Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Babies – Top 10 Options

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Are you considering buying an interlocking foam mat for your baby? Then this is the article for you. First we discuss the advantages of interlocking foam mats for babies as well as what factors to consider when buying, and then we give you our top 10 recommendations, complete with pros and cons.

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Babies

Benefits of Interlocking Foam Mats for Babies

As all parents know, babies, when they reach the right age, can tend to be quite physically active. As parents, one of your must-haves is an interlocking foam mats to allow your baby to be as physically active as they need to be, but at the same time, minding their safety. Below are some of the benefits of interlocking foam mats for babies:

Protects Babies from Injuries

The thickness of interlocking foam mats ranges from 25 mm to 25 mm, which means they are more than the thickness that your babies need for them to be protected from injuries they might get from falling on the hard floor. 

Visually Appealing and Engaging to Babies

Interlocking foam mats for babies come in many designs and colors. There are some with creative drawings of cartoon characters and colorful figures too, which stimulates the baby’s intellect. 

Easy to Transport

You can easily set them up in your baby’s playroom. Similarly, you may take them with you when you travel, so you can set them up in the first space you see. Dismantling and stacking them is not a problem either.

Features to Consider When Buying Foam Mats for Babies


There are many factors to consider when deciding the size of the interlocking foam mat you are buying for your baby. How long do you think your baby is going to use the mat for? Your baby is going to grow and will hence require a bigger mat. In addition, your baby starts rolling at around four months, so that requires a bigger mat too. Another factor to consider is the amount of space you have for your mat at home. 


Interlocking foam mats come in various thicknesses. Generally, the thicker, the more comfortable it will be for your baby.

Color and Theme

These two may be minor considerations for many but in fact, they are quite important. Babies respond very well to colors and shapes, hence, it’s important to choose bright colors that will keep them engaged. 

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Babies

BalanceFrom Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Balance From Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, 9 Colors (36 Tiles)

Parents would be happy to know that this bestselling interlocking foam mat for babies comes in four different variants. It can come in four different colors on 16 tiles, 9 colors on 36 tiles, alphabets on 36 tiles, or featuring different shapes on 36 tiles. 

Another key selling point of this interlocking foam mat from BalanceFrom is that it has passed US appropriate toy safety standards, which certifies that this product is non-toxic, free from lead, Bisphenol A, and Phthalate.

This is great especially if your baby is already starting to recognize basic colors and shapes since the tiles feature different bright colors, shapes, and letters.


  • It comes in different sizes and themes, making it a great option for babies of different ages.
  • It has double-sided non-slip surfaces to ensure that your babies are safe from any injuries that could come from slips.
  • The surfaces are moisture-resistant which makes them very easy to clean 


  • The mat has a thickness of 0.4 inches which may be on the thin side for toddlers but can comfortably cushion babies’ spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors.

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Skip Hop Playspot Interlocking Foam Play Mat For Babies And Infants

Skip Hop Foam Baby Play Mat: Playspot Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles, 70' x 56', Grey/Cream

What you would like best about this Interlocking Foam Play Mat for babies and infants from Skip Hop is the stylish design that goes very well with any home’s interior. There are countless patterns to choose from, they are not only visually appealing but also helps encourage babies’ color and shape recognition. 

Unlike other interlocking foam mats, this one comes with triangular tiles, which makes customizing the design easier. In addition, the size and thickness of the foams provide for maximum safety and comfort, giving you that extra assurance that your child is on safe ground.


  • Tiles are triangular, making them easy to customize and play with.
  • Tiles are extra-large, providing your baby with ample space to play on.
  • Colors are made to complement your home decor while engaging your child’s visual development.


  • Some users have reported that the mat becomes difficult to clean after having it for a while.

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ABC + Numbers Interlocking Puzzle Pieces

SAFEST Non Toxic Alphabet Puzzle Mat | THICKEST ABC + Numbers 0 to 9 Flooring Mat | Bonus Fun Learning eBook | Reusable Carry Bag | Kids Learn & Play with Interlocking Puzzle Pieces | Eva Foam

This interlocking foam mat from Pete’s Choice is not only ideal for small infants, but it is just as great for toddlers too! The mat comes with 36 pieces which will spark your child’s imagination, including all letters of the English alphabet, plus numbers zero to nine.

