Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gym – Top 6 Options

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Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gym

You are probably considering to use interlocking foam mats as flooring for the home gym you are planning to design, or the already existing one which you want to improve. You have found the ultimate guide! In this article, we explain why interlocking foam mats are great for your gym, then we give you a shortlist of recommendations, explaining each one’s pros and cons.

Why Interlocking Foam Mats are Excellent Gym Flooring

At this point, you are probably already realizing that choosing your gym flooring is just as important as the gym equipment itself. A good gym flooring does a number of things. But mainly, it protects your floor from the heavy equipment which can easily fall or break on the floor in the middle of a workout. In addition, working out involves a lot of stretching and weightlifting, among others, and without a proper gym flooring, it can be quite uncomfortable. Gym flooring provides the much-needed cushion, protection, and comfort to your body

There are a number of gym flooring options available, but what we recommend is interlocking foam mats. Here’s why we like them so much:

They cost less

Unlike other gym flooring options, interlocking foam mats do not cost as much. This is great because nobody would want to spend a fortune on the flooring. The better part of your home gym budget would rather be spent on the equipment. And since they don’t cost that much, they can easily be replaced too.

They can easily be installed

You don’t need any adhesive nor a professional to install interlocking foam mats on your gym floor. Our recommendations on this list are all precisely cut, so that they all come together nicely and don’t easily come off.

They are nice and comfortable

EVA foams, which these interlocking foam tiles are made of, are known for being quite flexible, soft, and durable. So they make for great cushion especially when stretching, doing sit-ups, push-ups, and the like. 


Hygiene is very important in your gym. Some gym flooring is become a breeding ground of bacteria. With interlocking foam mats, it is very easy to clean any dirt or liquid that spills on the mat. 

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gyms

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Black, 1/2” Thick, 144 Square Feet

This interlocking foam mats for gym flooring from BalanceFrom can cover different gym sizes. The package is available for 24 square feet floors, 48 square feet, or 96 square feet. There are also three different colors available: black, blue, or gray. Additionally, the thickness also varies: there’s ½ inch, ¾ inch, or one inch thick. This makes it a great choice for those with heavyweight equipment that can potentially damage your hard floor unless a proper flooring used.

This gym flooring has excellent resilience which lets you keep your balance whatever exercise routine you may be performing. It has extra moisture resistance which makes it really easy to clean and maintain.


  • Once set up, you wouldn’t even think that the mat is made of interlocking tiles as they have been so precisely cut and they come together so nicely and seamlessly.
  • High-density EVA foam that is guaranteed to last long.
  • Super lightweight makes the mat very easy to assemble and disassemble as needed.


  • None reported.

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ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Black, 24 Square Feet)

ProSouce is quite a well-known brand of interlocking foam mats, and the buyers on Amazon have nothing but good words about this gym mat from them. There are three different colors to choose from: black, gray, and blue. 

They are ½ inch thick, which is the ideal thickness for your gym flooring since it’s thick enough to protect your hard floor but also comfortable enough for a cushion.

The material used is high-density EVA foam, a material known to provide excellent support and cushion but contains no harmful materials in manufacturing. No toxic phthalates involved.


  • The surface of the tiles is non-skid textured which is great at protecting the floor while giving a comfortable workout space.
  • Very versatile design. Works very well as gym flooring, but also great for other purposes such as garages, children’s play areas, and the like.
  • Adjustable coverage. The 6 square tiles in the package cover 24 square feet. Use fewer tiles if covering a smaller space or more if bigger.


  • If you have a bigger home gym, you may need to purchase more as this only covers 24 square feet.

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Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats

Yes4All Interlocking Exercise EVA Mat Floor Protector (120 Square Feet - Black - with Border) - ²XPAJZ (XPAJ)

For an even bigger gym needing flooring, this interlocking foam mat is what you would need. This set is available as a 24 square feet set, but it is also available to cover a gym floor of 120 square feet. 

These mats guarantee a comfortable workout experience, owing to the non-skid textured surface of the tiles which also absorbs shock. In addition, it also helps relieve you of pressure and helps prevent injuries that commonly result from working out.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about assembling this interlocking gym foam mat, as it can be done in as fast as 5 minutes. You can easily assemble and tuck it away as needed as well.


  • Variety of options available. There are five different options that would suit every color or size preference and need.
  • Proven to resist any fluid and chemicals makes it easy to clean, but also means the tiles are more durable.


  • None Reported

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Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam Interlocking Mats Tile 3/8-Inch Thick Flooring Wood Mat Tiles Borders - Home Office Playroom Basement Trade Show

What makes this interlocking gym mat from Sorbus pretty appealing is its faux wood finish, which is a breath of fresh air if you are staying away from the typical, industrial-looking gym floor mats.

This is pretty versatile too. The detachable edge pieces of this set lets any tile be a corner, a border, or center. 


  • Nice faux wood finish makes it a unique choice compared to the typical black or gray ones.
  • Makes your floor easy and comfortable on your feet even after standing on it for a long time. 


  • Relatively thinner at ⅜ inch compared to other options featured on this list

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Stalwart Floor Tiles

Foam Mat Floor Tiles, Interlocking EVA Foam Padding by Stalwart – Soft Flooring for Exercising, Yoga, Camping, Playroom – 6 Pack, .375 inches thick, 24' X 24' X 0.375', Gray, Model:75-ST6004

Whatever your taste is, there is a Stalwart Interlocking Gym Mat for you. This interlocking foam mat comes in five different color varieties: there’s the more traditional black or blue. But there are also gray, red, and even rainbow colors.

It also comes in different sizes, so regardless of how big the floor area you are trying to cover, there’s an appropriate one for you.

These EVA foam mats are even topped with a soft carpet so that it is more durable and comfortable.

The non-slip foam padding makes it pretty versatile in terms of the purpose for which it can be used. Of course, it is great for your home gym, but it also works for your workshop, kid’s playroom, yoga, Pilates, or even cross-fit and weight lifting.


  • Multiple color and size varieties to choose from.


  • None reported

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Gaiam Essentials Interlocking Exercise Mat

Gaiam Essentials Interlocking Exercise Mat, Square Puzzle Foam Tiles Home Gym Fitness Mat Workout Flooring, Multi-Purpose Use in Garage, Basement, Kids/Baby Play Areas, 23.5' x 23.5' x 0.48' Thick

You can comfortably work out without any shoes on with this interlocking gym mat from Gaiam Essentials. The mat features a non-slip texture that provides added grip and durability.

Besides being comfortable, it also does a great job of protecting your floor. It safeguards your home from scratches, scruffs, and dents which are typical in a home gym.


  • Great for all sorts of gym workouts
  • Proven to protect your floor from scruffs and scratches that typically happen in a home gym
  • Besides gym flooring, this is also great for your kid’s playroom and purposes.


  • Relatively thinner compared to other options featured on this list.

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Although these are all great interlocking foam mats for your gym, our favorite would have to be the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat. It has the right thickness, multiple sizes, and has extra resilience. Plus it looks great in your home gym.