Best Ramp Cards MTG Standard – 10 Ways to Ramp Up Faster and Stronger

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Best Ramp Cards MTG Standard - 10 Ways to Ramp Up Faster and Stronger

Playing MTG with Ramp Cards is like racing with nitro. Everything happens WAY faster. Read on and find out which 10 cards your Ramp deck needs.

Top 10 Best Ramp Cards MTG Standard

1. Exploration


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There is no better card to start off a list of the best Ramp cards for MTG than Exploration. It’s a rare Enchantment that helps you Ramp up early on, and it only costs a single forest.

As long as Exploration is on the board you may play an additional land every time it’s your turn. 

See? See? THIS is a perfect example of Ramp style.

2. Llanowar Elves

Llanowar Elves - Dominaria

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Llanowar Elves is a 1/1 Elf Druid that costs a single green mana to cast. Peon card if ever there was one right? Wrong!

Llanowar Elves is one of the best Uncommon Ramp cards ever known unto mankind. It is not only literally the cheapest casting cost (aside from free), but it also IS a mana (because you can tap it for a forest mana).

3. Thran Dynamo

Magic The Gathering - Thran Dynamo - Commander 2014

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Thran Dynamo is probably the best Artificat that you could stuff into your standard MTG Ramp cards collection and deck. It’s an uncommon, and more than worth the casting cost.

The price to bring the Thran Dynamo out onto the field is 4 colorless mana. And, the reward? You may tap the Artifact each turn for an addition of 3 colorless mana to your pool.

4. Cryptolith Rite

Magic The Gathering - Cryptolith Rite (200/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad

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Another awesome Ramp card that helps you amass extra mana each turn is the rare green Enchantment, Crypolith Rite. It’s even cheaper than the last one on the list!

For 1 colorless and 1 forest, Crypolith Rite comes into play and enables your creatures to be tapable for adding a mana of any color you wish to your pool. If this card doesn’t scream Ramp, nothing does.

5. Sol Ring

Sol Ring

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Sol Ring is a contender for the most beloved Ramp Artifact out there in standard MTG. You can literally play it on round one if you’re lucky. And, it only costs a single mana to cast, which explains why it’s Uncommon.

Sol Rings is tapable for free each turn and grants you two mana. For Ramp style decks, Sol Ring is an absolute must (at least a sideboard card at the least!). It is just too convenient for casting cards like crazy in the early game.

6. Arcane Signet

Arcane Signet

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If you didn’t already guess, Artifacts are extremely useful in Ramp decks. Not only are they trickier for enemies to target and destroy, but they come with really great abilities, like Arcane Signet’s.

After casting Arcane Signet for 2 colorless mana, it is tapable for free and allows you to add one mana of any color that your Commander has on it to your mana pool.

Look, it may not fit in everyone’s Ramp deck. But, believe you me, Arcane Signet is a prime to have on the field when playing Ramp with a Commander. It’s free mana! 

7. Command Tower

Magic: The Gathering - Command Tower - Brawl Deck Exclusive - Throne of Eldraine

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The only land to appear on our list of the best ramp cards in MTG standard is the imposing Uncommon card, Command Tower.

Command Tower is tapable for free and adds one mana of any color (that matches one of your Commander’s) to you mana pool.

As with Arcane Signet, you need a Commander in your Ramp deck for this card to be worth it. But, if you have one in there, boy, oh boy, it sure helps ease up the cost of casting cards.

8. Worn Powerstone

Magic The Gathering - Worn Powerstone - Commander 2014

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The Worn Powerstone is yet another Artifact that you NEED in your Ramp deck if you want to be the best. For early to mid-game spell casting there are few cards that help you lower the costs as efficiently.

This Uncommon Artifact costs 3 colorless mana to play and has the ability to be tapped for 2 colorless mana. The only minor hang-up with Worn Powerstone is that it enters the battlefield tapped (.. that must be where the “Worn” part of the name comes from). 

9. Cultivate

Magic: the Gathering - Cultivate - Magic 2011

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No best Ramp cards MTG anything list was ever complete without a mention of Cultivate. And, quite frankly, yes, it is one of the best Ramp cards ever. Period.

For 2 colorless and 1 green mana, casting this Sorcery allows you to search your deck for two land cards. One goes onto the battlefield, the other goes into your hand. 

Oh yeah, then you must shuffle your deck. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

10. Greenweaver Druid

Magic The Gathering - Greenweaver Druid (164) - Zendikar

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Not only is the Greenweaver Druid one of our favrotie creatures ever, she just happens to be one of the top 10 best Ramp cards in MTG, no contest. She may be a 1/1, but is far and away from a green peon.

This Uncommon Elf Druid allows you to tap her for free each round, allowing you 2 forests extra in your mana pool. Her 2 colorless and 1 green mana casting cost is well worth the price in our book!

Common Questions About Ramp Cards MTG Standard

Ramp Cards MTG Standard: What Are They?

Ramp cards in MTG standard have a focus on creating extra mana as quickly, steadily, and massively as possible. The idea is to steamroll through the enemy by having more mana than them, from the very beginning. 

Are Standard MTG Cards Worth it?

Ramp decks are fun to play with if you like having a lot of options. A well-built Ramp deck allows you to play virtually any of the cards in your hand at any given time. Compared to other types of decks, that require getting the right amount of mana on the board, Ramps let you start casting right away.

How Do You Win Standard MTG with Ramp Card?

If MTG decks were guns, Ramp decks would be Tommy Guns. How do you win a gun fight with a Tommy Gun? (hint: Ka-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak!) You let it rip from the git go. As soon as the game starts, fire away at your opponents nonstop.