15 Dodgeball Variations – Different Games That Are a Ton of Fun

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We all played it in gym class, but who would have thought that there are so many different kinds of dodgeball variations that you can play. In this article, we're listing out 15 different types of dodgeball games that you can play to mix it up and have tons of fun.

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While this variation of dodgeball follows the traditional rules of the game, it is played on a trampoline grid or on trampoline sidewalks, which gives players the freedom to enjoy a lot more movement during the game.

Players can’t be pushed out of bounds during the game, so players must try to defeat each other using catches and hits.

Since this game is more physically demanding than traditional dodgeball, it’s normal for players to get worn out when playing. Additionally, players can more easily dodge and move across the surface of the trampolines when they are attacking or trying to get away from an opponent.

Poison Ball

This is a popular game that is great for kids who aren’t going to be hitting each other with the balls. Players divide into two teams, and all of the balls are placed in the center of the field.

Each round of the game lasts only a few minutes, and during that time players try to get as many balls as possible on their opponent’s side of the field.

At the end of the time, the balls are counted up, and the team who has the fewest balls on their side is the winner. All balls count for one point, except for the poison ball, which counts as five points.

Blob Ball

This game is similar to the popular tag game, “blob tag.” When one person, who is It, hits another person with a ball, then that person must join hands with the blob created by the player who is It.

As more and more players are hit, the blob gets bigger, but other players can hit members of the blob with a ball and free them to form their own blob.

Players move back and forth between the blobs as they are hit, and the player who has the biggest blob at the end of the game is the winner.

Medic Ball

Also known as “doctor” ball, there is one leader on each team of players who tries not to get hit and who is the medic for their team. When their teammates are hit, they must fall to the ground and wait for the medic to come and help them.

The game will end immediately if the medic is hit, so opponents need to try to figure out who the medic is for the opposing team and then target that player.

It’s common for teams to have a fake doctor as a decoy so that they will be targeted instead of the real medic.


In this version of dodgeball, players split into two teams and use five balls. Their zone is split into three areas, and each team can travel in their own zone or in the central zone.

Each team also has three pins, and tries their best to knock down the pins of their opponent or to eliminate the players on the other team.

Players who are hit are automatically out, but they can deflect the ball with a ball in their hand to stay in the game. Additionally, players who catch a ball are able to bring back a player from their team who has been out.

Gaga Ball

This is also sometimes called “octoball,” as it is played in an octagonal enclosure as often as possible. If an octagonal enclosure is not available, then the game needs to be played in a room with walls.

Players work to eliminate their opponents by hitting the ball into their body below the knees. When a player is hit in this way, then they are out and must leave the game.

Players can also be eliminated if the ball that they hit is caught in the air.

This is a very hands-off game, and players can be eliminated for pushing players during the game.

Four Corners

Sometimes referred to as “four corners,” this game has a court split into four different zones and requires four teams of equal numbers of players. Players work to fully eliminate a team in another quadrant so that they can take over that space.

When players are out they must leave the game, but can be brought back into the game at a later time.

If there are only one or two quadrants available, then a team can shoot baskets to try to bring their entire team back into the game, which will give them a clear advantage.


This version of dodgeball requires two teams and between 1 to 10 balls. The fielding team stands on the court sidelines and makes a space for the running team to get through.

Runners must start at one end of the court and run to the other and then back before they are eliminated by balls thrown by the fielding team.

Runners carry balls or other items to pass back and forth as they reach the end of the field, but if they are hit, then another runner has to come and take the item from them to continue the game.

Eliminated players can help their team by blocking thrown balls, but must stay seated on the ground.

All for One

During this fast-paced game, which is played in an open field, players run around in the space and try to get as many of their opponents out as possible.

When a player is hit by a ball, then they sit down where they were hit. They can return to the game when the player who took them out is removed from the game.

It is very difficult to win, as everyone will be trying to take out the strongest player, and this game often results in players forming alliances to better their chances of winning.


While this game may seem like traditional dodgeball, it is played with a twist. When players are hit, then they must go and stand on the wall behind their opponents.

Players can get back in if their teammates are able to throw them a ball and they catch it, which will allow them to come back to their original side.

Teams can also free all of their players who are “out” and bring them back into the game by throwing a ball through the basketball hoop on the other side of the court, if they are playing on a basketball court.

Protect the President

There are a few variations for this type of dodgeball game. In one, a bodyguard and a president are in a circle, and the bodyguard does everything that they can to block the president from being hit.

This is a great version for younger children, or to be played in a wide and open space.

Another version requires teams to choose a president and then to protect them while trying to decide who the president is for the other team. Once they know who the president is, the team will want to try to eliminate them.


Each team can have either one or two Jedis, who stay in a circle on their side of the field for protection. Players who are hit must sit down, but can be healed if a Jedi will leave their circle of protection and come to them.

When a Jedi is hit the first time out of the circle of protection, then they must hop on one foot. If they are hit a second time then they are out of the game.

There are other variations, including one where players who are hit when the Jedi is out of the circle are automatically out. Others allow a Jedi to have a foam noodle as a lightsaber, which will give them a farther reach from their circle of protection.


This variation has the same rules and playing format as traditional dodgeball, but is a lot of fun because it is played in a room with the lights turned off.

By using dodgeballs that glow in the dark and also using blacklights, it makes it easier for players to see what is going on during the game. Additionally, many players opt to wear glow necklaces and bracelets, which adds to the fun of the game.

While dodgeballs that glow in the dark can be used during outside games, this version is generally played indoors where the players can get the most use out of the black lights. To make the game even more fun and exciting, there can be music playing or even DJ lighting that will help light up the field.

Rapid Fire

To set up this game of dodgeball there must be three hula hoops in the center of the field. One player stands in each hoop and has three dodgeballs with them.

The other players must all try to get from one side of the field to the other without getting hit by a player in the hula hoops. When players are hit by a ball, then they are out of the game.

After all players have crossed the field, the throwers retrieve their balls to continue the game.

Throwers can only throw when they are in their hoops, but can leave at any time to get more balls to try to eliminate players.

The last three players standing before elimination get to be the throwers in the next round.