Best Cards That Give Haste – 9 Cards for a Hasty Victory

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Best Cards That Give Haste - 9 Cards for a Hasty Victory

Cards that give Haste allow you to bring creatures in and attacking that would otherwise suffer from summoning sickness. Read on and discover the 9 best cards that give Haste in MTG.

Top 9 MTG Best Cards That Give Haste

1. Haunted Cloak

Magic The Gathering - Haunted Cloak (257/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad

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The Haunted Cloak is an uncommon Artifact Equipment with a mana cost of 3 colorless. 

When equipped to a creature, the creature gains Vigilance, Trample, and Haste.

The cost to equip a creature with this piece of Artifact Equipment is 1 additional colorless mana.

2. Swiftfoot Boots

Magic: the Gathering - Swiftfoot Boots - Magic 2012

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Swiftfoot Boots is another powerful and uncommon piece of Artifact Equipment that lends Haste to one or more of your creatures.

The card costs 2 colorless mana to bring into play, and 1 extra colorless mana to equip it.

When equipped, your creature gains Haste as long as the card is attached. You can switch it to another creature anytime, just pay 1 extra mana.

3. Urabrask the Hidden

Magic: the Gathering - Urabrask, the Hidden - New Phyrexia

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The third card on our list of the best cards that give Haste in MTG is Urabrask the Hidden, a mythic rare red card.

This card comes onto the field as a 4/4 Praetor Legendary Creature. Its casting cost is 3 colorless lands and 2 red mana.

When this creature is on the field, your creatures all gain Haste. 

On the other hand, your enemy’s creatures enter the field tapped, without Haste even if they should have it.

4. Fervor

Magic The Gathering - Messenger39;s Speed (129/249) - Theros

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Frevor is the fourth card on our list, it is a rare red Enchantment with a casting cost of 2 colorless and 1 red mana.

As long as the Enchantment is on the battlefield under your control, all your creatures have Haste.

That means even creatures you played this round can come out onto the battlefield swinging at the enemy.

5. Goblin Assault

Magic The Gathering - Goblin Assault - Shards of Alara

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Goblin Assault is an iconic among the best cards that give haste, without a doubt. It has a casting cost of 2 colorless and 1 red mana.  The card is rare.

At the beginning of your upkeeps, each turn, you get to put a 1/1 red Goblin creature with haste onto the field. 

The crazy part about this card is that all your Goblin creatures must attack each turn if they are able to.

6. Card

Magic The Gathering - Instill Energy - Fourth Edition

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This Enchant Creature card is an unlikely source of Haste, as it is a green card, not red. That said, it is well-deserving of its place on this list. 

At the crazy low cost of 1 green mana, this Enchant Creature card allows a creature to attack this turn (pseudo-Haste).

You may also pay 0 colorless mana and untap target creature during your turn. But, you can only use the ability once per turn.

7. Concordant Crossroads

Magic The Gathering - Concordant Crossroads - Chronicles

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Concordant Crossroads is another green card with pseudo-Haste. For one green mana, you may cast this Enchant World card.

When in play, it allows your creatures to attack, or use tapping abilities, as soon as they come into play. Just like Haste.

For the price? It really doesn’t get any better.

8. Anger

Magic: The Gathering - Anger - Ultimate Masters - Uncommon

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Second to last on our list of the best cards that give Haste is none other than Anger, the uncommon red Incarnation creature.

With a 3 colorless and 1 red mana casting cost, the card is far more valuable than it’s mediocre cost may lead you to believe.

A 2/2 attacker and blocker, with Haste, as long as this creature card is in your graveyard, and you have a mountain in play, all your creatures have Haste by proxy.

9. Dragon Breath

Magic: the Gathering - Dragon Breath - Scourge

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Dragon Breath is an old-school Enchant Creature card with a cost of 1 colorless and 1 red mana to cast.

When this card is in play, a creature of your choice becomes enchanted with Haste. If you pay an extra red mana, the enchanted creature gains a +1/+0 until the end of the turn as well.

In addition, whenever a creature that costs 6 CMC or more you may return Dragon Breath to play from your graveyard and put it straight onto a creature.

Common Questions About The Best Cards That Give Haste

How Does Haste Work?

Haste is one of the most feared abilities that affect creature cards in all of MTG. That’s because Haste eliminates the effects of summoning sickness on creatures. That means that creatures can attack as soon as you cast them. Otherwise, without Haste, those same creatures would need to wait a full turn to attack.

Why Are Cards That Give Haste So Good?

Haste cards are some of the best creatures, and spells for creatures, in the game. These cards allow you to attack quicker and more steadily, even if your creatures are being pinged off and sent to the graveyard. As long as you keep enough Haste creatures in your deck, you’ll be able to attack more than anyone else in the game.

Is a Haste Deck Worth it in 2021?

Haste decks will always be worth it, even in 2021 and beyond. The reason being that there are very few abilities that compare with Haste, when it comes to sending wave after wave of relentless onslaughts upon your enemy’s doorstep.