This is especially good as a learning material for toddlers who are starting to learn numbers and alphabets, as the attractive colors and shapes make the learning experience fun for them. 


  • Product is worry-free, as the product is made entirely out of non-toxic, hypoallergenic and skin-safe EVA foam which has met American and European standards.
  • This is so much softer and hence safer than other similar products – the mats are ½ inch thicker than usual.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive an e-book that contains creative activities that you can use the maximize the foam mats as both a play and an educational material.


  • The accompanying learning materials are great for toddlers but babies and infants may be too young for them.

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You may have observed that your babies are quite fond of animal videos and pictures. If so, these interlocking foam mats from Doobee are a great idea. They are not only safe and comfortable, but they are also engaging and educational. The tiles each have animal pictures on them, including a fish, lion, tiger, frog, panda, giraffe, bear, owl, and sheep.

The package comes with 9 interlocking foam mats, each measuring 12 x12 inches, which gives you a total surface area of 3 feet by 3 feet, the ideal size for babies, with a thickness of 10 mm.


  • Great way to help your babies’ ability to recognize things and remember names with the animal pictures on each tile.
  • Made out of durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and non-toxic foam.
  • Ideal mat to be set up in different places: playroom, nursery, or even outdoors.


  • The size is only good for when the baby is still small enough

Dimple Baby Foam Play Mat 36-Piece Set

Kids Foam Play Mat (36-Piece Set) 5x5 Inches Interlocking Alphabet and Numbers Floor Puzzle Colorful EVA Tiles Girls, Boys Soft, Reusable, Easy to Clean by Dimple

This interlocking foam mat for babies from Dimple is ideal for infants and toddlers alike!

The mats feature bright colors that help stimulate your babies’ development. Toddlers, on the other hand, can learn their ABCs and 123s creatively as the tiles can be used to form a variety of shapes. 


  • It provides plenty of play space as the set comes with 36 tiles.
  • Easy to clean and stack when the mat is not in use.
  • The product has passed all safety standards.


  • Structures built from the tiles can be quite wobbly if built too big.

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These interlocking foam mats from IncStores are ideal for babies at all stages of development, so you can definitely keep them for a while.

It is great for babies who are just learning to tumble and flip, but they are just as good for children starting to be actively playing as the mat provides a soft and safe landing area, so they are not only ideal for your babies’ playrooms, but they also work very well in daycare facilities and even when taking your little ones outdoors on a nice day.


  • The mats come in beautiful colors which your babies are surely going to love.
  • Very easy to set up and stack when needed, no need for adhesives. 


  • The foam can be punctured by sharp animal nails, rough use, high heels, and moving furniture.

With these interlocking foam mats from Doobee, your babies will learn to appreciate and identify colors, shapes, and even animals in a vibrant and creative way.

This package comes with twelve tiles, each measuring twelve by twelve inches and a thickness of 10 mm, giving your baby not only the ample amount of space that they need but also the thickness that will keep them safe and you worry-free.

The animals featured on the tiles are squirrel, fish, butterfly, elephant, frog, octopus, snail, horse, rabbit, and duck.


  • The animals and colors are highly appealing to children whose eyesight is just developing.
  • The mat comes in just the right size for babies of all ages.


  • None reported

Nuby Interlocking Baby Play Mat

Nuby Interlocking Baby Play Mat, Foam Floor Tiles for Infants and Children, 52’’ x 65'

What makes this interlocking baby play mat from Nuby a popular choice is the number of possibilities you can do with it. The pieces are interchangeable, so you can easily mix and match them. The animal characters on each tile can be removed too. In addition, you can also create 3D pieces by snapping 6 tiles together for a cube, 3 for a pyramid, and more!


  • Just the right size: the total play area is 5.5 feet by 4.25 long.
  • The various patterns, shapes, and colors available make playtime not only fun for your baby but also educational.


  • Some of the pop-out pieces may require extra push as they tend to stick out.

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These recommendations are all good, but our favorite would have to be the BalanceFrom Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles. For its price, it has all the features that you would be looking for from an interlocking foam mat for your baby.