Dart Flights – 11 Different Types and Shapes

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There are many different types of dart flights. If you're serious about the game it really helps to learn which is which along with the different applications.

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Let’s check them out – here’s a quick list of our favorites and where to find them

ImageProductWhere to Buy
20 Sets Wholesale Standard Dart FlightsStandard

  • Very common and fairly large
  • Ideal for those with less force or who tend to lob
  • View on Amazon
    5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights SlimSlim

  • Ideal for those who tend to throw the dart a lot harder
  • For those who use shorter or lighter shafts
  • View on Amazon
    Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight - Pear Dart Flight (Dark Blue)Pear

  • Unique shape designed to provide a lot of lift
  • Easy to control
  • View on Amazon
    PerfectDarts 3 x Sets Vortex Darts Flights BlueVortex

  • Offers a mix of standard flight and pear-shaped flight
  • Keeps plenty of space on the board
  • View on Amazon
    PerfectDarts 1 x Set Robson Plus Rigid Dart Flights FANTAIL BlackFan Tail

  • Great for those who prefer lightweight darts
  • Betters ability to obtain a high score
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    20 Sets Wholesale Standard Dart Flights

    Standard dart flights are incredibly common and also fairly large. They are a great option for any dart player who wants to be able to play darts with less force or who tends to lob, instead of throw a straight shot when playing.

    They do a great job stabilizing the flight path and straightening the dart when it is in the air.

    Dart players who tend to throw their darts and end up with the darts hanging in the board and their flights angled down to the floor will likely want to opt for a standard flight in a larger size. Since these flights tend to have a lot of drag, they will actually serve to push the tip of the dart up, which is great for correcting downward angles.

    Standard flights are a wonderful option to use on heavier darts, as they will stay in the air for a longer period of time, even when thrown with a lighter throw.


    5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

    Smaller than standard flights, slim flights are perfect for dart players who tend to throw the dart a lot harder and don’t like to lob their throws. They are also ideal for players who use darts with shorter shafts or that are lighter.

    Another time to use a slim flight is when a dart player throws their darts at higher and upward angles, as using a smaller and slimmer flight can be a better option to help level out the throws. This will allow a player to continue to throw without changing their arm motion, but will ensure that the dart stays on track.

    Slim flights are also great as they will reduce any possibility of the dart bouncing back out of the board. Additionally, they are ideal when they are used in tight groupings, especially on short shafts. Using slim flights in tight groupings is much less likely to result in damage to the flights.


    Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight - Pear Dart Flight (Dark Blue)

    Pear flights, or teardrop shaped flights, have a very unique shape that is designed to provide a lot of lift even though they have a smaller area. They are much rounder than many of the other flights that you can buy.

    Thanks to their rounded shape and the fact that they are so wide, these flights make it easy for dart players to place their darts exactly where they want them. This can be tricky with larger flights.

    The small shape of the pear flight, as well as the way that it tapers in on both ends makes it very easy to control. They are perfect for any dart player who tends to struggle with lift and getting their dart to rise and hold its trajectory.

    When choosing pear flights, dart players need to look for ones that are premolded so that they won’t lose their 90-degree angles.


    PerfectDarts 3 x Sets Vortex Darts Flights Blue

    Vortex flights simply look faster than most other flights, and they offer a mix between a standard flight, as well as a pear-shaped flight. They provide the dart player with plenty of stability, which is great for players who want control over where their dart will land.

    However, since these dart flights are so very narrow, they do a great job at keeping plenty of space on the board open for additional darts to be thrown. This is great for grouping and makes it easy for players to maneuver between existing darts.

    Their interesting shape is appealing to a lot of players who may pick up vortex flights due to the way that they look and then may continue to use them thanks to the control they offer.


    While combat flights may look similar to the fan tail flight, they have less surface area and a sharper design and shape, which allows them to efficiently and quickly cut through the air.

    They are a wonderful choice for use with soft and steel tip darts, and therefore can appeal to a wide range of dart players. Additionally, they are ideal for controlled flights and for players who want perfect aim when playing.

    They are incredibly slim, which means that they can enjoy a lot of speed. When in the hands of an advanced darts player, these flights offer a wonderful combination of speed and control.

    Fan Tail

    PerfectDarts 1 x Set Robson Plus Rigid Dart Flights FANTAIL Black

    Fan tail flights are a great option for dart players who prefer lightweight darts or tend to throw their dart a little harder than normal and are looking for a flight that will allow them to better their ability to obtain a high score.

    The great thing about fan tail flights is that they are much smaller, which means that they don’t cover up a lot of the target, which makes it easier for some players to control their scoring.

    One problem that some dart players have with fan tail flights is that they can wobble or wave in the air. Dart players who have this problem will be much better off choosing something with a more standard shape.

    The slim shape of the fan tail flight isn’t for everyone, but it is great for players looking for extra control and who can already control their throws.


    PerfectDarts 5 x Sets HARROWS Retina Blue Dart Flights Standard

    Smooth flights are prized for their ability to easily move through the air without a lot of drag. This is great for dart players who are looking for a flight that won’t experience a lot of drag, which can slow down the flight.

    They come in a variety of different shapes, which makes it easy for players to choose the shape that they need for the best results and then opt for a smooth finish.

    Dart players who opt for smoother flights find that they fly incredibly quickly through the air. This means that the dart is going to be much truer to the throw than if the user had opted for a textured flight.

    Players who may not know the best way to hold and throw their dart will likely want to opt for a smooth flight instead of a textured flight, as they will be more easily thrown in a straight and smooth line.


    LSTYLE Dart Flights: L6 PRO Slim - Dimple Texture - Red

    While smooth flights are loved by dart players because they cause the dart to travel so quickly through the air, textured flights are the exact opposite. They create a lot more drag on the dart and cause it to slow down when in motion.

    The texture is what causes the dart to experience different behavior in the air, which means that dart players who are struggling to control their dart may need to choose a different flight.

    When darts aren’t behaving as desired and simply don’t have the throwing power and control as usual, then there is likely a problem with the flight being textured. Changing out the textured flight for something smoother generally will give the dart player a little more control over the action of the dart.


    Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight - Kite Dart Flight (Red)

    Dart flights that are kite shaped are wider at the end and cut in sharply towards the shaft of the dart. This is an extreme angle that is unlike any other flight on the market.

    The flight is named because it is in the shape of a kite. While this design looks great, it also offers the dart player incredible control over their dart. It’s perfect for players who want to be able to place their darts in an exact location on the board.

    The kite shape of this flight makes it ideal for tight or close groupings. Even players who struggle with close groupings are likely to find that they are a little bit easier when they opt for this flight, as it was specifically designed for this use.


    Lantern flights are unique in that they have an advanced shape that is designed to make them very aerodynamic. This unique shape is special because it makes it easier for the tail of the dart to stay farther down and prevents it from lifting over the nose of the dart.

    Not only does the tail of the dart stay low during flight when a lantern flight is used, but the dart itself remains relatively stable.

    Players who struggle to keep their dart at a straight and flat level when playing darts may benefit from a lantern flight. These are designed to offer a lot of speed without sacrificing any stability, making them a good compromise.

    No. 6


    A No. 6 shape is simply a much smaller standard size flight. They are designed to provide a ton of stability and lift to the dart when it is in motion, without sacrificing the control that the dart player wants.

    Not only do they offer a lot of stability and control, but they are a wonderful option for beginning players because they are so forgiving and won’t wobble or shift position in the air.

    More advanced dart players will also appreciate the shape of the No. 6 flight, as they are so stable. Even though they don’t offer the same slim profile as other flights, they are a great all-around flight that most dart players can benefit from using.