Best Place to Buy MTG Cards – A Complete Guide

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Finding the best place to buy MTG cards varies from person to person gathering cards.

From your local game store, shopping mall, and big-box retail store, like Walmart, to online retailers and auction houses, there are plenty of great places to buy Magic the Gathering cards.

Best Place to Buy MTG Cards

Read on below and learn all about the best places to buy MTG cards!

Buying MTG Cards

For casual players and hardcore collectors alike, knowing the best places to spend your hard-earned money on the specific Magic the Gathering products you want, for a great price matters.

That said, there are plenty of factors that affect the price of cards to take into consideration such as driving distance to local game stores, which is the best site for purchasing MTG cards, who has the best prices on the specific card(s) you’re interested in purchasing and much more.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the best places to purchase Magic cards.

In the next few sections, we discuss everything from where the buy cards both in-person and online, as well as the best bets for paying with cash or credit.

Best Places to Buy Magic Cards (In Person)

Magic the Gathering got its start before the rise of the internet. Back then, the only way to buy MTG was in person at brick and mortar stores.

Today, buying cards in person is still one of the best options. Below, we take a look at some of the best places to purchase cards in the flesh.

Buy Local (at Game Stores)

Local games stores, or comic book shops, are among the most common places to find everything from rare single cards and older stuff(like vintage booster packs) as well as the newest sealed products and full commander decks, all at a good price.

The best part about buying locally is that you develop personal relationships with both other players and collectors as well as the shop owners themselves.

Knowing shop owners, and being a regular customer, is a great way to stay in the loop and receive the best deals possible.

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic is one of the most exciting places for playing the game, and it’s also one of the best places to buy cards. As far as costs, you’ll find some of the lowest prices for entire decks at Friday Night Magic gatherings.

Everyone who participates pays a small fee, creates a standard deck from new and unopened booster boxes, and gets the chance to win/buy/trade MTG singles as well.

Pre-Release Parties

Another great way to pick up new commander decks, unofficial fan content, and the newest MTG single cards, is by attending pre-release parties at your local game store.

During these events, store owners sell brand new sealed products, including booster boxes, booster packs, from the most recent “set” that’s about to be released to the public.

Buys Decks or an Entire Collection

If you’re looking to score a full collection of Magic cards, deck boxes and all, or simply an older deck that isn’t for sale online or at the local big box store anymore, local game stores are the way to go.

Shopping at a local game store is also the best way to keep up with everything from the current pack values to unofficial fan content permitted.

As far as that goes, national comic book conventions are also highly recommended for finding unofficial MTG content.

Friends/Other players

Besides a game store, or the occasional trip to the mall or big box stores, buying directly from friends and other players is the absolute best way to get your hands on the exact card kingdom you desire, and for only a few dollars.

For buying everything from old stuff to recently opened individual packs, coveted fetch lands, and classic vintage cards like black lotus, other players are the way to go.

Best Places to Buy Magic Cards (Online)

For those who’re looking for the best virtual ways to purchase MTG cards, rest assured, there is no shortage of proper places to shop for them online.

From MTG singles and decks complete with the seller’s feedback rating(s) to the best glass case for your entire collection, you can quickly and easily find them via online stores.

Major Online Marketplaces

Buying MTG cards online is one of the best bets you can make, whether buying pack after pack after Magic cards, card sleeves, or other products from Wizards of the Coast LLC.

In addition to selling just about any card you can think of, booster boxes, and more, online marketplaces also offer all of the best digital products as well.


One of the oldest and best-known places online to buy MTG cards is eBay. Players have utilized the platform to sell cards for two decades now.

The only real issue is that for a single card, shipping costs may make it too expensive.

For that reason, buying online is best for purchasing multiple cards, packs, and boxes as well as digital products.


Aside from eBay, Amazon is the very best bet for everything from a single box topper pack to individual packs, booster packs, and card sleeves. Again, the only real disadvantage is that there is the addition of shipping.

That said, listing products on Amazon is growing in popularity with local game store owners and is now one of the best places to find ultra-rare cards as well as stronghold packs and single cards.

MTG Arena (the App)

For serious Magic the Gathering cards online, MTG Arena is the newest platform to consider investing in.

The App is designed for active players, has a super-smooth interface, and is really easy to use for purchasing cards, decks, boosters, and more. The catch is, all of the cards are strictly for use in the MTG Arena.

Friends and Players

Friends and or another Magic player are always a great option for buying MTG cards and products, especially for discounted prices or even trade.

That said, always be sure to double-check direct purchases before completing transactions, especially if there are extra expenses involved, like USPS First Class shipping or mailing insurance.

More About Local Game Stores

Your local gaming store is your best bet for trading card games, including buying magic cards. Compared to an online store, local stores are almost always a better deal.

Plus, the more involved you are with the local show circuit(how often you show up for events like Friday Night Magic and Pre-Release parties), the more free stuff you get as well.

More About MTG Arena and Magic Online

If you collect cards, and still feel the constant craving for a Magic the Gathering fix, playing and collecting online is a step you need to take. MTG Arena, and its predecessor, Magic Online(which is still alive and well), have millions of users around the world.

They are the two best places to collect virtual Magic products, including booster packs, cards, sleeves, and much more. The best part? They are digital, and can never be damaged or lose their value!

A Final Word About Purchasing MTG Cards

Buying MTG cards is both fun and addictive. There are many ways to do so, including both in-person and online.

If you enjoy meeting other players, there is no place better than your local game store. But, if you simply don’t have the time, or don’t prefer a crowd, eBay, Amazon, and the official MTG platforms are the perfect marketplace.

Hopefully, our article helps you decide how and where to buy your next MTG cards!