Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Camping – Top 5 Options

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Are you in the market for interlocking foam mats you can use for camping or other outdoor activities? Then you have found the right. In this article, we discuss why interlocking foam mats are great for camping, as well as what you should consider before buying along with our top recommendations.

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Camping

Why Interlocking Foam Mats are Great for Camping

Camping is an extremely enjoyable activity for families. Unfortunately, there are some tradeoffs. For example, it can be quite uncomfortable, especially once it’s time to sleep. 

But you don’t have to be uncomfortable just for you to experience this fun activity. There are a number of ways to make sleeping while camping more comfortable. One popular flooring that can be used for camping is interlocking foam mats. Here’s why they are great:

Interlocking Foam Mats are Soft and Cushiony

The main point of having mats on your tent flooring or even on your camping ground is for it to be soft and comfortable to sleep on. And interlocking foam mats do just that. They are mostly made of EVA foam, which is popular for their softness. So when buying one for camping, look for the softest, most cushiony ones.

Interlocking Foam Mats are Portable, Lightweight, and Easy to Assemble

Unlike other types of camping mats, you don’t have to roll these mats for you to keep them. You simply need to disassemble and stack them. They don’t have to take up so much space in your car or RV. Additionally, they are quite light and can easily be assembled and carried around.

They are Water-Resistant and Easy to Clean

They don’t absorb liquid or moisture. This is great because as we all know, things can get quite messy while camping. There can be drinks spilling and sometimes, camping grounds are muddy especially when it rains. This means with interlocking foam mats, you simply need a piece of cloth, and you can wipe the mat clean.

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Camping

Norsk Non-Toxic Solid Color Foam Mats

Norsk Non-Toxic Solid Color Foam Mats - EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

These interlock foam mats have many different applications, but it works best as flooring for your camping ground, or as cushion inside your tent. 

Unlike other similar products, the Norsk Non-Toxic Solid Color Foam Mats are made from recycled materials. The designs are also great, as both sides can be used. The tiles are extremely flexible, durable and shock absorbent. 

The non-slip surface of the tiles makes it a safe mat to organize outdoor activities for the kids. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble to transport, making it really great especially for long camping trips with so much to pack take along.


  • It comes in different attractive colors that make them aesthetically appealing.
  • The tiles are odorless, so no need for additional mat or cover for when you sleep on it.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties make the mats noise-reducing and temperature resistant.


  • After about two years of use, some users have reported that the colors of the tiles come off and may stick to clothes.

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Ottomanson Multipurpose Interlocking Puzzle Eva Foam Tiles

ottomanson Multipurpose Interlocking Multicolor EVA Foam Tiles-Anti-Fatigue Mat-24 Ft. Puzzle Mat, 24 Sq. Feet, Multi

This multi-purpose interlocking foam mat from Ottomanson contains six tiles that can cover up to 24 square feet, making it just the right size for camping and other outdoor activities. 

All the tiles each have two finished edges to make the mat look seamless. The tiles are made of anti-fatigue EVA foam mats, which means they are shock-absorbent and perfectly comfortable for your tent floor.


  • The tiles are water-resistant which makes them easy to clean.
  • They are non-skid and non-slip, making them a safe and comfortable option for activities.
  • They are lightweight and easy to assemble, which is what you need for camping.


  • They are thinner than other options.

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IncStores - Jumbo Soft Interlocking Foam Tiles

IncStores - Jumbo Soft Interlocking Foam Tiles - Perfect for martial arts, MMA, lightweight home gyms, p90x, gymnastics, cardio, and exercise

This is one of the thickest interlocking foam mats there are, which makes it an excellent cushion for your tent floor when out camping.  They are just a little under 1 inch thick, giving you the comfort and shock-absorption you need for your camping activities. They are made of Jumbo Soft Tiles, which are considered to be one of the most versatile foam tiles in the market.

They are created for both adults and children, with their non-toxic, allergen-free, lead-free and formamide-free materials.


  • Double-sided tiles in different colors, so you can easily change the color of your camping mat by laying the floor down on the other side.
  • Besides camping, this interlocking foam mat is also recommended for other purposes such as tumbling, home gyms, playrooms, and the like.


  • The color on the tiles might come off and stay on your socks or clothing.

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Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats

Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats – Interlocking Floor Mats for Gym Equipment – Eva Interlocking Floor Tiles (24 Square Feet – Black – 6 pcs)

What’s great about this option is that there are at least five different colors and the number of tiles available, depending on what you need and how big the area that you are trying to cover. There’s blue, black, gray, available in 6 or 30 tile options. Each tile has a thickness of half an inch, which is pretty good for the purpose.

The non-skid textured and shock-absorbing surface makes sleeping as well as other camping activities on it comfortable, giving you excellent support and cushion.


  • The interlocking foam mats can easily be assembled as quickly as five minutes as the tiles are pretty lightweight. This is especially great for camping as you would not want to spend so much time just setting up your tent floor.
  • The surface is water-resistant and noise-reducing.


  • There may be some odor from the mat which takes some time to go away.

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Interlocking EVA Foam Padding by Stalwart

Foam Mat Floor Tiles, Interlocking EVA Foam Padding by Stalwart – Soft Flooring for Exercising, Yoga, Camping, Playroom – 6 Pack, .375 inches thick, 24' X 24' X 0.375', Gray, Model:75-ST6004

This excellent interlocking foam mat for camping from Stalwart comes in different colors. There is pure black, blue, gray, red, and for a more vibrant look, a multi-color option.

Because the tiles are non-slip and extra shock-absorbent, it can be used for a variety of purposes, among them camping, of course, but it can also be used for workshops, playrooms. The possibilities are virtually without an end. 


  • The tiles connect easily with the puzzle edge designs, and they disassemble pretty fast too when it’s time to pack up and store.
  • Each tile comes with two border pieces to create clean edges.


  • None reported

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There you go with our top five options, all excellent interlocking foam mats for camping. But if we only had to endorse one, it would have to be the Non-Toxic Solid Color Foam Mats from Norsk. Besides all the qualities that make a good camping mat such as its softness, its durability, and its cool design, it is also made from recycled materials!