Best MTG Reanimator Cards – Top 10 Ultimate Reanimator Cards

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Best MTG Reanimator Cards - Top 10 Ultimate Reanimator Cards

Reanimator cards enable you to charge your enemy with undying hoardes. Read on to find out which 10 reanimator cards are the best of the best!

Top 10 Best Reanimator Cards

1. Exhume

Magic The Gathering - Exhume - Urza's Saga

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Exhume is an awesome example of the best MTG reanimator cards. With a low casting cost of just 1 colorless mana and 1 swamp, this sorcery card allows each player in the game to reanimate one creature.

When Exhume comes into play you, and everyone else playing, returns a creature card from their graveyard and puts it straight into play. It can obviously be a bit tricky to choose when to cast this card as it helps not only you but all of your enemies as well.

2. Griselbrand

Magic The Gathering - Griselbrand (106) - Avacyn Restored

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Griselbrand is by far the largest creature and most expensive black card on our list. This mythic rare Legendary Demon Creature costs 4 colorless mana and 4 swamps to cast.

With flying, lifelink, and the abilities to draw sevel cards at any time, this 7/7 creature is a real handful for your enemies to deal with. Just seeing this Demon hit the board sends shivers down your opponents spines.

3. Rotlung Reanimator

Magic The Gathering - Rotlung Reanimator - Onslaught

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Rotlung Reanimator is a low-key 2/2 black Zombie Cleric creature that is an obvious addition to any Reanimator deck in MTG. The card is a rare and costs 2 colorless mana and 1 swamp land to cast. It is one of the best mid-range cost Reanimators cards in the game, period.

When Rotlung Reanimator is put into the graveyard, you get to put a 2/2 black Zombie creature into play. Even more, whenever another Cleric is put into the graveyard, you also get to send a 2/2 black Zombie creature to the frontlines.

4. Geth, Lord of the Vault

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Geth, Lord of the Vaults is the sencond most powerful creature we suggest running in your Reanimator deck or sideboard. He is a mythic rare Legendary Zombie with 5 power and 5 toughness. With a cost of 4 colorless mana and 2 swamps, Geth is semi-expensive but well worth it. 

He has Intimidate and can’t be blocked except by creatures of the same color (or artifacts). Further, his awesome reanimation ability is super-powerful; pay X number of swamps and you get to reanimate a creature or artifact from an enemy graveyard, and make that enemy send several cards from their deck to their graveyard. 

5. Entomb

Entomb - Ultimate Masters

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To understand how amazing Entomb is, you need to first understand a bit about Reanimate decks in general. What makes this rare black instant so powerful is that it sets you up to Reanimate any card from your deck. Did we mention that Entomb should be stock in your Reanimator deck, with 3 to 4 cards?

When Entomb hits the board, you search your deck for any card you want and stick it into your graveyard. Then you shuffle your deck. All you need to do next is play a card that lets you reanimate the card you just put into your graveyard! 

6. Reanimate

Magic: The Gathering - Reanimate - Ultimate Masters - Rare

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Speaking of the right card to follow up Entomb with, there are few better than Reanimate itself. This card is rare, costs a single swamp mana, and allows you to bring that card you just stuck into your graveyard directly onto the battlefield.

What makes Reanimate even more versatile is that you can use it to bring a creature to life under your control, from ANY player’s graveyard! Sick, right? Needless to say, this card could have easily took the number one spot on the list, but it works perfectly in combination with Entomb.

7. Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

Magic: the Gathering - Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (103) - Magic 2013

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The rare 5/5 Legendary Creature Demon, Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis is a perfect creature to keep in your Reanimator deck. He is big, strong, and intimidating with flying and Exalted. If he attacks alone, he becomes a 6/6 for the turn.

Further, each time Nerafox attacks alone, the defending player has to sacrifice a creature. If you are playing serious Reanimator style, you should be able to bring those sacrifices right back to life under your control. Likewise, if Nerafox is killed by an enemy, you can Reanimate him as well.

8. Thoughtseize

Thoughtseize - Double Masters

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Another black rare card that’s a lovely addition to any real Reanimator deck is the sorcery Thoughsieze. One of the sweetest parts about this card is that it only costs a single black mana.

When you play this inexpensive spell a target player must reveal their hand. You get to choose a nonland card from them to be discarded (so you can Reanimate it for yourself!). But, you lose 2 life points for this awesome ability to steal your enemies best creature.

9. Necromancy

Magic: the Gathering - Necromancy - Visions

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One of the most iconic, yet overlooked, of the best MTG Reanimator cards is Necromancy, a black enchantment from back in the early days. It can be played as an instant in addition to being paid for and played during your turn.

When Necromancy comes into play, a creature from any graveyard comes into play on the battlefield under your control. Once the creature is Reanimated, Necromancy becomes a creature enchantment. If the enchantment is removed, put the creature back into the graveyard.

10. Animate Dead

Magic: the Gathering - Animate Dead - Revised Edition

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Animate Dead is another great classic vintage Reanimate card. It costs just 1 colorless mana and an additional swamp to cast.

Once in play, this “Enchant Dead Creatures” card allows you to reanimate creatures that’ve been killed on the battlefield. It doesn’t get much more Reanimator than that!

Common Questions About MTG Reanimator Cards

What Are MTG Reanimator Cards?

Reanimator cards are MTG cards that enable you to raise an undead army, or something like that! Each card in a reanimator deck is geared towards bringing a creature, spell, enchantment, artifact, or land card back from the graveyard and into play again. Think zombies, skeletons, and vampies. 

What Types of Cards Make the Best Reanimators in MTG?

Any card type can make one of the best reanimator cards. What makes a reanimator card the best is its effectiveness at bringing creatures and spells back to life. Creatures, spells, abilities, and enchantment are among the most popular reanimator type cards.

Are MTG Reanimator Decks Worth it?

Reanimator decks are extremely versatile decks, equally balanced with tricky low cost creatures and spells and abilities that bring said creatures back to life as many times as possible. Essentially, if you are into zombies, vampires, and such themes, reanimator style MTG is for you.