Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gymnastics – Top 6 Options

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Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gymnastics

If you are a gymnast or aspiring to be one, you need a proper mat for your practice. One such mat is an interlocking foam mat. In this article, we explain why interlocking foam mats are great for gymnastics, then we give you our recommendations. Here you go. 

Why Interlocking Foam Mats are Good for Gymnastics

Durable but Soft

For gymnastics, you need something that gives you a comfortable and safe cushion, but at the same time, something that’s durable. EVA foams, which is what interlocking foam mats are made of, do this. They are quite soft and comfortable, but they are also known to really last.

Easy to Assemble

If you are an aspiring gymnast, or you enjoy it sometimes, you may not necessarily have a dedicated space for it. And that’s what’s great about interlocking foam mats. They don’t need any adhesive; they are very easy to assemble, disassemble, and stack to store somewhere or take with you when you go somewhere.


Compared to other mats that are used for gymnastics such as crash mats, Polyethylene foam, or Vinyls, EVA foam mats are less expensive. So they’re an excellent choice if you want to do some gymnastics but would not want to spend too much on a mat.

Easy to Maintain

EVA foam mats are liquid and moisture resistant, which means if you happen to spill anything on your gymnastics mat, you can easily wipe it with a cloth. Optionally, you may wash it with soap and water.

Best Interlocking Foam Mats for Gymnastics

Interlocking EVA Foam Mats from Meister X-Thick

Meister X-Thick 1.5' Interlocking EVA Foam Mats - 2X Cushion for Wrestling, MMA Takedowns & Gymnastics - 2'x2' Tiles

There is no shortage of color options that this interlocking foam mat is available in: there is black, blue, gray, green, red, or yellow. What’s even greater is the fact that you may combine these colors to give a vibrant look. This will especially prove helpful if you’re buying it as a gift for your young one who may have certain color preferences. 

Besides the interesting color options, this interlocking foam mat is one of the thickest ones available in the market presently, at 1.5 inch. This thickness is especially ideal for gymnastics, where the goal is for you to have a comfortable cushion, but also prevent injuries. Besides that, it also helps ensure that your floor is protected from possible damage during the activity or from heavy equipment. Apart from gymnastics, there are more possibilities considering the thickness of this mat.


  • One of the thickest interlocking foam mats available making this the ideal choice for gymnasts.
  • Besides gymnastics, the thickness is also ideal for intense physical activities like MMA, martial arts, and even wrestling.
  • Fully reversible


  • None

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Interlocking Foam Mat for Gymnastics from BalanceFrom

BalanceFrom 1' EXTRA Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles for MMA, Exercise, Gymnastics and Home Gym Protective Flooring (Black), 24 Square Feet

As a gymnast, you need a mat that helps prevent injuries from this physical activity. The non-slip surfaces of both sides of this interlocking foam mat from BalanceFrom does that. It also helps you stay balanced with its high resilience. 

These mats were specifically designed so that they resist moisture and liquid, which makes them easy to clean with as simple as a tissue paper or a piece of cloth. Alternatively, you may also wash it with water and detergent.


  • At 1 inch, this is one of the thickest interlocking foam mats for gymnastics there are.
  • Designed to prevent injuries, this mat protects specifically your elbows, your spine, knees, and your hips, the areas most vulnerable in gymnastics.
  • There are numerous designs, colors, and sizes to choose from.
  • The interlocking tiles have been nicely and precisely cut, so you don’t have to worry about not fitting them together.


  • None

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Interlocking Foam Tiles for Gymnastics from IncStores

IncStores - 1' MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles - Perfect for Martial Arts, Lightweight Home Gyms, p90x, Insanity, Gymnastics, Yoga, Cardio and Aerobics

These interlocking foam mats for gymnastics from IncStores do not only do the job effectively, but they have also been designed to look really nice. The surfaces are reversible. You can have them in either black and gray or blue and red combinations.

Assembling the tiles are very easy as well since there are no designated center, border, or corner tiles. 

