Best 0 Mana Cards MTG – 10 Best Free Cards to Play

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Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Believe it or not, MTG is ripe with cards that are free to play. Read on below and discover 10 of the very best 0 mana cards in MTG!

Top 10 Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

1. Lotus Field

Magic: The Gathering - Lotus Field - Core Set 2020

Everyone who knows anything about MTG knows about Black Lotus (the rarest card there is). Lotus Field is perhaps where the Black Lotus grows!

This card costs nothing, is Hexproof, and enters the battlefield tapped. 

When Lotus Field hits the battlefield, it is tapped and you must sacrifice two lands. 

Tapping this card grants you three mana of any color! Obviously, it genuinely deserves the top spot on our list of the best 0 mana cards MTG has to offer.

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2. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Magic The Gathering - Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (223/249) - Theros

Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx is another of the best 0 mana cards MTG ever created. 

The land is Legendary, rare, and allows you to add colorless mana to your pool via tapping the card.

If you pay 2 colorless mana, you may tap this card and add mana of any color you wish to your pool.

When tapped for a mana color of your choice, you gain as much mana of that color as your devotion to that color is.

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3. Mox Tantalite

Magic: The Gathering - MOX Tantalite - Modern Horizons

A classic among the best 0 Mana cards MTG has to offer is none other than Mox Tantalite, a rare artifact.

Mox Tantalite allows you to tap the card for one mana of any color of your choice.

You may also suspend this card if you prefer, rather than simply casting it straight to the battlefield. That means it can pop into the game 1, 2, or 3 rounds after being suspended.

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4. Ornithopter

Magic The Gathering - Ornithopter (223/269) - Magic 2015

Ornithopter is an Artifact Creature with a 0 mana casting cost. 

This impressive 0 mana card is a 0/2 flyer.

Even more, it can’t be countered expect by creatures that have Flying or Reach.

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5. Lotus Petal

Magic The Gathering - Lotus Petal - Tempest

Another of the most iconic best 0 mana cards MTG ever thought up and put into print is the Lotus Petal.

This Artifact card allows you to tap it and sacrifice it to add a single mana of any color you wish to you mana pool.

Lotus Petal’s ability must be played as a mana source.

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6. Memnite

Magic: the Gathering - Memnite - The List

Memnite is a cool 1/1 Artifact Construct Creature. 

The card is colorless, rare, and of course, costs 0 mana to bring into play. 

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7. Jeweled Lotus

Jeweled Lotus

One of the greatest best 0 mana cards MTG has created is Jeweled Lotus.

Have you noticed that most all Lotus-related cards in MTG kick total ass? 

This one allows you to tap it, sacrifice it, and add 3 of any one mana color to your pool.

The catch? This mana can only be used for casting your commander. 

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8. Lotus Bloom

Magic The Gathering - Lotus Bloom - Modern Masters

Lotus Bloom is another Artifact that costs absolutely nothing to cast. 

A rare Artifact, Lotus Bloom, allows you to tap it and sacrifice it in exhange for adding three mana of any one color to your mana pool.

Lotus Bloom also has Suspend 3-0, so you can stagger its entry onto the battlefield for up to three rounds.

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9. Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh

A red creature with a 0 mana cost, Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh is a 0/1 Legendary Creature.

This Kobold Warrior is an uncommon card.

Not only does Rohgrakh have no casting cost, it hits the field with First Strike, Menace, and Trample. 

The catch? Rohgrakh is a Partner. So you must have two Commanders on the field before you can play him.

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10. Mox Opal

Magic The Gathering - MOX Opal (223/249) - Modern Masters 2015

Mox Opal is a mythic rare Legendary Artifact, and could have easily landed much higher on our list of the best 0 mana cards MTG has.

This Legendary Artifact has Metalcraft.

That means that you can tap it to add a mana of any color to your mana pool. But, this ability is only active when you have 3 or more artifacts.

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11. Chrome Mox

Chrome Mox is another rare Artifact that definitely deserves its place on our list of the best 0 mana card in MTG.

It has Imprint, that means when it comes into play you may remove a nonartifact from your hand, exile it, and copy its abilities to this card.

Chrome Mox also has the ability to be tapped for one mana of any color that is imprinted.

Common Questions About the Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

How Many 0 Mana Cards Are There in MTG?

At the time of publishing this article, there are 54 cards with a 0 mana cost. That said, the exact number of 0 mana cards in MTG is changing yearly. Each time a new batch of cards is released there are a few more.

Are 0 Mana Cards Worth it?

0 mana cards are more than worth it. Not only are they just as good as other cards, they are free! How could they not be worth it? If you’re having a hard time with mana, they come in extremely handy.

What is the Best 0 Mana Card in MTG?

The best 0 mana card MTG ever made is more than likely Black Lotus, due to its super-rare status. Some copies of Black Lotus sell for as much as $50,000.