15 Different Types of Dart Games – Do You Know Them All?

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Most people know how to play basic darts, but did you know there are a plethora of different types of dart games you can play? In this post, we'll get into a bunch of fun mini-games and how you can play them.

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Let's begin...


This is the most popular and easiest dart game to learn. It’s perfect for beginners and for players who are looking to improve their accuracy when throwing darts.

Players start with a score that ends in 01, such as 301, 501, or 1001. The goal of the game is to get to zero by throwing darts to subtract points from your total score.

The player who is able to get to zero first without accidentally going under zero is the winner. Advanced and beginning players will have differing strategies to win, depending on how well they are able to throw the dart and hit the number they want.


This is another common dart game, but does require a little more strategy than X01, which can make it harder for beginning players to win. Each player tries to close down all numbers between 20 and 15, as well as a bulls-eye.

To close a number, a player must hit it three times.

While the basic components of the game are simple, it is in the scoring that Cricket can get confusing. It’s best to close higher numbers first, as players will earn more points if they are the one who has closed a higher number.

Broad Jump

In this fun game, which is great for odd numbers, as well as teams or individuals, players compete to jump more than their opponents.

Each player has three darts and tries to advance their numbers by making large jumps on the board. They must do this in order or they are not able to complete the jumps.

The targets on the board are in order, which prevents players from jumping all over the board and ensures that everyone is evenly paced.

When a player misses with their three darts, then their turn is over and they can’t throw again. The game is over when all players have missed, and the longest jump wins the game.


This is a great game for larger groups of people to play together, and tends to end fairly quickly as each player only gets three shots for each hole. The game can be set at either 9 or 18 holes.

The object is to complete each hole using as few throws as possible, and the player who has the lowest score at the end of all of the holes is the winner.

The outer ring is a hole in one, the inner triples ring is two strokes, the wedge between the triples ring and bullseye is three strokes, and the thick wedge between the triples ring and doubles ring is four strokes.

Players who miss the number completely will score five.


This is a simple dart game that is great not only for individual players, but also for teams to play. The object of the game is to score the most runs during each inning, and the player or team with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Each player can throw three darts during the inning. In the first inning the target is 1’s, in the second it is 2’s, and so on. Only the numbers hit during their designated inning will count.

Even though the rules of Baseball are easy, it can be difficult for beginners who struggle to hit certain numbers, making it great for practice.


During Loop, two or more players compete, each with three darts. Players decide who gets to go first by determining who is able to throw closest to the bullseye.

Each player is given between three to five lives and has these lives recorded with their name on the board. Each player is expected to hit the board with their first throw and then to hit the same spot with their consecutive throws, or they lose.

Players who are able to bunch their throws will obviously have an advantage, so that makes this a great game for players who are similarly good at darts.

Around the Clock

This fast-paced game generally takes under 10 minutes to complete, and can be enjoyed by any number of players. It’s really easy to handicap during this game, which means that it is a great option for stronger and weaker players to enjoy together.

Players must try to hit every number in order and complete the numbers before other players.

There isn’t any scoring in this game, as long as players can remember what number they hit last. It’s a fairly low-pressure game that is ideal for players to practice hitting numbers in order and to work on their aim.


This is a fun game for teams of two players and combines the child’s game with playing darts.

Players try to get a tic-tac-toe by having three O’s or X’s in a row.

By drawing a tic-tac-toe board on the dartboard, players can play this classic game with darts. It’s usually a good idea to have a second, smaller board on hand that scores can be marked on.


This game tends to be much more difficult than some of the other dart games that people play. It can be played by any number of people, but they all need to be similarly skilled for best results.

The object is to close six numbers and hit the bullseye before an opponent can.

Players have to close random numbers in order, and have to close each one before they are able to move on to the next.

The best strategy for this game is to practice a lot and work on grouping to make it easier to throw three darts in a row at the same number.

Chase the Dragon

This fun game is a favorite of a lot of people and is fairly easy to learn and play.

Players must hit all designated numbers in order from 10 to 20 and then hit the outer and inner bullseye to win this game. Since the numbers must be played in sequence, it does make it a little more difficult for beginning players to win.

The player who can hit all 12 scoring areas before any of their opponent is able to is the winner of the game.


This is a great game for groups of three or more and is one of the few games that tends to be more fun when there are larger groups of people playing it.

To win, a player must be the last person with any life left.

Names are placed on the scoreboard in any order, and play begins with the first player throwing their dart with their non-dominant hand. Whatever number it hits is written next to the player’s name.

When a player hits the double on their number, then they are a killer, and they must now kill their opponents. This is done by hitting double their number.

Australian Cricket

Played by teams or individuals, Australian Cricket is similar to the actual game of Cricket.

Players try to score higher than their opponents can by taking turns as a batsman.

The batsman is determined by who can throw a dart closer to the bullseye, and then play continues with the batsman trying to score points by hitting the thin outer doubles ring and thin inner triples ring.

The bowler then goes, trying to bowl nine wickets quickly without accidentally throwing a dart outside of the triples ring, as this will give points to the batsman.

Bullseye Baseball

This is a more difficult dart game that is played like Baseball, but has a fun twist to make it more fun and challenging.

The player with the highest score wins the game, and players earn points by throwing three darts at the inning’s number. However, they can only earn their points if they hit a bullseye after throwing their darts. Without hitting the bullseye they will not score any points.

If there is a tie at the end of the game, then players can compete to see who can hit the bullseye the most times to win.


Players compete against each other in an attempt to build a castle, which is represented by a pyramid of boxes.

Players throw a dart with their non-dominant hand to get a random number, which is then their target for the castle during the rest of the game.

Each player then has three darts to build their castle. When they hit their target number they check off a box in their castle. Hitting the thin doubles ring gives two boxes, and hitting the triples ring gives three.

Players must check off all 15 boxes first to build their castle and win the game, but can choose to knock down their opponent’s boxes instead of trying to score, if desired.

Call Three

As a practice game, this is a wonderful way for players to work on their skill and accuracy. Each player competes to try to have the high score, and players play for 10 rounds.

Players call off three numbers for their opponents to hit, and each player must hit those numbers in the proper order.

After 10 rounds, the player who has the highest score from hitting the most of their numbers is the winner. Players can used knowledge about their opponent’s weaknesses against them and give them numbers that are difficult for them to hit.