As a gymnastics mat, these interlocking foam tiles absorb any shock that can result from the activity. It also resists mildew, mold, and moisture, making it easy to clean and maintain.


  • The EVA foam used to manufacture the tiles are made of recycled materials. 
  • Apart from gymnastics, there are tons of other activities that these mats are ideal for MMA, aerobic and dance exercises, MMA. Additionally, it can also be used in your children’s playroom.


  • After some time, the color, as well as the thickness, may  no longer be the same.

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Gymnastics and Exercise Mat from ZENY

ZENY Puzzle Exercise Mat 3/4’’ Thick EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Mats with Borders for Exercise Equipment, MMA, Gymnastics and Home Gym Protective Flooring 96 SQ. FT Pack of 24

This interlocking foam mat from Zeny is meant for multiple functions, one of which is gymnastics. The mat has a total thickness of 3/4 inch, and because of that you can comfortably do your routines without being hurt by the hard floor.

If your pet peeve is the noise that big movements tend to make, this mat will take care of that as it has a noise-reduction feature that makes physical activities on this mat a comfortable, noise-free experience.

Besides gymnastics, other activities that can be done on this mat include:

  • stretching
  • weight-lifting
  • stationary biking
  • sit-ups
  • push-ups


  • Extra thick mat to provide you the comfort and protection you need
  • Can cover wide areas (up to 96 square feet of space)


  • Only available in black at the moment

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Premium Interlocking Foam Tiles from WF Athletic Supply

WF Athletic Supply High Density Reversible Premium Interlocking Foam Tiles - Perfect for Martial Arts, MMA, Home Gyms, P90x, Gymnastics, Cardio, and Exercise (1/2' Thick, 27 Square Feet, Gray/Blue)

Besides this interlocking foam mat’s efficiency as a gymnastics mat, what’s also great about it is its beautiful, colorful design. There are two color combinations that this mat comes in: gray and blue, and black and red, which gives an elegant and stylish overall look.

Besides the color combinations, there are also three size options to choose from: 13 square feet, 27 square feet, 54 square feet, and 109 square feet. Each tile comes with edge pieces so that they fit the room seamlessly.

The tiles are lightweight and have been cut so that they easily come together and disassembled as needed. They also stack nicely in case you ever have to bring them with you or set them up some place else.


  • The non-slip surfaces ensure that not only do you have a comfortable workout experience but that your hard floor is also protected from damage that falling equipment or big movements may cause.
  • The pieces are firm but easy enough to cut when needed, such as when you need smaller pieces to fit the room you are covering.


  • May be relatively thinner for some users at 1/2 inch, although this would already be within the acceptable thickness range for gymnastics mat.

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Tangkula Puzzle Gymnastics and Exercise Mat

Tangkula 12 Pcs 48 Sq EVA Foam Floor Mats with Border, 3/8' Thick Interlocking Exercise Foam Puzzle Play Mats, Protective Flooring Mat Set for Kids Exercise, Gym Equipment for Yoga, Outdoor Workouts

This interlocking foam mat from Tangkula for gymnastics and exercise not only does the job, but it also environmentally-friendly, as the material used in manufacturing the product has been carefully selected, without any toxic and naturally-harmful compounds.

Because the surfaces are water and moisture-resistant, it is favored by many households as it makes for an excellent flooring not only for gymnastics but also for other purposes like home gyms, garages, children’s playroom, or even your living room.

Besides giving you a comfortable workout experience, you may also rest assured that you are provided with protection from injuries and your floor from possible damage resulting from heavy equipment.


  • The tiles are nicely cut so you can cover any area, narrow or wide, and they fit nicely.
  • The tiles are lightweight, so they can easily be assembled, disassembled, and removed as needed especially when cleaning or transferring them elsewhere.


  • Some users may find this thin at 1/2 inch, although this is within acceptable thickness for gymnastics.

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All gymnastics mats featured above are great, but if you’d ask us which one is our favorite, then it would have to be the Interlocking EVA Foam Mats from Meister X-Thick . It is the thickest interlocking foam mat featured on this list, and it comes it multiple colors which you can mix and match to your liking!