Best Place to Sell MTG Cards – A Complete Guide

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For many Magic players, buying and selling cards is just as fun and exciting as playing the game itself. That said, all markets are far from equal when it comes to the best places to sell Magic cards.

Best Place to Sell MTG Cards

Read on below and learn all about it!

Selling MTG Cards

Magic the Gathering cards are some of the most popular collectors cards in the world. That said, whether you’re thinking of thinning your MTG card collection or simply selling a few cards individually, knowing the best places to sell Magic cards is crucial if you want the most money possible.

Likewise, if you plan on buying new cards with the cash you receive from the sale, you may prefer a transaction somewhere like Star City Games where you may load up on store credit rather than simply cash.

In the following sections, we break down everything you need to know about selling cards in person as well as online.

Best Places to Sell MTG Cards In Person

In-person, selling Magic cards allows you a bit more wiggle room to wheel and deal. Not only may you rack up on store credit, but you may also be able to acquire rare cards for your preferred card kingdom as well.

So, let’s get right into it!

Sell Locally (at Game Stores)

Local games stores aren’t just among the very best places to buy collections, they are also on the top of the list of best places to sell your cards for the best price. Store credit, rare cards, commander staples, and much more than a fist full of cash are up for grabs at your local game store, in exchange for the cards you want to sell.

In the following subsections we break down some of the best selling opportunities that you’ll find nowhere else other than at local game stores:

Friday Night Magic

FNM, or Friday Night Magic, is one of the most exciting weekly MTG events to attend in person. Not only are cards cheaper, but whole decks are more affordable as well. Each player walks away from FNM with a brand new deck and a handful of traded cards.

FNM is also one of the best meeting places, in person, to off-load cards you don’t want or need anymore in exchange for cash, credit, individual cards, and whole collections.

The best part about FNM is that you get to develop relationships with store owners and other players. These relationships usually lead to great deals on the cards you really want.

Pre-Release Parties

Another highly popular MTG event that presents a great opportunity to sell cards at a fair price is pre-release parties thrown by local game shop owners. At pre-release parties, all the newest sets and hot cards are released early.

As with FNM events, pre-release parties present a great opportunity to not only sell cards but also to get your hands on limited products and mythic rare cards.

If you’re not sure about where to start searching for a pre-release party to attend, search up the nearest Star City Games. Or, reach out to local comic book stores for direction as they often double as Magic the Gathering venues for FNM and pre-release events.

Selling an Entire Collection

Local game stores also present the best opportunities, of course, for selling and buying an entire collection. Few players have the sort of cash, or store credit, at their disposal such as store owners do.

Even more, few players understand current price trends for the most valuable cards like shop owners do. After all, few people buy and sell magic cards to such a degree as shop owners.

Friends and Collectors

Speaking of FNM, pre-release parties, and selling an entire collection, the next best option to do so, rather than to attend events at game stores, is to go directly to the source: other players and friends that also play with and collect Magic cards.

Friends and collectors often offer a really good price as well.

Not only are deals more flexible with friends and players, but there is also no shipping price or taxes involved. You can simply exchange cash or even a PayPal transaction. The only downside to dealing with friends is that you may get less than the market price for certain cards.

However, in the same breath, dealing with friends is also one of the best ways to both sell and obtain mythic rares and vintage cards as well.

Best Places to Sell Your MTG Cards Online

The next best place to sell cards, rather than taking one of the above in-person options, is on the internet. Online, there are more and more markets for selling cards for both vets and first-time sellers.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of selling online is that you can reach a much wider potential market than a local store or group of players.

With the internet, anyone around the world may easily search for single cards, whether new cards, older cards, or even a particular collection.

MTG Arena (the App)

The first place serious/active players may want to have a look online is on the MTG Arena App. The App is the newest official platform for players to buy, trade, and yes sell Magic cards.

The newest cards and collections may be attained via the App. That said, the paper products may not be traded through the App. This option is strictly for selling Magic cards virtually.

However, it is also noteworthy that you can directly scan many cards and decks into the MTG Arena App.

Facebook Groups

Today, one of the best places to sell anything online is through Facebook groups. That said, the most common way to exchange money for these types of deals is a PayPal transaction or Cash App deposit.

When selling Magic cards via a Facebook group, and other similar platforms, be vigilant. Never mail out your Magic cards until your payment has been received and cleared.

That said, when it comes to communicating with players online, outside of official Magic the Gathering channels, FB is one of the best bets.

That way, you can have a chat with potential buyers, or even jump on a video call with them to discuss other cards and other important factors like current market value.

Friends and Collectors

As with the best in-person options, online, friends, players, and other collectors are one of the best avenues for selling everything from standard cards to more expensive cards and even a whole collection.

The downside? It’s hard to judge how heavily played the cards maybe. Depending on the picture, and level of honesty of those listing cards for sale, judging the condition at the first glance can be tricky.

However, if you’re able to jump on a video call, or share pictures, it’s easy enough to quickly evaluate how much money cards are worth selling for or buying for that matter.

You may even pick up some other MTG stuff that’s nearly impossible to find any other way when dealing directly with active players, collectors, and friends.

On the other hand, you may also get more money than the normal MTG price for certain cards from collectors who are looking for specific cards you have.

Major Online Marketplaces

Thanks to the rise of the global market, and its many digital outlets, selling Magic cards online has never been easier than before. Depending on how many cards you plan on listing, if they are in high demand, or you have reserved list cards, the best market differs.

Below, we discuss the best options, including eBay, Amazon, and more.


The oldest and most famous auction house on the internet, eBay, is another of the best places to sell your Magic cards.

You can find many vintage cards for the best price, as well as list your own Magic MTG cards for the most money.

That said, buyers on eBay are usually looking for an entire card kingdom, or a full set, of Magic cards to buy at once due to shipping costs.

One other thing to keep in mind is that, unlike other platforms, there is no free account for sellers. You’ll need $8 to sign up, and a few cents for each Magic card listing you post.


The rising star of the internet retail industry, Amazon is another great option to consider for selling your Magic cards. The biggest drawback for a seller, on this particular platform, however, is that you need to go through the Amazon FBA program.

In order to sell your Magic cards on Amazon, there are a few more steps involved than simply posting the listings as you would on eBay and other platforms.

Selling Magic the Gathering cards, or anything for that matter, on Amazon, requires that you package your products up and ship them to an Amazon warehouse.

Once a buyer pays for the Magic Cards listed on your Amazon store, Amazon fulfillment centers process the orders for you automatically.

The downside? This option is a bit more expensive than others due to the storage costs, Amazon’s cut on the sales, and other details you can read about before considering this option.

Other Magic Card Sites

The internet is full of eCommerce sites that sell tabletop games and collectibles such as Magic cards, and more are popping up day-to-day. A simple Google search yields countless dozens of options.

That said, before jumping right into anything, make sure that you take the time to do some homework. Every platform functions differently, has different rules, and

A Final Word About Selling Your Magic Cards

Selling Magic cards is popular with active and retired MTG players. It’s all part of the hobby.

That said, not all methods/platforms are worth selling your older cards, common cards, and mythic rares through.

The ten places listed above present the best opportunities for you to get the best market price for your collection of cards.