Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground

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Best MTG Unstable Cards - Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground

The best MTG unstable cards keep your opponents on their toes, never knowing what to expect from you next. Read on and learn why these 10 unstable cards deserve your attention!

Top 10 Best MTG Unstable Cards

1. Infinity Elemental

Magic: The Gathering - Infinity Elemental - Unsanctioned

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Infinity Elemental is a popular Unstable card, you’ll find it on nearly all the “Top Unstable Cards” lists. At first glance it doesn’t seem very crazy, or Unstable, but then you notice the infinity symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the card.

Infinity Elemental has 5 toughness and infinite power, which justifies it’s incredibly high mana cost of 4 colorless and 4 mountains. Just imagine how Unstable you could make the game by attaching a Trample ability to this monster? Yeah… it’s absolutely nutty!

2. Colossus of Akros

Magic The Gathering - Colossus of Akros (214/249) - Theros

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This Golem artifact creature is one heck of a heavy-hitter, coming into play as a 10/10, stock. It’s hard to believe that this big guy is simply a rare card, and not legendary or mythic. After you have a closer look, you’ll see how Unstable this giant is.

At any rate, Colossus of Akros costs a high casting cost of 8 colorless mana, and comes out with Defender and Indestructible. Even more impressive, it has Monstrosity 10. That means it has Trample and can attack even though it has Defender.

3. Split Screen

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Split Screen is another amazing Unstable artifact. It is classified as a rare card and has a casting cost of 4 colorless, which is a bit more pricey than the previous one on the list.

Split Screen allows you to shuffle your deck into four separate decks, with their top cards face-up. Continue playing this way, and choose any deck you want to draw a card for or otherwise when you need to use your deck.

When this Unstable card leaves the battlefield you must shuffle your four decks back into one.

4. Earl of Squirrel

Magic: The Gathering - Earl of Squirrel - Foil - Launch Promo

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Earl of Squirrel is a rare green card, a 4/4 Squirrel Advisor creature. This Unstable card costs 4 colorless mana and 2 forests to bring into play.

What makes this card so great for Unstable decks is that when it deals damage you get to put that many 1/1 green Squirrels into play. Further, all creature tokens you have become Squirrels, and other Squirrels you own receive a +1/+1.

5. Spellbook

Magic The Gathering - Spellbook - Magic 2010

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The Spellbook card is a simple but effective card that enables Unstable MTG decks to be played out to their full potential. And, for a FREE to play card, you really can’t beat it.

When Spellbook comes into play, and for however long it stays on the battlefield, you have no maximum to the amount of cards you can hold in your hand. Otherwise, you’d be limited to only 7 cards.

6. Unstable Mutation

Magic The Gathering - Unstable Mutation - Fourth Edition

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If the name, Unstable Mutation, didn’t give away the fact that this Vintage blue MTG card is an excellent Unstable card, maybe reading its description will!

For a single blue mana, you may enchant a creature with a +3/+3. The Unstable part about it is that during eachkeep afterward, a -1/-1 counter goes on the creature. Even after the Unstable Mutation card is removed, the counters stay put.

7. Chromanticore

Magic The Gathering - Chromanticore (144/165) - Born of The Gods

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My, my, my, what CAN we say about this Unstable card? It is big, strong, and sexy, for sure. It is also incredibly hard to get into play if you aren’t using a Starburst deck. 

Chromanticore looks like a Lion, Dragon, and Devil combined. It comes into play as a 4/4 with flying, vigilance, trample, first strike, and lifelink. It can also work as an Aura if you use its Bestow ability for one of all five mana colors and 2 additional colorless manas.

8. Door to Nothingness

Magic: the Gathering - Door to Nothingness (203) - Magic 2013

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The Door to Nothingness is a card that for some odd reason often goes overlooked. But, for a rare artifact that can literally use an ability to make a target player lose the entire game, it’s well worth having a look at. It doesn’t get more unstable than that, folks!

The Door to Nothingness is one of the coolest cards ever created, tap 2 over every mana color and tap it, as well as sacrifice it, and an enemy of your choice automatically loses the game. Now, if that isn’t worth the 5 colorless mana casting cost, what is?

9. Maelstrom Archangel

Magic: The Gathering - Maelstrom Archangel - Mystery Booster - Conflux

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If you didn’t already know, Angel’s are among the very best creature classes in MTG. Maelstrom Archangel is a prime example; a 5/5 with flying and a hardcore Unstable ability, for 1 mana of each color.

Despite how challenging it can be to get her into play, once she is you may choose and play nonland cards from your hand without paying any mana cost every time Maelstrom Archangel does damage.

10. Unstable Obelisk

The second card on our list of the best MTG Unstable cards is none other than the Unstable Obelisk itself. For 3 colorless mana, the uncommon artifact is well worth the cost.

When Unstable Obelisk is on the field, tap it once for a single mana whenever you need. Pay 7 colorless mana and sacrifice it at any time in order to destroy a target permanent (including your own).

Common Questions About Unstable MTG Cards

What Are Unstable MTG Cards?

Unstable MTG cards are just as they sound; MTG cards that create an unstable game-play (mainly due to far-out spells and abilities. They are designed to throw the enemy off-guard and to give you huge advantages all the while. 

For example, an unstable card may give you life, creatures, or allow you to deal damage or poison every time your upkeep starts or an opponent triggers the ability during their own turns. 

An unstable card may also simply be a ridiculously big creature with powerful abilities that requires insane luck to get into play (and to keep it there for long).

Are Unstable MTG Cards Worth It?

Unstable cards are excellent to play MTG with. Unstable MTG cards are so unlike the majority of Vintage and Modern classic MTG cards that they are simply a blast to play with. Perhaps the best part is that your opponents are more than likely underprepared for whatever you throw at them. 

How Do You Win at MTG with Unstable Cards?

Winning at MTG with Unstable cards is just like winning at MTG with any other type of cards; it takes a bit of luck, some skill, and a well-built deck. With Unstable cards, the best way to win is to surprise the opponents with spells and abilities they aren’t used to and overwhelm them with force.