenty of power
    • Multiple color options ensure that a bowler stands out in the lanes


    • Plastic/polyester coverstock is not the most durable option on the market
    • Not very easy to hook, which is frustrating for some bowlers

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    Storm Physix Ball

    Storm Bowling Products Physix Bowling Ball- 15lbs, Red/Blue/Purple, 15

    While this ball is powerful, it still offers plenty of control, making it a great choice for any two handed bowler who wants to make sure that they can easily knock down as many pins as possible. Thanks to the durable design and the great core and coverstock, this ball is a wonderful option for easily crashing through pins on most any lane.


    • Iconic core allows the ball to easily hook when thrown correctly
    • Durable coverstock makes this a great option to use on wetter conditions
    • Offers a great combination of power and dynamics
    • Easily powers down the entire length of the lane at the alley
    • Smooth hook makes it easy for bowlers to land the ball in the perfect location


    • Not an ideal option for straight shooting
    • Beginners may struggle to control this powerful ball

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    Hammer Vibe Cherry

    Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Balls, Cherry Red, 15 lb

    The attractive cherry color of this bowling ball is sure to attract plenty of attention at the lane, making the bowler using this ball the center of attention. It’s designed to not only be stunning, but also durable, and to provide plenty of power when rolling the ball with two hands.


    • Does a wonderful job of easily and quickly traveling the entire length of the bowling lane
    • Ideal for use in lighter oil conditions
    • Factory finish and 2000-grit abralon provide an attractive and durable exterior
    • Carbon fiber infused to ensure that the ball is as tough and durable as possible
    • Hard inner core adds durability and strength to the ball


    • Can sometimes ship with a gouge in the ball
    • Even though the coverstock is durable, it doesn’t perform well in high oil conditions

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    Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

    Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball (14lbs)

    Known to be aggressive, to hook easily, and to grip the lane for plenty of control, this ball is a wonderful option for the more competitive two handed bowler. It allows for plenty of speed and carry-through, which means that it has all of the power necessary to easily plow through the pins at the end of the lane.


    • Improved version of the Black Widow ball has increased power and control
    • Aggressive ball allows for tons of speed thanks to the polished cover
    • Professional Gas Mask core allows the ball to have great backend movement
    • Does a wonderful job of carrying through the pins for the best chance at a strike
    • Best used on medium or heavy oil lanes


    • Can sometimes scuff up easily, requiring additional care
    • Small chips in the exterior of the ball can quickly get worse, causing the ball to crack

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    Pyramid Antidote Ball

    Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball 13 LB

    Two handed bowlers who have a high revolution rate and need a ball that will respond quickly and travel farther down the lane before hooking will appreciate this bowling ball. It is a powerful option that is still relatively easy to throw, thanks to the durable core and coverstock.


    • Symmetric core is designed to give the ball plenty of power on straight shots
    • Comes with a 2-year warranty in case of damage to the ball
    • Ideal for use on wetter lanes that are medium or high oil
    • Solid coverstock does a wonderful job of protecting the ball and gripping the lane
    • Offers great flare potential and continuation through the entire length of the lane


    • Doesn’t have as much action as other similar balls
    • Tends to grab and hook hard, which is not ideal for beginners and can be difficult to control

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    Storm Pitch Black Ball

    Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball, 15-Pound

    Two handed bowlers who struggle to control their hook will love the power that this ball offers them. It’s a great choice for any bowler who wants to get their hook under control and who needs to be able to better control their revolutions and power, as well. It looks great on the lane and has a durable coverstock that stands up to damage.


    • High-quality and durable capacitor core gives the ball a lot of power
    • Comes with a 1000-grit factory finish
    • The durable solid urethane coverstock grips the lane easily
    • Great for helping to control any flare potential
    • Great for use on dry conditions and offers tons of power and control


    • Core can sometimes separate from the shelf with harder throws
    • Some beginning two handed bowlers may struggle to get this ball to hook correctly at first, requiring more practice

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    Things to Consider


    The material of a bowling ball plays a huge role in how durable it is as well as how well the ball will travel down the lane. One thing that two handed bowlers must take into consideration is the durability of the coverstock, as the ball can hit the lane very hard, especially when a beginner is learning to bowl in this style.

    Some coverstock, such as resin options, tend to be a bit more durable and long-lasting than plastic. While plastic moves very quickly down the lane and is a great option for bowlers who are interested in a lot of speed, it can sometimes be an issue.

    Resin also tends to be grippier once it hits the lane, which means that it won’t go sliding off. This can be a huge issue because it means that the ball won’t stay moving in the desired direction. Opting for a bowling ball that has a durable and grippy coverstock is a smart move.


    The core of a bowling ball is important, no matter how the bowler throws the ball. Pancake and symmetrical cores are great for keeping the ball moving forward in a straight line, while asymmetrical cores tend to give the ball more hook and movement. One thing that bowlers need to take into consideration is how they release the ball when they bowl in a two handed style.

    What makes this style of bowling so tricky is the way that the ball is released. If the ball is not released perfectly, then it will automatically jerk off to the side. Bowlers need to consider whether they can throw the ball straight or if they want a ball that will help to compensate for any jerky motions that they make when bowling.


    Due to the way that two handed bowlers throw the ball, it’s important that they make sure that they choose a ball that is incredibly durable and able to withstand the high speed and heavy drop that the ball will make when it comes in contact with the lane.

    Some balls have a reputation for being more durable than others do, which means that they are designed to last longer without being cracked or broken. It’s a good idea for any two handed bowler to strongly consider a ball that is known for being durable, as this decreases the likelihood of the ball being damaged during a game.


    Generally speaking, two handed bowlers can easily handle a bit more weight in their bowling ball than traditional bowlers are able to. This is because they get a lot of their power from their legs and their body, and not just from their arm when they throw the ball.

    Because these bowlers can often handle a bit more weight, they can easily choose a ball that is heavier. This means that they will be able to rely more on increased power from the ball when throwing it. Unlike lighter balls that won’t easily travel the entire length of the lane, heavier balls will.

    While heavier balls are much harder to control than lighter balls are, the fact that they are thrown with the whole body can make it easier to aim them correctly. it is a matter of personal preference, but two handed bowlers often are happy with a ball that is a bit heavier than normal.

    Wrap Up

    For two handed bowlers, we think that one of the heavier versions of the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball would be a fantastic choice. It’s a tried and true ball that’s fantastic for two handed players.